Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Question about Botanical ?

I don't want to be a whiner about the problems going on with Blotanical .. I'm sure poor Stuart has his hands full of people asking him a million questions as to what is happening ..
But .. I noticed that my points disappeared .. over 6 thousand points in fact .. I was well over 36,000+ .. and now I'm at 30,000+ ... has anyone else had this happen to them ?
I swear I am not whining .. I'm just curious and surprised ?


Deborah at KIlbourne Grove said...

Joy, I had just become a guru, maybe the week before. I lost 3,000 points and my last few favs. Now I am on a mission to reclaim my spot with all the great garden gurus, (like yourself) and I had to go and refav, I hope that I didn't miss anyone. I know others, like Jean and Diana, also did, so I assume it is across the board.

Unknown said...

I honestly pay no attention to points, so I don't know. I used Blotanical to find other garden blogs of interest. I tried to be a good PICKER, but the process was so slow that I've pretty much gone to reading the blog stories from the links on my blog as PICKING took about 10 times longer than going directly to a blog and I just couldn't handle the slowness. I check in once in awhile for messages and that's about it.

I think that I have a different approach to social media sites than most bloggers. I'm not into the ratings and popularity. I quit Twitter. My blog is a creative outlet to connect with other bloggers and read/see other interesting gardens and photos.

My blog is also part of my portfolio to show my clients examples of my writing. It's my freelance writing that buys plants! In fact, those G ads will come off of there in about $3 more of clicks. It takes about 2 years to get to $100 on ad clicks before being paid. Off they go! :-)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Hi Joy...I have no idea....not even sure what my point total was (or is!). I do know my standing dropped a little, but that flucuates.

Sylvia (England) said...

Joy, that is a lot of points! I don't have any idea if I have lost any or not - so I can't help. I am glad to have picks back, I tried Google reader, liked it, thought I might stay there but I am back in Blotanical! I think it is the sense of community in Blotanical, though I can't 'see' my friends I know there are there. Hope that makes sense.

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy, Yes, this happened to others. There were a bunch of us who had passed the 10,000 mark in the previous few months who lost enough points to get demoted back to Master Blotanist and lose any faves over 60. I did but in a help report on this problem a couple of weeks ago, so presumably Stuart will get to it at some point. But I'm happy to see that the pick lists are back up; that was more important! (And I hope getting the blogs approved for all those poor people who joined Blotanical in the past month will be next.) -Jean

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see the picks up and running this morning, I have checked nothing else. Poor Stuart, can't we both imagine the emails he must have been getting. Baby steps. :-)

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...


I never looked at that, I'll check on it later. Blotanical I think is becoming a victim of success, as it's grown way faster than I think was intended. There's bound to be a few stretch marks on the way!

Andrea said...

beensometime since i've been on there, guess I should get going there again huh?

Gail said...

It's possible. It does look lower, but I am SO not a detail person. Maybe Stuart will get it worked out~gail

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I saw the same thing listed in the forums about missing points. Stuart had said he had kept track of everyones points before the switch and if I remember right was going to fix the points that were missing.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Deborah (Green Theatre) also mentioned that she had just attained guru status, and has been bumped down by a few thousand points. Very odd. I haven't been there much, and haven't been picking. I should head over since I have only been visiting blogs on my roll as of late.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Joy!
Popped over to say hi and thank you for the fun comments on my blog. As two Halloween lovers perhaps we should put our heads together on some fun bloggy thing to do in October?

Don't know what's cookin' over at blotanical but in a purely evil moment I was thinking... hmmm. everyone's points disappeared? Maybe I can finally catch up to all of those diligent blotanical bloggers! tee hee. I believe I'm the only gardener in the universe who is too lazy to pay Stuart a visit.

Happy Wednesday!

CiNdEe said...

You know what? I never even go on there)-: I am so bad but I just totally forget about it and I have my favorites that I visit and thats about all I have time for(-: So can't help you there!!!!(-:
Tell the Boys I said hi(-: And of course the girls too(-: I am still off work sitting around.(-:

Jean Campbell said...

Somewhere in the labyrinth of Blotanical, Stuart answered this very question. He says he knows how many points everybody had and they will be restored when everything gets fixed.

You think you have problems? Alice Anastasia's new Blog isn't on Blotanical yet, last I checked.
My Plot is broken. Nobody can Fave me. Picking my posts while Blotancal was badly broken and limping along was nigh impossible except for clever bloggers like Jean, who found the work-around. While I can send messages on your Plot, you can't send one back that I can see. The bright side is, everybody who really cares just reads my blog and comments. Good enough.

Eventually everything will get resolved, not to worry.

tina said...

I lost about 1000 points, plus people who you faved or who may have faved you after his cut off were also lost. I guess there was a date and anything after that was lost? My guess since it happened last year too. I asked him on Twitter what was going on and he said he's having difficulty getting to the server. I don't think the lost points would come back but it would be nice to see picks again. They are still not working for me. Stay warm up there. Got my hands dirty in the garden today. Now I'm beat for the rest of the day. Sigh. At least the veggie garden is ready. What a job! Makes me wonder if it is worth it:)

Carrie said...

oh no, that sounds rather unfair. I hope you get them back. I'm not on Botanical nearly enough to notice things going wrong. Shame on me (I've visited today to try and ease the shame). Hope you are doing okay, big hugs xxx

Unknown said...

Same here too Joy - I am no longer a guru :(

Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed any loss of points, Joy, but I guess that would be easy enough to happen given how topsy-turvy things have been lately. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Deborah .. thanks for replying girl .. I guess things are just a giant mess still for Stuart .. I just didn't want to be the "only" one ? LOL ;-)

Freda ..I understand what you mean and I sort of dip my toe in the pool once in a while to connect. I have been so sick the last few months it is hard to keep in the loop. Twitter >>>OMG !! NO !! never in a million years girl !

Janet girl .. sounds a little like menopause ? .. sorry , it is late in the day and I'm cooked ;-)

Sylvia .. it makes perfect sense to me .. it is a connection and rather like a nice safety net knowing there are friendly fellow bloggers out there : )

Jean ! I didn't even think of that one girl .. those new bloggers trying to get up and running on Blotanical .. yikes ! I hope things settle down soon and we all get sorted out ? ;-)

Frances .. that is what I thought of too .. how many messages and e-mails must be flying around .. Stuart will need a vacation after this move ? LOL

Dave I think you are perfectly right .. not even Stuart could have imagined how huge this grew and so quickly .. what a headache when something goes wrong .. fingers crossed !

Gail girl .. you aren't a detail person .. get out of here !! LOL
You are a VERY "detail" person ! wink wink

Thanks Catherine ! I'm hoping things will get back to normal eventually .. Spring is coming and I'll be permanently "head in the garden mode" ? LOL

Rebecca that is what I do too .. but it was nice to go over to the BIG playground to see what was happening as well ? ;-)

Kate girl .. you should hear me cackling (aka laughing) over here you naughty woman you !! YES ! I definitely think there should be some down right good nonsense for Halloween we can cook up eh ? LOL

Cindee girl .. you are NOT sitting around .. you are getting WELL from that horrible accident!! You are on sick leave ... what are you doing typing on here ?? LOL
The boys are happy to have NO snow on them and .. the girls are getting closer to being able to look out the deck door but the screen door keeps them in check ?
: )

NellJean it does sound drastic doesn't it ?but like you said , Stuart knows what is what and he is working on it .. so I guess we should just relax and let him get on with it .. I had to poke a stick out there though .. I couldn't help myself ? LOL

Tina i can't figure out if I should be jealous of you and sorry for you girl !! I know that work is hard and exhausts us .. I have that coming up soon too but lord .. the thought of Spring finally ? ahhhhh ! I am in training ?? LOL .. hot bath , hot coco(maybe some Baileys in it) , warm bed .. now do that girl !

Carrie girl how are you doing ? I always mean to get my e-mail done and I always get tired by the time I get to that point .. sad eh ? LOL .. I have to catch up some time right ? wink wink

Anna .. from all that I have read here .. you will be back there so hang on !

Nancy girl .. it is the growing pains of Blotanical getting to us ? LOL .. things will settle down eventually .. by then I will be in the garden ? : )

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Guess some stuff got lost in the switch and the downtime. I had given up picking ages ago because it just took up too much time. Now I don't pay that much attention to the points, but will pop over and look.

I'm still playing with my new camera ... it takes lovely portrait and landscape photos.

Town Mouse said...

Yes, I have the same problem, only at a different order of magnitude. I was at around 7000 and ended up below 5000. Now I have -6 faves, which is mathematically correct I'm sure, but kind of confusing.

Well, I'm just happy to see picks working again.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Linda .. I think a lot of us have gone that way .. not so intense now because we are older members ? LOL
I have to check over on your site to see new pictures with that NEW camera !!

Hi there Town Mouse !
Yup ... I think we are all just happy to be more connected again ? .. the little bits and pieces will follow too : )

Stuart said...

Joy, I haven't been able to write up a "What just happened" post just yet - one of the ongoing problems at the moment. However, I have been trying to tweet using my bussogardener status and leaving comments in the forum.

The points problem is due to some corrupted data in the Picks and has affected many Blotanists. I do have the profile scores of everybody before the site changed servers and I plan to bring members back up to those figures within the next few days.

Thanks all for bearing with me, and Blotanical. I shall shed some light on the process once a few things have been repaired and I have some time to stop and chat.


Kimberly said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've lost so many points! I'm sure Stuart will repair the issue soon.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Stuart I can't imagine how huge a headache all this is to you ! I'm so sorry it is such a long drawn out detailed to death process ? ;-)
I really appreciate you stopping by my post to let us know how things are going.You must NEED a holiday from all of this soon ? LOL
Thanks very much Stuart !
You are a gem : )

Lona said...

Joy I got a demotion from Guru to Master. LOL! I really think it should have went back to Beginner ;-)He is working on it I see the picks are getting up now.

Rose said...

Joy, I am nowhere near a status might be classified as "greenhorn":) To be honest, I don't visit Blotanical that often. I used to have so much trouble navigating the site and couldn't figure out how to do picks that I stopped visiting for several months. About a month ago I finally figured out how to do picks--hooray!--and then Blotanical had its glitch. Just my luck.

Anyway, I still find just using my blogroll on my sidebar is so much easier than going through Blotanical to find the latest posts. It is nice, though, to be able to locate new bloggers in a specific area.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl ! That is a big demotion !! .. LOL .. but yes, Stuart is working so hard on getting everyone back to "normal" .. now isn't that too funny ? ;-)

Kimberly you snuck in there between comments .. that happens and I forget to answer a comment until about 2 AM and think RATS !! I know I forgot some one in the pack !! LOL

Rose girl you have the same luck as I do with certain things .. this week has been just awful .. I need violin music to express it completely ? LOL
I use my blogroll too .. it is my safety net but you are right .. we get to see new blogs through Blotanical and that is nice .. and hey girl .. you will be back there picking away soon !