Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Blooms in May

Myosotis alpestris 'Blue Ball' .. now how gorgeous is my little guy !
It looks like a true blue to me but I know the "blue police" out there will argue not .. blue shmooooo ! .. I love it all the same : )
Then there was a stirring underground et voile` log fern awakens and the fiddle heads begin !
Ivory Prince is recovering from "haircuts" I have given .. now that is one brave uncomplaining hellebore !
This is a ghost of a plant that arrived from Henry Fields "Apricot Blush" hellebore .. I was in a panic to plant the poor wee soul .. fingers crossed !
The other hellebore from last years surprise package from Andrea seem to be doing very well : )
Odd flower .. don't ya' think ?? well .. it is odd isn't it ?
Belongs to my Sutherland Gold Elderberry .. which is a beautiful cut-leaf cultivar .. odd colours in Spring but is lush and gorgeously chartreuse gold when smiling later on .
Aquilegia canadensis is a gorgeous little columbine I am so glad to have planted .. it truly is such a sweet plant you have to smile when you see it every time !
Paired with a pretty Japanese Painted fern "Applecourt" it is a match : )
Alpine poppy .. amazing little creature that really displays the seed head in miniature !
That delicate yellow is almost soothing ?
Creeping Baby's Breath .. another in tiny proportions .. talk about blooms upon blooms !
I really like that cool white colour in a hot spot such as this raised bed.
OK .. time to flaunt the Red Riding Hood tulips and their blue boyfriends ?
Yup .. just look at that gorgeous face smiling at you ;-)
Another gorgeous face smiling from the garden is my friend here .. I haven't decided what to call "him" yet .. but I know it will dawn on me soon ?

It is chaotic and CRAZY here in my garden right now .. the upheaval with the landscaping is stressful .. especially when all you want to do is play in your garden and admire your plants .. and .. get ready for the BUG fights to come .. I can almost hear those aphids and the dreaded BEETLES coming !!!! EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

So many pretty blooms. My black elderberry is beginning to set some blooms too. I haven't seen your variety before. It is very pretty. Mosquitoes have taken over here. UGH..

Unknown said...

I must say that you grow plants that are completely different from what I grow. Different zones, conditions, critters...I love learning about what works in other places.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl !
BIG ugh ! to those nasty mosquitoes .. I know I will run into to them soon early morning .. I'm not out in the evening so I'm safe then ! haha
Sutherland Gold was one I picked up many years ago because I love the cut leaf structure .. now it is a "hot" plant ? LOL
It is a gorgeous one for a shady area : )

Hello Freda : )
Yes ! it amazes me what different plants are grown under those different conditions too .. so many plants that require just the right conditions .. you have to love mom nature and her hand in that ? LOL

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Very pretty blooms going on over there, Joy. And I just love those blue boyfriends the tulips have hooked up with! I HAVE to make that bulb circle this year!

Those hellebore are stunning. I don't think I've seen any at the garden centers. Is that possible? Or have I just missed them?

Anyway, your garden gang is waking up and starting to grace your home with lovely blooms and pretty foliage!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl YES !!
You have to have a bulb circle too : ) .. I know you will have it when George is ready ? LOL
Hellebore .. finding them here is VERY difficult .. but .. remember how shocked I was to see "Jack" ? .. maybe they will have some to offer this year at one of the garden centers .. if Andrea hadn't have sent such gorgeous ones to me .. well .. my collection would be MUCH smaller .. I did buy one from Burt's Greenhouse at No Frills last year .. so maybe there will be some to find this year : )

tina said...

Those forget me nots are sweet! They don't grow for me here so brunnera substitutes and I tell you I love it too.

Anonymous said...

I sure can't tell you are having work done, Your plants look great. That creeping baby's breath is nice. I just looked it up and found that it comes in pink, too. Do you have that one?

VW said...

Looking good, Joy. I don't envy you the projects to come - good luck! And I have always thought that forget me nots were true blue, too.

Lona said...

Well they look blue to me too girl. The Red Riding Hood tulips have the greatest variegated foliage.
Your crop circle, no, garden circle has worked out so well. No aliens just frogs in the garden. I am sure you will come up with a great name for it too LOL!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post Joy, the baby's breath is especially charming. I have tulip envy...mine flower buds are just coming up through the leaves. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina girl is it too hot for these little guys where you are ? .. They are supposed to be perennial but I have yet to have them come back for me either .. so I plant them like an annual .. and their blue is so pretty .. like the brunnera !

Sandy I haven't been able to find the pink one yet .. or I have missed it and other gardeners beat me to them ? LOL .. it is such a pretty little thing and does it have blooms on blooms so far !

Hey there VW .. I have to get over to your place and see how your reno is coming ! This one is going to be longer than our guy thought .. especially with the rain here and there .. plays havoc with the patio being laid down again (but much smaller.. I need MORE garden !!) This second phase of the outside reno .. well, one year I would love to just garden and nothing else ? LOL
They are a true blue to me too ;-)

Lona girl you have me laughing here .. I should find a little UFO garden spike and have it by the crop .. oops ! bulb circle ;-)
The frogs are my pals .. now if only I could have some real ones here to sing to me ? aahhh ! heaven !!! LOL

tina said...

I think so but it also might be the humidity. They perish pretty quick if they even come up.

Northern Shade said...

Those forget me nots sure look like a little piece of the sky, so they must fit into the blue category. I adore the alien look of new ferns, and once those fiddleheads are up, they unfurl so quickly. The JApanese painted fern and columbine leaves look great together.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl ..Thank you !
Martha (Water Roots) and I had tulip envy too when all the southern gardeners had theirs popping out .. just part of being Canadian EH ? I think that Baby's Breath is a great border plant I'm hoping it will sprawl nicely : )

Tina girl .. I know Americans find it hard to believe we have extreme humidity .. but here in south eastern Ontario .. Kingston especially it is intense .. I usually have to squeeze gardening in at the VERY early hours in the morning .. and stay indoors the rest of the day .. those days are frustrating .. but perhaps ours being a shorter season allows for us more plants than you .. rats !! eh ? LOL

Northern Shade thank you !
I was thinking of you the other day when I was buying more campanula : ) and my adding more brunnera .. do you have Silver Lining brunnera ? this is a new one to me .. but I am excited about adding quite a few to make a collection finally. Yes .. the fiddle heads are funny to watch .. and I do love the different combinations you can make with the ferns .. never ending eh ? ;-)

Rose said...

Your hellebores are all so pretty, Joy--I'm admiring the ones on your sidebar as well. I had one plant produce blooms this year out of 5; a big disappointment, but maybe they're just waiting to surprise me next year:)

So much going on in your garden right now, it looks lovely. Hard to believe not that long ago Dave and the boys were covered in snow:)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your garden sure has lots of pretty blooms now. I hope your landscaping project goes well and you can get out and garden soon.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl .. Thank you !
Dave and the boys remind me on a daily basis how they suffered through the winter .. if it wasn't for that flask of Cuban rum that husband brought them back from is holiday .. well .. it got them through the cold ? hehehe
My goodness ! what is up with your hellebore being so stingy ! ..maybe for sure next year they will truly SMILE at you and in turn make you smile ? Fingers crossed ;-)

Thank you Catherine .. it is another one of those reno Springs that make it difficult to get IN my garden and putter .. but hopefully soon .. in another week or so .. eeekkkk ! LOL

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I forgot to tell you I love the hellebores in your sidebar. The ones here look cool to me, too. I haven't been plant shopping as much this year, but the places I've been, I haven't seen anymore hellebores, except some like I already have.

I love forget me nots, and found one that reseeds, and needs to be thinned in the spring. Yours is a sweetie. It looks blue to me.

I'm enjoying columbines, too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sue girl ! Thank you : )
It is strange about the hellebore situation here in Kingston .. Martha from Water Roots would like some but they are a rare find here .. I think I picked up one 3 years ago , then found another one last year but that was it ! The rest I received from a friend and from mail order .. I wonder why ?
I do love that sweet little Blue Ball I wish it would do what yours do Sue ! .. Ahhh yes ! the columbines .. I planted more Black Barlow and hope to see them this year : )