Saturday, 3 April 2010

Just the Sunrise.....

Well ... isn't it time I post about something other than our raccoon adventures ?
Even though it reached a new height that was rather unbelievable last evening ... and of course we don't have any decent pictures of what happened .. too dark and mama too quick for a lady her ... size ?
Mean while back at the farm .. I know a lot of you younger generations don't clue into that quip with "Lassie" .. its OK .. I know a few of us are out there and having a snort about it or at least I hope so ?
This is my obstructed view with non-used flag pole .. so .. what do you think ? would it be a little too unorthodox to inquire about the possibility of it being removed ?? EEEKKKKK !
How Rude ???
In any case .. this post is about the velvet violet sky this morning .. mostly from bedroom window .. which you will see I have some glare spots from the window to camera with .. try to avert your eyes from those please ?
The overcast clouds were like gossamer ? see through but definitely there casting more colour as the sun rose ..
My two favorite trees until my fireball reaches that gorgeous pine and illuminates the area with fantastic detail.
The pictures still do no justice to how gorgeous the sky was .. the moon had a veil around it as well .. it has been amazing all week .. I am up at 5:45 AM .. that is why I know what I know ?
More soft velvety sky ..
OK .... now here comes the show ....
At first it looks like a head light ... then you get to see just how fantastic it can become ...
Fireball in the making .....
Now you see details of the trees illuminated by the sun ...
You have to be there at the right time and the conditions have to be just so .. that is why I check early and often .. I don't want to miss it ..
That stark raving mad tree in it's straight jacket ! ;-)
.... and now for something completely different .. tones of Monty Python ...
A little greenhouse "affect" .. now I can safely buy annuals and store them without fear of frost snapping their little necks .. this is such a neat garden thing to have .. it sets the tone of the season making me feel secure about plants I just HAVE to have a little earlier than I dare plant them .. it will slow me down ... a little ?

Wasn't this almost a raccoon free moment ?? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Very nice pictures of the sunrise. Hoping you had a wonderful, raccoon free day.

CiNdEe said...

Super pretty and I bet you had fun taking the pictures!
I love the greenhouse. It would be perfect for me to start my plants out in(-: We had frost here this morning a lot of frost! Yikes! Lucky thing I don't have anything out there yet!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda : ) Thank you so much girl ! We are hoping to have a "raccoon-free" zone for life NOW ! haha

Cindee girl ! You literally see the sun actually rise from my bedroom window (right now .. it moves further left so I can get pictures from the deck in a while)
We had terrible winds last night and my green house fell over .. I didn't have any plants in it yet PHEW !! But that is where I am going to start some .. maybe the "Moonflower vine" just might pop for me this year ? LOL
I can't believe you guys got FROST !!!EEEkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the greenhouse. Did you get it from Lee Valley?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Rose .. this sort of has a funny story .. it came from a store here called "Princess Auto" .. one of John's favorite stores that has all sorts of "guy" things for vehicles etc .. but funny enough they carry garden items too .. not many but this was only $30 ! So he thought I could use it : ) .. I am going to try and start the moon flower vine seeds and a few others as soon as I get organized here : ) So maybe I might see some of those amazing flowers ? LOL