Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Mystery of Colour

This morning's sky was an impossible pink and blue show which lasted only minutes .. I can be sure in saying that because I meet the morning sky a little after 5 AM all Spring and Summer.
I watch the same patch of sky morning after morning after morning and it still mystifies me with colours that look truly impossible ...
The only way I can describe what it feels like to watch it unfold albeit to terribly quickly and it is gone .. well it is like being a kid at Christmas just in the middle of unwrapping a huge exciting gift .. you don't know what it holds but you are so excited about it !
Very subtle changes within minutes .. literally
Then some mornings it is like a huge sponge soaks up all the colour and the sky goes a dull gray
So then is the time .. knowing full well no one with any sense should be up at the same moment I am gallivanting ? in my garden camera in hand .. exclaiming same said excitement of beautiful flowers in garden ..
Franziska Maria clematis for one .. living in an impossible place on the other side of a roaring giant Bittersweet vine that would consume it in a flash if it could !
That makes it all the more endearing to me .. it taunts a garden bully and thumbs its nose at it !
Then some very girlie pinks show off their colour .. can you ever be too pink I wonder ?
Wargrave Pink geranium is always a gorgeous PINK .. so delicate looking yet such a survivor !
How about "Pink-in-WAITING" ? .. I transplanted Petite Delight Monarda to a much sunnier site to finally give it a chance to show off its beautiful shaggy heads .. I can't think of bee balm without remembering that wonderful spicy aroma .. one of my favorites !
Brass Lantern heuchera is not supposed to be really pink .. but I think a little pink is sneaking in while it can and that is fine with me !
Then .. leaving all those fantastic colours behind .. how about a pot pixie with its magic flower wand ... now what could she be up to next ?

I will be missing in action with the painters coming on Thursday to do the magic trick of their own .. all I can say is .. even just prepping? by getting things off the wall and moving a few other things around so as not to be in their way .. well ... "why do I keep dreaming up projects " is another mystery .. I could lay down on the floor right now and not get up until NEXT Tuesday !


Rebecca said...

Such beautiful pinks - all of them!

*~* Linda *~* said...

Ok Joy! If you don't stop posting all those gorgeous sunrises, I'm gonna end up getting up early to look for them here and I want my sleep! LOL

But seriously, words just can't describe those shots...beautiful as always!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy, I think starting each day by connecting with the dawn sky must be a wonderful way to get your day off to a great start. As always, I enjoy it through your eyes! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rebecca : ) .. it looks distorted because the colour is so intense when I zoom in with my camera .. I don't know if there IS a camera that would pick it up exactly as it is ! LOL

Hi Linda : ) rest easy .. today is dull and gray and IF we are lucky it will clear up, haha .. but we needed the rain and that is such a relief to my gardener side phew ! now on with clearing out the kitchen and bathroom .. I'll be so damn glad to get this painting DONE !

Thank you Ms S : ) some mornings are such a beautiful event .. I can hardly believe it myself .. I love and appreciate those mornings so much ! .. I think the garden enjoys it too ? LOL

Dani said...

You're so lucky to live in such a lovely place to see these marvelous skies.
I admire your garden, too. And lately Im trying to help my mum in her garden. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! How come you are getting all that color and I am not seeing anything? How early do you get up??

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Oh no, there are 2 Rebecca's here lol.

Your pics are beautiful. I love the comparison between the blue/pink sky and the blue/pink blooms. Great idea! The clematis is outstanding.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Dani and thank you very much !
I am so happy to be able to see beautiful skies in the morning .. hope you have fun helping your mum with her garden .. take the time to enjoy it ! : )

Sandy girl I get up at 5 AM .. it is my summer cycle .. well, it started in the Spring when the sky started getting light much earlier .. it is my circadian rhythm .. but I go to be VERY early too ! We have some storms passing through so those skies will be gray for a while !

Rebecca I laughed at how you said that ! too funny : ) .. yes, I thought the pink and blue of the sky was great to pick up some pink and blue of the garden and YES ! that clematis amazes me because I stuck it in such a bad place ;-)