Sunday, 9 May 2010

Garden Reno Part 2 Year 2 Phase 1

Our old patio was wasted space .. we sit on the deck .. point blank !
So why waste space I can play with ? .. lets lose half the patio and use the positive space for a walk through .. the other space, well .. I will find a use for it .. right ?
See cute curvy lines ? ... our man Millar was having fun with the paint can again ;-)
So .. to do a the best job possible .. all the bricks had to be pulled up .. notice funny shuffling foot prints .. we just couldn't help ourselves ?
Another chaos at the castle flashback from last year .. but this was a much quicker FIX .. thankfully ;-)
Canadians are obligated to have Tim Horten's coffee for their coffee breaks .. point blank again !
So many bricks .. so what now ? .. take gratuitous pictures of flowering serviceberry tree : )
Another shot of coffee break from a different perspective ?
Spring bulb circle surviving the reno madness ... so far ?
OK .. OK .. the natives are getting restless.
Now you see a working walk through with neat and clean area to underneath the stairs of the deck.
Soft lovely curves ... aahhhh ! I feel more relaxed already ;-)
Now those extra bricks ... hum ... I guess they have to go under the deck until we figure that one out ?
Neat clean lines make for a happy gardener !


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Giggle...snicker...snort...I can't help but laugh with that Tim Horten's coffee. No Canadian will do this kind of work without that coffee in hand...har har har...

My goodness, Joy, I love the work Millar has done! Your place is going to look amazing. Maybe in a few years, after I've polished my plant skills, I'll consider adding some cool bricks and sexy curves to the garden :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tim's just had to be there front and center ;-)
Millar is a craftsman .. rare breed for residential jobs now .. I hope he is still ticking when it comes to next year's project too ? !!

Barry said...

What a wonderful job Millar has done for you. I love the soft, curved edging as well, and with a new spillers and thrillers cascading over the edge..... pure heaven.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Barry !
Thank you sweetie !
I keep thinking about which plants will look the best with this stone .. and then the drop to ground level with the borders there .. it is enough to keep me up at nights imagining all of it ? : )

Anonymous said...

I'm loving those new curvy lines in the garden Joy. You are so lucky to have a handi-man to make all your dreams come true. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Racquel girl thank you !.. don't we know it ! Millar has the company that did our deck .. so we knew he was an excellent landscaper as in hardscaping .. all by the luck of the draw when it came to choosing the deck company !