Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sunrise Link to Cindee : )

Today is amazing .. we are setting records here in Ontario .. March has never been warmer or nicer to us this time of the year !
Something else that is totally great is Cindee from Cindee's Garden taking sunrise pictures thinking of how mine are taken .. in the cool QUIET of the morning : )
Hey girl those were totally COOL ;-)
Mine aren't as colourful as yours but I was up at almost the same time in perspective as you were this morning .. make allowances for time zone changes and all of that eh ?
I know this is hard to envision .. but the lower shot had this area all in the "pink zone" .. there just isn't enough contrast and light adjustment for the camera to pick it up .. BUT !! .. this is the hot zone come May and June .. when I can catch my fireball of a sun in the pine tree : )
... yes ... you all have to see that remarkable pear tree yet again ! It is just too striking not to mention it all the time ? : )
... and then .. there is Winthrop .. he is looking towards California saying "Hello out there" to Mr. Smiley (A Canadian transplant) from all of the crowd here especially Mr. G who has now come through a Canadian winter and survived it !!

Thanks again Cindee ! Those pictures were beautiful girl : )


Kimberly said...

Lovely, Joy! Morning is my favorite time of day. And the pear tree truly is a straight! Your little gargoyle looks relaxed too.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How great to be having such nice weather! We sure do appreciate every nice day this time of year.
Your sunrises look very pretty, I can see the pink. Now I'm going to see Cindee's.

Cat said...

Wow, I missed a bunch, had a blog hijacked to the point of delete, see you soon.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Hasn't it been an amazing March, Joy? I will take this every year!

Kyna said...

I love a good sunset :D

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wasn't it just the most amazing day, Joy. This March has been the most glorious I've seen in years. And even this winter is the mildest we've seen in ages. Perhaps it's better that way since it was Mr. G's first winter here. Best to start him off with a milder winter and slowly introduce him to the harsher ones.

I just hope that we don't end up paying for a mild winter and March with a lousy summer!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

It seems such a short time ago the boys were shivering under snow caps out there. Welcome spring, they say!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kimberly it always makes me feel such a wave of awe (the kid in me still ?) when I see the sky change from dark to light .. the same way a full moon amazes me in the Autumn : )
That pear tree has become very dear to me : ) and Winthrop is happy with the better weather for sure !

Hi Catherine ! we needed some good weather didn't we ? and I will take every day that comes like this : )
Yes ! too funny Cindee and I were doing the same thing in different time zones and didn't know it?;-)

Cat girl ! good heavens what has happened ? .. I'll have to get over there ;-)

Deborah it is scary how good this is .. today is even better! I have another quote guy coming to asses my landscaping issues .. fingers crossed !

Kyna .. I love a good sunset too girl .. that "twilight" time (I'm not talking about the movie right now .. even though that is good too : ) but that time everything goes quiet .. it is perfection !

Martha girl I think you are right about Mr. G's first winter .. phew !
AND YES !!! I am a little worried about what our summer will be like with such a warm start like this ..YIKES !

Ms. S it was a SHORT time since they had snow caps on girl ! LOL .. but they are in sun tan mode now ..go figure ? a Canuck change of pace .. where's the Tim's ?? EH ? LOL