Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yes .. I & garden, survived that earth quake !

I hope I never feel anything like that again !
We were in the midst of totally stuck into pre-painters "quick lets get things out of the way and ready for said painters" .. so engrossed in complete drudgery (yuck work) .. husband didn't feel a thing while i kept shouting "DID YOU FEEL OR HEAR THAT !!!!!"
I was like a HUGE gust of wind shook the house .. the china cabinet rattled and it sounded so loud .. like a huge gust of wind" .. husband looks at me as I am running around like the proverbial chicken with its head ... well .. you know what I mean .. anyways .. it truly SHOOK me up ..
Then later on we see on TV that it was an honest to god 5.0 earthquake from near Montreal to Toronto .. Kingston being nearly smack in the middle and built on limestone .. you better believe we felt it ??
OK .. so it was just a little earthquake .. but it was something to be felt or not felt ..
The helenium didn't care .. nor did the rest of the plants in the garden probably ..
I didn't go out afterwards and quiz the garden on its feelings towards such an event .. we are still trying to get sorted for the painters tomorrow morning bright and early 8 AM .. it would be the first morning I would sleep in I bet ?
In any case .. just a few random pictures of the garden from yesterday ? where does the time go ? ..
I love helenium .. but this is kind of eerie .. it is way too early to bloom like this .. did the pre-earthquake motion start them off ?

This is pre-appreciation of an amazing old cultivar lavender and butterfly "weed" that is the height of orange/purple combinations that are too brilliant to believe until seen .. simple but totally dazzling : )
Rain barrel wanted to be mentioned .. we have had RAIN !! and it has been FILLED .. and we are supposed to have MORE rain ... to keep it filled ?? How can you argue with a rain barrel ?
Gratuitous picture of pretty flowers on deck step ... take a breather and relax type of picture ?
Surprise Surprise Surprise !! our micro-mini pond and water lily is going to sprout a flower for us ! ... beaming with pride .. a bouncing baby lily from Ernie and Bert ? hehehehe

Birth announcement and pictures to follow !


Rose said...

I didn't hear about this earthquake--glad you are okay! We've had two small earthquakes here that I can remember; it certainly is an eerie feeling, although I slept through one:) Otherwise, our weather sounds like yours--rain, rain, and more rain. Love the helenium. Everything seems to be blooming early here, too, but I think it's due to the warm April we had. I'm just wondering now what the rest of the summer will bring...

Carrie said...

Oh I heard about it on the news - SCARY!! Funny your hubby didn't even feel it. Men *rolls eyes*.
Lovely photos - your garden is totally making me jealous - I need my house to get finished and get landscaping!! Big love xxx

meemsnyc said...

An earthquake! Wow! We have 2 rain barrels that filled very quickly with yesterday's rain! Hooray!

F Cameron said...

Joy -- glad that the quake only rattled your nerves and no damage was done. Saw the news about it and thought it odd.

Everything is blooming early here. Strange weather year. 100 deg F tomorrow. was only 99 today. "Cold" front should drop it to 96 on Friday.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Can you believe it, Joy? An honest to goodness earthquake! I personally didn't feel a thing; I was outside tending to the garden and never noticed. But George came running out to ask if I'd 'felt the earthquake'. I said "Seriously? An earthquake? No way..."

Anyway, looks like your garden survived; it looks wonderful! I'll be getting an email out to you soon. Things are moving very quickly on our end...if you know what I mean...

Hope the painting goes great tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I felt it too Joy, not as strong here, I actually thought it was a streetcar going by, until my husband called and asked if I felt it.

Gail said...

Wow! Glad all is well for you in your bit of garden paradise~I remember the last quake I felt was two years ago when I woke up in a hotel with the room shaking! gail

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad to hear nothing was damaged in the quake. It is a strange feeling. One shook us awake last year. It is sort of scary.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy! I did think of my Ont blogger pals today when the earthquake struck. Glad to hear you and the boys are all a-ok. :)

Can't wait to see Ernie and Bert's "baby"! lol

Rebecca said...

Glad you're safe. On the news here (Indiana, U.S.A.) some local people said they felt your quake. (I didn't).

We, too, have full rain barrels. Full BEFORE last nights terrible storm!)

Love seeing your flowers. I've been so enthralled with my fern, hosta and sedum that I've missed out on the flowering plants. I want to change that next year.

Bonnie said...

I did not feel the earthquake, but someone 2 offices down from me did! The other girls in my office also did not feel it. Many years ago, there was an earthquake in the Adirondacks and I felt that - like you, the house was shaking and my dishes were rattling.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Yes it was a bit of a shaker yesteday ... but I didn't notice it. When we found out we said it was the Gods welcoming a new grandson for my friend. He was born, in Quebic, a few hours before the quake. The rain is pouring down this morning. Guess your rainbarrel will be overflowing.

Kyna said...

Wow, that would have been a crazy thing to feel that earthquake! I've never experienced one, even a little one O_O You paint a slightly humourous vision of yourself running around freaking out whilst your husband looks at you like you're crazy (ok, it's more than slightly humourous) LOL

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose I wonder as well what is in store for us because of that weird weather early Spring .. plants are not themselves are they ? LOL
Yes .. it shook me up .. physical events are very amplified to me with the conditions I have .. after that happened I had to have some ice cream ? LOL

Hello there Carrie girl !
Thank you : )
Yup .. men ? they always think it is a big truck noise or something ? haha ... it won't be long now with your new little nest getting ready for you, Andrew and Maggie ! it will be wonderful : )
I know your garden will be fantastic too !

Meems ! I think in my teen years there was one or some very dangerous weather that combined with it .. and now there was that threat with tornadoes yesterday .. one touched down near a camping ground .. but from what we hear no one was killed thankfully.
Yes ! more rain today and it is way too full .. I wish I had another rain barrel !

Freda ! I would so melt in that continuous HEAT ! .. we do get up there and combined with severe humidity it is awful so I hide in the house with the AC ..
It was too eerie to explain .. there are supposed to be after shocks but so little they said we wouldn't even feel them .. that is a good thing ! my nerves are frayed !! haha

Martha that would have been me too .. if I had been in the garden I bet I wouldn't have noticed either .. except .. that noise I heard .. that was really weird !
Painter is here and very busy seems to really have a great "work' ethic so far and he was pleased to see how well we dismantled the two rooms : )
Hey ... I know you are busy .. so don't worry about the e-mail girl : )

Deborah it was the most unusual feeling that came with it .. i can understand how animals act strangely when this sort of thing happens .. we had a violent hail storm a few years ago that I was sure would break our windows .. it really makes you feel so small and weak compared to what the weather can do to us ?

Annelie said...

Earthquakes are scary. Glad it wasn't bigger and that you are okay.
I was in the 94 earthquake in California far away from the epicenter, I was in Orange County, but I woke up from my bed shaking back and forth. Thought I had overslept and someone was shaking the bed.

Lovely pictures. About being early, most plants are 2 weeks off this year here in Massachusetts due to some 90 degree days in early spring.

So exciting about the pond flowers.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl when you said that about your earthquake it reminded me that you spoke about it too ! Talk about scary ? .. husband didn't really feel or notice it and here I was going on and on about it ? could it be a woman thing ? LOL

Lisa it was totally scary to me and it only lasted seconds .. it shook me emotionally to the core because that weird noise keeps going through my head .. i can't seem to forget it .. I don't know how people who live with them constantly do it ?

Ms S .. it was a shocker for sure girl ! just glad no "bad" came of it other than we found out tornado warnings were issued further away from us .. it seems to bring on severe weather with an event like that. Yes !! we are so excited about the baby flower (we are pretty sure it will be white and that having Ernie and Bert brought it all on ? LOL)

Thank you so much Rebecca ! I have a huge thing for Autumn so I try to have flowers for that time of year too .. but they aren't supposed to be in full bloom yet by any stretch of the imagination !
We always know there are new plans for the next year in the garden : )

Bonnie girl you are lucky not to have felt that ! it really shocked me .. I won't forget about it for ages ! LOL .. neither will the china cabinet ;-)

Linda the rain is great for the garden but it looks like we are going to have many more days of it which will put it in jungle mode.
That is a reminder for the grandson's arrival for sure !
After my son was born Mount Helen irrupted .. I'll remember that one forever too !
Rain barrel on overflow mode now.

Kyna girl if you had seen me I have no doubts how hilarious I looked and sounded .. it whipped up another side of me yet again ? LOL .. scary S**T !!! haha

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Annelie !
thank you so much : ) this is our first pong flower in our tiny tiny pond ! .. Yes .. all the plants are leaping forward from that hot Spring we had .. I just hope we have some Autumn colour left ?
That must have been scary .. such a huge event then .. I would have been a nervous wreck ! LOL

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Glad all is well with you! Your plants are looking wonderful and I'm so looking forward to the birth announcement from the micro pond. :)

Anonymous said...

If I did feel anything, I probably thought it was a truck rumbling by. I am kind of disappointed to have missed out on such a unique experience here in Canada.

Thank goodness it was not strong enough to cause any damage or harm.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl I haven't been able to get to the deck with the painting going on here but as soon as I can get a picture I will post it ! Husband says it is very impressive indeed : )
YES ! so glad no damages happened with that creepy quake ! LOL

Hey there TDG : )
It is something , even a mild one, that you never forget .. the sound was what got to me the most and no one has said they heard what I hear .. I wish I didn't because it is totally eerie ! Glad it was over and done with in minutes .. phew !

Anonymous said...

That must be the one that people felt in Portland yesterday. Glad you are okay.

I didn't sense anything but have twice before. It is quite unsettling, isn't it?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sandy it was totally unsettling .. and why I heard the "noise" is a very weird thing .. it is hard to describe .. I understand the shaking bit .. but that noise .. eerie !