Friday, 2 April 2010

OK ... I have had ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!

Well .. what can I say .. "T-h-e-y..... A-r-e ...... B-a-c-k !!!!!

Raccoon man surmises that he had the "baby-box" too close to the supposedly "one way door" and the size of Mama (when she was spotted today , the size of a small bear .. or to say she was a raccoon mom on steroids) she could reach for the babies while holding the one way door open with her butt .. go on ... laugh !

We heard noises this morning above our dining room .. I hit the panic button and husband phoned raccoon man and this was another session from "Raccoon Hell in a BOX" or "have you checked your attic lately ????" ...

I think licking the labels off the liquor bottles is way over due for me ....

Yes .. they are cute .. but they don't belong in my attic ...
Will you look at those nails ? They must have a manicurist and spa up there for goodness sake .. that is why we have such high utility bills !!
Before pictures of scooping up babies .. getting into attic .... Don't drop that BOX !

Baby carrier ... box and guy ?? Yes .. my policy is take your shoes off in my home please !

..... and guess what .. there were 6 of the little angels .. not here in the picture, but taking stock in the middle of "where is mama ? " OOPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again ... this is baby box with heating pad .... Do you see a pink and blue theme going on here ?

All snuggled in ... I'm so tired from this fiasco I would tell them to move over and let me in !!

I think they use the same heating pad I do !!!

So .. I was not in position to take a picture of mom ... but from all accounts as I had mentioned .. the size of a small bear .. they haven't seen one that big for a very long time .. the bad point was that mom grabbed one baby out of the box and high tailed it down the deck side over the fence into our neighbor's side under her step ... not a nice thing to do to a neighbor but some how there was a loss of control issue ? when all hell breaks loose there isn't a lot that can be controlled ?So .. the plan of action, now that everything is nailed down TIGHT ..

Baby-box to be checked tomorrow morning .. hopefully they will all have been taken to a new home (yet again I am trying to believe in the raccoon fairy making things right ?) .. then team will return and disinfect the attic to make sure no nasty stuff will happen plus totally get rid of any scent that is attracting raccoons there .. plus puff up the insulation .. we are Canadian EH ! we have cold winters and you don't want your insulation down by your ankles when you need it ;-)

The air vent/fans will be changed over to hefty hefty non tampering type .. and the last corner of underneath the roofing will be reinforced and tamper proofed and please let this be the last problem we ever have with with the wild kingdom ? .. we are due for some good luck now aren't we ? .. haven't we paid our dues up for a few years with the bad luck club ? So if you hear a distant scream tonight it is either me seeing mama raccoon at the foot of my bed staring at me, or by some ridiculous chance we finally won the lottery .. I'll let you know ?


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

MY GOODNESS!!! That is one persistent mama bear, er, I mean raccoon. I hope this is the end of this story!! I do agree that a drink is in order.

Brandi Mills said...

I feel for you. The worst we've had in our attic are shrews. Fortunately, our cat can usually take care of them pretty quickly.

By the way, I wanted to mention that I love your Halloween countdown. My husband and I were married on Halloween and it's our favorite holiday. :)

Darlene said...

Oh Joy I came to catch up on the raccoon saga and I just KNEW it would be over. I can't believe she got them back into your attic!!!!!I do hope they will all be gone....moved somewhere else hopefully that is safe for the babies. Don't shoot me but they are really I know, I know NOT when YOU are dealing with them!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.♥

Unknown said...

Your raccoon stories are so amusing (sorry). I know it's not really a laughing matter, but you tell a tale with such humor, I can't help myself.

You could parlay your misfortune with the raccoons into a really funny video. Make those raccoons pay for all the trouble! LOL

I hope you have a calm, quiet and peaceful weekend.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

OMG it's like the Groundhog Day movie all over again, except it is Raccoon Day. And what a size that mama racoon is from what you are describing. Let's hope, fingers crossed, toes crossed, that they find alternate accomodation this time around.

Gail said...

Joy, I am not sure this will ever be made into a funny story that you tell to folks over dinner! It's been a big ordeal and hassle for you...I am so hoping it will be over so you can think about spring. xxgail

Anonymous said...

What in the world did you ever do to deserve what has happened? I just cannot believe the hell you've been put through! You sure have attracted a very, very intelligent raccoon. Happy Easter, may visions of coloured eggs and bunnies appear in your dreams instead of critters who look like masked bandits.

CiNdEe said...

Oh but they are so cute(-: I am so glad you got rid of them though! I know it must be a pita!
I would have probably had the bottle heating for them. Geez I am such a suck for baby animals!
I hope yours do not return and you can get some rest. I did get a lot of good laughs reading this post! Thanks for that!!!(-: Loved it!!

gittan said...

No way! This must be terrible for you and your family! I hold my thumbs and toes and everything else hoping that they are gone for ever and ever!!!! I feel sorry for you all / gittan

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Rebecca girl .. yesterday was almost a nightmare only it was day time ? LOL .. just before dark last night we watched her move the babies from the baby box to in John's boat which he just took out of winter storage .. the saga continues ?;-)

Brandi girl ! That is SO COOL !! I love having another Halloween nut on board : ) I have two cats that are my little kids .. son is way too old to call a kid anymore ? LOL
They have been a bit unnerved by the weird goings on .. hopefully today will wrap most of it up ?

Darlene girl what can I say ? I agree the babies are too darn cute and the noises they make are amazing .. I do feel sorry for mom raccoon .. she will not desert them no mater what goes on. But we could use a lucky break here and have it settle for the best with both parties ? Hey have a great weekend girl ! I has been unbelievably HOT HERE !!!

Hi Freda girl .. it could only happen to us here like this .. our raccoon man has been in the business a long time and this is a FIRST for him with all that has gone on .. we should be used as a teaching tool for the companies ?LOL .. ahhhhh but they are so cute ? LOL

Linda girl that is so RIGHT !!!!!
Raccoon groundhog day over and over again .. we are so sick of this .. I want to know who cooked this scheme up ! When I saw mom last evening before dark I almost dropped .. she is HUGE and boy she is dexterous .. she practically hung like a circus act by her back toes with some of her moves ! JEEZ !!

Gail girl .. it was actually HOT yesterday here in Ontario we are breaking all sorts of records .. so I didn't get a thing done in the garden with raccoon adventures on the go .. maybe today ? but I'm so tired so is husband .. I just don't know .. at least the bulbs are happy breaking through and smiling at me ? LOL

Rose girl I just knew you would be shocked .. by the end of next week when all of the things that have to be done are DONE and dusted I want to only think GARDEN mode : )
Hope you your little family have a great weekend : ) This weather is too hot !! haha

Cindee girl .. so this is what it is like to be Canadian EH ! all sorts of wild life adventures and tall tales to be told .. I want bloody peace and quiet NOW !!!!
LOL .. I now .. by my last nerve is just about cooked ! haha

gittan .. this is something in a comic book version of how to handle a raccoon adventure ? I hope you are taking notes to tell your friends way over there how tough Canadians are including their raccoons ? LOL
Hopefully today will be one part of the wrap up ?

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh no, Joy, you're kidding me! Talk about being persistent. This is one momma that won't go away easily. This is your very own groundhog day going on up there in the attic.

You’re right; sure they’re cute, but they can be cute elsewhere, not inside your house.

Good luck with this craziness. I really feel for you, Joy! I hope this saga ends NOW!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Oh, my! What a mess! Although they are awfully cute... I'm glad you live so far away. Otherwise, I might break down and adopt one of those little critters.

Hope all of the excitement is done and you can enjoy a Happy Easter!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Martha .. I meant to send an e-mail over to you with the pictures but I have been so tired .. John is exhausted too .. she actually moved them from the baby box to John's boat ... we watched her do it and no we couldn't take any good pictures because we did not want to scare you away .. I'm posting on it when I can .. yes .. Raccoon Day over and over and over !
Happy Easter weekend girl !

Kate girl are you crazy !!!!! LOL
No need for adoption is amazing at keeping her family together .. but our attic is not the place to be .. she has moved on now and we wish her the best .. she is only trying to keep her family safe .. but not in my attic PLEASE !!! haha

Victoria said...

Wow..what an adventure!! Amazing little creatures.! Great photos!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi kiki .. sorry I haven't been to your blog lately .. I think you can understand why ? LOL
It is amazing the mother has stuck to her guns with the little ones .. she is determined to keep her family together and find a home where people won't keep bothering her to move ? ;-)

Vetsy said...

Oh my Goodness Joy! I didn't know that you were talking about a raccoon family that moved in your attic when you visited my post..

I envisioned a group of raccoons messing with stuff in your garden and knocking over garbage cans! LoL!

Glad I stopped by to take a look and find out the real deal! So glad that your ordeal is over now!..

P.S love the photos you took of the cute little critters, I know that they are now even cuter now that they're gone and out of your attic! LoL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Vetsy girl .. yup ! they are a lot cuter now that they have moved on .. this has been so stressful and time consuming .. let alone costly !
I wish them the best but some where else is right ! LOL

Skeeter said...

I had to scroll way down to find the “Rest of the Story” (or so you hope) on the critters. I was telling the Saint about your critter issues while on our journey to VA. And again, it was not laughter you heard coming from down here, well, okay, I must fess up, it was laughter. We were not laughing at you but with you. I can see us going through this scenario as well with us living in the woods. Luckily, the woods seem to keep them out there for condos and the such. We did have to deal with bats in our attic vents though. When we had the new siding and vents installed the guy about fell off the ladder when they all came flapping out of the vent. Now we have bat free vents as the new ones are much smaller then the old ones which they loved to call home… I will cross my fingers that the critters will have a happy home in nature and not your house… I can so hear the cash register bells over this one… Just think of how many flowers you could have planted for that cost….

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Skeeter girl .. I could hear that laughing all the way over here !
Yes .. I know "with" me not AT me .. but holy moses BATS would have freaked me out even more I think .. yes .. the cha'ching factor .. a few garden adventures have been cancelled due to that but maybe we might win the lottery ? There is always a possibility right ? .. It is hard to be mad at a "mom" trying to keep her family safe and together but JEEZ ! not in my house eh ?