Sunday, 14 March 2010

Signs of Spring "Madness"

Our "Robinator" has been guarding his territory intensely .. I think that may mean "he" thinks my garden is perfect for only "him" .. and his long suffering robin wife (he is a bit egotistical;-)

Talking about personality disorders ... mine is in full swing with "I need art ? for my garden !!"
I love obelisks and these detach from the bottom container so I really get four pieces out of two ?
WINK WINK .. never mind the bits and pieces on the floor in bags ... for later !! sshhhuuuuussssshhhh !!

I wish I could be as serene as my meditation Buddah .. so calm and collected .. so "at one with nature" ... as for me, I start running around in circles if I think a bug is too close to me .. what a gardener EH ??

My favorite stork .. OK .. my only stork ! .. is very much at home here .. I just have to figure out a nest for him .. but he is the type of bird that just likes to stand , so it isn't an emergency ;-)

Wintergreen or gaulttheria procumbens .. quite the name eh ?
It is a gorgeous little native plant that should be in every one's garden : ) it just makes you smile from season to season !

TES or in other words Tiger Eye Sumac .. along with Engelmann Ivy
The Sumac is a gorgeous screen to hide our storage under the deck stairs .. once this guy gets "growing" it will fill in the space with beautiful foliage and become absolutely awesome in Autumn with COLOUR !!

My little project from last year .. I wanted the shed to look like a beach house with great ornamental grasses .. iris .. heuchera .. driftwood .. well, you get the idea ..
When it is in full swing it will look wonderful !

Sedum .............. who doesn't love this type of plant .. they come up in Spring and look great all year .. a no brainer for me : )

Pinot Gris heuchera to the left .. I have a few of these but this one did remarkably well from the winter .. it is one of my favorites : ) .. Bergenia or "Pig Squeak" I have heard it called .. you know how many "common" names a plant can have .. but what ever it is called it is a beauty and another must in my garden !
It looks sad right now .. but the rain we are having will warm it and perk it up so it will smile : )

Hellebore Orientalis .. my first one to set buds in the Spring .. I cut back the dead leaves and gave it room to breath .. it is a beauty with very dark slate coloured flowers .
I am hoping the rest of the hellebore made it through with no problems ..
Andrea : ) sent beauties to me just in time for my birthday .. I have never had a more "garden obsession satisfaction" gift in my life girl .. thank you again : )

Yes .. this view is scary right now .. but with the help of some proper landscaping the old wooden ties will be out ... the plants will be happy and this view will be beautiful SOON ?

I had to end this post with one more distant shot of our Robinator ..
Maybe we might beat him to the service berries this year and finally know how they taste ?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Spring is in the air ;-)


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Joy, it won't be long before your garden is in full swing - lush and beautiful. Isn't it fun adding new things to the garden? That meditation Buddah is really something; what a wonderful piece for your garden. Love the stork, too. Maybe you can find baby storks :)

As for the Robin, he's quite the dude, eh? Want to show the new wife that he's just as strong as he is handsome :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden is awakening. Isn't it exciting?. I had my own Robinator come at my office window this morning. Spring is definitely in the air.

Kimberly said...

Yay spring! And I love sedum! I had to laugh at the thought of you running in circles due to a bug. LOL!

wiseacre said...

I see the Shoppingator has a case of spring fever.

And for that serene feeling I recommend a couple beers.

I'll be nice this time. I won't make a comment about the no brainer thing since I did miss ya.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Martha : )
I was in Canadian Tire today with John and when we saw the bulbs we thought of you ! haha plus George because we saw some garden gnomes too : )
I love that Buddah of mine .. but I am cruel to him and leave him in the snow (isn't that terrible ??LOL) .. YES ! baby storks !!
The Robinator RULES ! hahaha

Hi Lisa : ) YES ! Spring is a tease but she is sneaking in .. the meer mention of an office ... ahhhh ! can you tell we are waiting for number one son to move out soon ? I will have an office ??? OMG : ) that would be too good to believe ! haha

Kimberly if you ever saw me some days in the garden .. well, it is better that NO ONE SEES what happens to me between bugs .. beetles .. aphids YUCK ! wasps .. well I think you get the idea .. some gardener I am ! LOL

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. See ! I knew you missed me .. especially when you hold back n those sarcastic comments that I love to cross swords with you about ;-)
Hum .. oh yes .. serenity by way of the big cold beer on a warm to hot Spring to summer afternoon .. absolutely !!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Love the robinator!! I am waiting for ours to arrive...! Your beach house entranceway to the shed is working great - can't wait to it in full summer! Yay, Spring! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Ms. S girl ! Yup the Robinator is a sure sign that Spring is dipping here toe here ? LOL .. I have another landscape contractor coming tomorrow to have a look and work an estimate out for me .. and I want to kick it up a notch for my pretend beach house ? LOL

Skeeter said...

I am so glad that spring is finally arriving for you! I dont know what took it so long as I sent it off your way a long time ago. But I did not pay the first class postage this time. hee hee... Love those signs of spring and the driftwood also!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post Joy! I missed it in my blogroll somehow :(. Your new obelisks are stunning, I need to find a place for one, I find their shape so inspirational and soothing. I love your buddah, and you have so much great plant growth going on! The wintergreen is beautiful. We also removed the landscape ties that were along the edge of some beds, and now just have mulch up to the grass, I prefer the look and so far it has been easy to maintain.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Skeeter girl you crack me up ! that was too funny .. although, I don't think you will ever get over how much that postage was .. neither will I ! LOL
Yes !! Spring is stepping in .. today and the next few days are supposed to be record breakers here .. aaahhhh !! ;-)

Rebecca I can't wait to get those wooden ties out and have a more pulled together look for the beds and borders .. I have another quote guy coming tomorrow and I am beginning to get very excited that this will come true finally : )
Yes .. I have a few obelisks with different shapes .. I find them fascinating .. the plants are always changing but since the structures stay the same it is a great way to pull it together : )

Kerri said...

I'm smiling at your enthusiasm for spring. Isn't it exciting? We've been deprived of our gardens for so long. It's like being in exile!
We're having an absolutely gorgeous, sunshiny day with temps in the 60's/about 17ÂșC today. I hope you're getting it too.
My hubby saw 3 robins last week but none have shown up since then.
I love your obelisks!! And the Wintergreen is so pretty with those sweet white flowers and bright berries.
Happy spring, Joy! It's almost here :)
My snowdrops are open today and there are BEES buzzing around them!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kerri girl these past few days have been amazing with our record breaking weather .. but it might just mean we are going to have a crappy summer .. the weather gargoyle is smirking way to much at me ? LOL
I still can't get over seeing how many flowers you have in bloom when I swear you were under snow just days ago ? LOL
Yes ! wintergreen is so pretty .. slow to increase but at least it has taken in my garden .. phew !
Happy Spring and St. Paddy's Day : )