Saturday, 22 May 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday & Plant Time ?

I am cheating here a little bit.
I do Shadow Shot Sunday on Saturday because we all know North America is behind a day from our friends down under.
That isn't the cheating part so much .. it is that I am showing off a gorgeous garden plant of mine while still illustrating shadows. I just had to get my garden in here some how !
This is Golden Spirit Smokebush .. even the name exudes a special quality .. almost mystical ?
This is the first year my baby is going to put out those amazing airy aka "smoke" flowers and I am so excited about it .. so I want to share that part.
The shadow part is beautiful to me as well .. its own leaves reflecting itself .. how perfect is that ?
Shadow Shot Sunday is hosted by a very funny gal .. I talking humorous people !
Tracy from Hey Harriet .. go on over and see all of us shadow people : )


Sylvia K said...

And you should use your beautiful garden! What a fantastic shadow shot! Such lovely green! An exquisite shot! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for your visit/comment! Always appreciated!


Hot Fudge said...

I love the greens in this shot - it looks as though you have some beautiful weather after the cold winter. Have a lovely weekend.

Beverley Baird said...

A beautiful plant - meant for showing off!
Great shadow as well!
happy 2-4 weekend!

VW said...

We're a day behind in the week, and us far northerners are a month or two behind in the gardening season! Your smokebush is looking good! There aren't many shadows to be found out my window today because of the cloudy sky. We've had lots of rain and I have to keep reminding myself to appreciate it. Better than snow, hah!

Unknown said...

Now that is a beautiful plant, and the shadow is gorgeous

Hey Harriet said...

Oh I wouldn't classify this as cheating at all! It's a lovely shadow shot and you're more than welcome to share as many shadowy delights from your garden as you wish! I also have the utmost respect for you gardeners as well as sculptors. The art of gardening is another area where I'm greatly lacking in skills I'm afraid! Have yourself a wonderful week :)

cat said...

I can totally understand that you want to show off your garden and the beautiful bush with the grand name.

And there is such a small, almost delicate shadow in the picture :)

Spadoman said...

Very nice shadow shot. Please post another when it blooms!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sylvia and thank you !
Sometimes when you are shooting you don't see all of the details .. so when I upload and see more than I bargained for ? it is wonderful : ) Hope your weekend is a nice peaceful relaxing one : )

Hi HF ! .. Thank you !
South eastern Ontario is famous for just about skipping Spring and landing in hot humid summer very quickly after winter .. the change is too quick for most of us ? LOL

Thank you Beverly .. it is an amazing plant for sure : ) Hey have a great one too EH ! ;-)

VW girl ! .. can you send dome of that rain our way ? we need it !
Holy Smokes eh ? way better than snow !! LOL .. Think of how much good it is doing to make your garden strong .. then you can send it our way when you are finished with it ? LOL

Thanks NP ! I can't wait to see the smokey flower ! : )

Thanks Tracy ! I bet you have a little garden girl kicking to get out in you ? .. just start off slowly and simply and soon that garden bug will have you in its grasp ! LOL

Thanks Cat .. we have such a limited season for showing off our gardens and plants it creeps into our every day life all of the time : ) Some of the common names to plants can make you shake your head at times .. but this one is perfect : )

Hello Spadoman : ) Thank you ! and YES ! I will be watching and waiting to capture that amazing flower and post it for sure : )

Pat said...

I like "shadow shots" great idea.
Artsy !

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Patsi girl ! Thanks : )
How funny is Nurse Jackie getting ? I just know the season finale is gong to be GOOD ! Then True Blood will start .. yah !!! haha

A Wild Thing said...

Love it's delicate shadows, you must show us the smoke when it arrives...been pickin'(and eatin) strawberries all day...mmmmm...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweet repose thank you ! I will most certainly take a picture of the smokey flower : ) I am jealous of those strawberries girl ! LOL

Meadowview Thymes said...

Beautiful plant and wonderful shawdow shot! I hope you will have pictures of the blooms. I know I have seen one of these before, but for the life of me, I can't remember what the blooms look like.
PS--and I don't think you're cheating! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Linda girl !
Thank you so much : ) .. the "flowers" are a mass of very small ones looking like a plume of smoke .. but I haven't had Golden Spirit bloom before so I am wondering what they will look like too ! I will post those pictures when the little madam decides to bloom ? LOL

Racquel said...

Cool shadow shot Joy! I love that plant, almost bought one myself at Lowe's last fall. Couldn't think where I would put it so I held off. Now I'll just have to make a spot for one of these gorgeous bloomers. :)

Unknown said...

that's a lovely smokebush and your photography, as always, is quite perfect!

EG CameraGirl said...

That variety of smokebush is very lovely. I have a purple variety in my gardens but I LOVE this lime-coloured one. Hope you had a great Victoria Day Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Joy, I'm such a glutton. I've got like a gazillion plants already but one I don't have is Golden Spirit smoke bush. AND I WANT IT! Sorry. No more yelling. My garden buddy Carol has a gold leafed variety and oh my gosh it is a stunner. From your photo it looks like yours is too. Jealous? Me? Damn right! LOL

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Racquel girl thank you ! .. You have to have this one girl .. it is a beauty with that lime/gold colour and this is the first year I am letting it flower .. I was trying to shape it before and the flowers never got a chance .. it is next to Royal Purple and I am hoping for some great contrast closer to each other's height .. now go get one girl .. it looks fabulous in the Autumn too !!

Hello Freda ! and thank you so much : ) I was lucky with just the right light and being there at just the right time !

Hi there EG : ) .. they are amazing shrubs/trees the colours are so rich and gorgeous and they do look beautiful in the Fall .. they just keep getting better and better ! This heat wave in South Easter Ontario is intense .. hate it ! I have to hide in the house with the AC a lot of the time ;-)

Grace girl you woke me up with the yelling part ! haha .. I need to wake up anyways .. I have to battle those tiny B*****Ds aka aphids on my Zepherine D. climbing rose I hate those little guys with a passion along with the dreaded lily beetles aaarrgghh !
YES ! absolutely you HAVE to have this one .. it is gorgeous and if your friend has one .. what the heck are you doing without it ?? go get one now !!! LOL
"Golden Spirit" is the game name !