Sunday, 18 April 2010

Earth Day Tree Finally FOUND

OK people ... everyone that I have ever annoyed to the max about finding the perfect tree for Earth Day can now RELAX (this means you Doug ! ;-)
After much agonizing .. e-mailing (besides you Doug) and otherwise making a nuisance of myself .. well, all by pure fate I finally found the "TREE" .. it was on my list of possibles .. even though I so wanted a Korean Maple aka Purplebloom tree, and one of another suggestion Acer Japonicum Aconitifolium thank you Elly girl .. it would have been wonderful to be able to get one .. but no .. BIG sigh !
So it is acer ginnala "Flame" that we stumbled on at one of the nurseries .. BIG sigh of relief ..
We may not get it in the earth on time (old, stubborn, sad, lilac is just that .. STUBBORN) for Earth Day but at least we have it !
Talk about information-overload while hunting a tree down .. I thought I would never get sick of plant/tree research but this mission was driving me mad because of disappointments .. you fall in love with a tree you can't get and that is a downer.
I am imagining looking up next year at this tree at this point and time thinking "what a beauty you are my lovely tree !" I tell all my trees they are beauties .. they appreciate it ;-)
Shot of tree in tree bucket next to lobster trap .. go figure .. we are a "Bluenose" family displaced here in Ontario ?
So from left to right .. Pacific Sunset maple from a few Earth Day years ago .. middle is newbie "Flame" getting to know the guys in the hood of the tree nature .. total right is my Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry from last year's Earth Day mission ... maybe this time we will get to taste the berries before the Robinator eats them all again ?
Shocking results to Moon-flower seeds .. they pushed the dome off !!! hehehe
I was shocked to say the least .. the last time I checked on these guys NOTHING was going on !
But .. in my enthusiasm I put them in the little greenhouse on the deck to pump them up with a little sun and heat .. well it might have been too much for them .. they don't look happy .. why do I jump in with all feet possible and do those things .. maybe tomorrow they will look happier ?

Meanwhile .. I shot my tulips ( too many jokes right ? too little time and energy ;-) through the deck railings and it had a neat "affect" I thought .. so there you go !


Barbee' said...

A happy ending! And, yes! love the shot of the tulips.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Yay, Joy, you got a tree!

Lona said...

Joy girl you showed those Moonflower sprouts just to make me feel bad didn't you. LOL! You know girl I cannot even get them to sprout let alone push a lid off.
I am so sad ;-( I well keep trying. Stubborn butt that I am.
Enjoy your new tree addition.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The tree is looking so good. Hope you are able to get it planted for Earth Day. I didn't know you were a Bluenose family washed ashore in Kingston. My very best friend is from 'down East' in Halifax. I just got her a lighthouse windchime for her garden.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

YAY Joy! You finally got your tree! Oh, and it's so cute; just a baby! But it will grow big and strong under your care. So tell me, dear friend, now that you've hunted down the tree, what's next? Gardeners never stop searching for something else, or something new. It's just too much fun!

RURAL magazine said...

Jan, and here I thought that I was the one who fell in love with unattainable trees. What a beauty!

Can't wait to see it fuller in bloom.


CiNdEe said...

Yayyyy!!! What a great day for you!!!!(-: I can't wait to see it in all its glory!!!!
(-: Have a super week!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barbee' girl : ) Thank you ! and I am so glad for this happy ending is right ! PHEW !!

Deborah I set off on this mission thinking it wouldn't be that difficult .. but JEEZ ! .. relief is a wonderful feeling ? LOL

Lona .. you could have heard me squeal all the way over there when I saw what happened .. the blank side was for Blue Poppy seeds .. which I don't think are going to happen .. so I may get more Moon Flower seeds wink wink
Keep trying girl .. remember I don't have a vine yet .. this could fall flat on me yet !

Linda ! Oh my goodness yes we are .. John and I were born on Cape Breton Island but Ian was born in Halifax at the Grace Maternity .. the original hospital.
BUT we have all lived from one end of Canada to the other and Europe .. so we have travel weary Blue Noser people ? I would love a wind chime like that girl ! LOL

Martha you heard all that commotion from my end of the city girl ! I think John was even happier than I was because he didn't have to hear me moan and groan any more ? LOL
Yes .. there is ALWAYS another plant or shrub or vine or rosebush ?? LOL

Jen it is going to be a true Autumn beauty and I am so excited .. I fell in love with 4 other trees but I think I ran out of room now ? LOL

Thanks Cindee girl : ) this was turning into a crazy nightmare at points .. I am so relieved finally !!

Carrie said...

Totally fab post and the end shot is gorgeous. Well done you for finding that perfect tree, eventually xxxx

tina said...

Congrats on the new tree! It has lovely emerging foliage.

P.S. Wish I could describe a peony fragrance. It is unique and ever so pleasant but hard to describe. You must grow one or smell one in a store somewhere?

Gail said...

What a nice Earth Day celebration~It's a beautiful tree and I can't wait to see it as it matures! I found the perfect acer for my garden, a Glowing Embers Japanese maple. I haven't a good spot so it will learn to love being a container tree~We can do that here~

Have a wonderful time in your garden~hoping the weather is perfect~ gail

Victoria said...

Yay...happy you found it! Hooray! Wonderful post as always!
Have a happy day!

Kathleen said...

So glad you settled on a tree Joy and have that decision over! It's going to be a beauty too. I am on a mission to get a serviceberry in my garden this year. Yours is so pretty. I want to plant it solely for the birds ~ no illusions of harvesting berries for myself! :-)

I sure hope the moonflowers recover. My seeds did the same thing. I still have them in the house but they are so leggy now ~ we'll see what happens. We still have three or four weeks before they can be planted out safely.
ps the pink tulips are gorgeous!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have never had Jacobs ladder grow for me here. I don't know why. Yours is quite pretty. I like your choice of tree. Now where to plant it? Isn't it exciting to have seeds germinate and start to grow. Where are you planting them?

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Great choice and the tree and those are some super happy moonflowers. You've inspired me to start some. They're so pretty...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Carrie girl and thank you : ) This has been a monumental task just finding the tree .. now planting it will happen eventually : )

Tina girl thank you ! I'm so happy to have this one : ) I grow the single flowered one called Blaze .. deep red .. I haven't smelled it yet but I will dip my nose in it this year to see if it has any scent.

Yes Gail girl I am a happy camper and it is so nice to remember it as a special event tree : )
your maple sounds wonderful .. I wish our grow zone was as lenient.
I found one called Emmet's Pumpkin , not in our zone but wow how perfect is that ?? LOL

Thanks Kiki .. I know as a tree gal you really get it ! : )

Kathleen .. I can recommend Autumn Brilliance serviceberry it is beautiful : ) and I just want two berries from that darn tree before the robinator gets them all ? LOL
Husband was saying "I guess we have to buy a new passionflower plant for the deck eh ?" it was too funny !
I bought more moonflower seeds to see if I can do that again ! LOL
Thanks girl .. the tulips did turn out gorgeous ! : )

Lisa I just hope they will transplant and grow as beautiful vines .. for the deck so we can watch them and smell that perfume : ) ... I can dream right ? LOL

Kate girl .. less than 194 days/evenings till Halloween .. can you believe how fast the time is going ? YES !! you have to try the moon flowers !!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Joy! I'm so glad you found a suitable tree!! It's beautiful! What a wonderful choice! Your seedling are shopping, they make me think of little shop of horrors ;). Lovely tulips too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl thank you ! Yes sometimes we wonder what is going on with our plant experiments ? this is new for me and I bought more Moon Flower seeds to "pop" ? and see what happens .. I am so relieved to find just the right tree and now for getting it into the ground mission ? LOL

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy, I'm just catching up on some blog reading here and I was delighted to see you got your *Tree*!! Congrats, girl!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Ms S !
Thank you girl : ) It was a mission .. now the next mission is to get the old lilac out and this beauty in !! LOL

Gardenbug said...

Wondering how your Flame Maple is doing in the heat!
Take a look here and you'll see why I'm especially curious:

'bug from Elora

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Marie I made it over to that post and commented .. Flame seems to be hanging on well but even though it usually has a gorgeous show of red in the Fall .. after this horrible summer I am not so sure what will happen with it !