Sunday, 2 May 2010

Odd Sunrise Sky

I have to back track to show this weird sunrise on the morning of April 29th ....
I have way too many pictures and it was a struggle to concentrate and do this post but I wanted to share how eerie it was with such intense cloud cover and that amazing shift from pink, purple and violet.

The reflection off the clouds here was SO pretty ! and that pine tree .. well I just don't know how i would handle the neighbors cutting it down IF they ever decide to do something that cruel .. to me ? ;-)
I looks almost oppressive with the clouds that profound colour and coverage !

I had to take a picture at this angel so you can see what it is like from my point of view from the deck door ..
Then this incredibly straight horizon cover ... how cool is that !
The sunrise looks dark but it did clear up that day .. just an ODD beginning ?


Christine said...

These are the kind of shots I usually get at sunset, not sunrise. What a wonderful way to begin your day, Joy!! I love them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Christine : )Thank you !
I just posted this girl ! You are fast ! haha
It was a VERY odd sunrise .. I usually hope for a fantastic orange red sunrise .. this was amazing !

Lona said...

Wow! What gorgeous picture Joy. Looks like Cotton Candy skies. Maybe I have food on the brain LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl : ) you and I have that food on the brain problem ! LOL
It was amazing though .. some skies that I see here on the edge of Lake Ontario are just plain "Twilight Zone" material ! haha

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I always enjoy your sky photos, Joy. They remind me once again why I love getting up so early in the morning. Just lovely!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Martha .. I was just getting off of here ;-)
Even in the dark of the morning (with these rain showers) I am far better off gettin gup so early .. aka 5:30 haha .. just gives me that quiet time I also need like you : )