Monday, 19 April 2010

Busy Busy and the BEE

I have been so darn busy driving myself into the garden like the madwoman I usually am thinking about Halloween which by the way is only 194 days/evenings away folks !
I'm sorry I'm not on top of reading all of your awesome blogs and they ARE AWESOME people !
Once a rain day hits here I will be able to hang out in my pajamas and READ them : )
meanwhile I post a few pictures to make you guys smile ?Posted by Picasa


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh, how wonderful! You got a bee in your yard! That's great. I love these little guys, and I'm always so happy to see them drop in.

Bonnie said...

Do you truly love Halloween? It is my favorite holiday!! I'm so glad to see another Halloweenie!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I cracked up when I read "halloween" You funny girl. See you later when it rains.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Joy dear, how have I missed so many of your posts? Another beautiful picture. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Bonnie girl (forget Christmas and all those other so called holidays ;-) I am a total Halloween nut and revel in all the nutty silly things it embraces !!
Love to find the other nuts here too !!

Martha there are so many little creatures showing up now with this great weather .. well it is life exploding ? LOL

Lisa .. some how I knew some cracking up would happen with that statement .. and yes .. I NEED a rain day soon .. I go full force with so many big and little jobs in the garden .. I drive myself literally into the ground ;-)

Rebecca girl .. I have missed yours and I feel badly about the people that stop here .. I need to catch up with you all but this window in garden time is crazy .. I have a bit of time in the morning then it is totally consumed until I drop in bed (can;t say what time too embarrassing > LOL)

Anonymous said...

You've been in your GARDEN? I'm laughing because it's been the same thing for me. This morning we're having rain so I'm trying to get caught up.

We'll just blog and read when we can, right?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl I am SO READY for a rain day I can't even tell you how ready I am .. I think because I have been going full blast since before we found "the tree" !! and all that excitement has worn me down ... I need to just slow down and smell the coffee and read some blogs ! LOL