Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Well the time is flying by even in this ridiculous smothering heat and humidity which can be really tough on us cold climate Canucks .. I'll keep complaining until Autumn so just plug your ears or cross your eyes when possibly reading this ?
Tracy from Hey Harriet the super hero that has created this meme is actually hoping to come out from their "cold" ? temperatures and into Spring ?
Hang in there girl , we will be switching climates control soon ! wink wink
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meemsnyc said...

I've been complaining about the heat too! It is soooo hot!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I hate the heat, too, and I whine and complain when it gets hot, but fortunately here in Seattle that doesn't happen often -- much to the relief of those who have to live with me!! I love your shadow shot for the day! Shadow polka dots! Terrific! Hope you have a "not too hot" weekend!


Ralph said...

The trellis leaves a spotted sun that is a nice effect. The plant is a beauty, although I see mostly sunny orbs dancing all over the patio...

Limarea said...

Love those shadows, really nice! :)

Unknown said...

strange weather! 115 F heat index here.

Lovely pot shot in shadows.

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

I think I had a dress in this pattern in 1972.

Cat said...

My husband accuses me of having the mantra...
"It's hot ... It's cold"

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the polka dotted pot. Nice shot even if it is saturday.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Now that just looks magical. I bet Winthrop loves it! :)

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Such a great picture Joy! The cirlces make me smile! :o)

Hey Harriet said...

How cool all those spots are! Pretty polka dots! I'm sorry that it's so humid for you. I'm counting down the days until the smothering sweltering humid temps arrive here! Can't wait! Having said that, I'll no doubt complain about the heat once it's here again ;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there meems ..we always expect this weather every year but some how the complaining just kicks in automatically ? we can't help ourselves ? ;-)

Hello Sylvia .. not as hot there but I think you get a lot more rain ? LOL .. and then again we have the snow .. a lot of pros and cons about the weather eh ?
Thank you ! it was a perfect moment in time for the polka dot picture : )

Ralph it had me mesmerized too with those beautiful orbs of light .. just by chance all the right conditions happened and I was there in time to snap the shot !

Thanks Limar : )

Freda this has been a more extreme weather year .. hope it settles down soon .. I have a lot of work to do in the garden and it is groaning ;-) Wow ! on that reading girl !

LOL ! BTG .. too funny , this dotted pattern can remind a lot of people of some sort of clothing ?

Cat girl .. I think I am a member of that club too .. seems that is what I say all the time .. plus "... it is TOO HUMID !!!" LOL

Lisa girl I try to keep up with the timing down under where Tracy is to join in their time line .. makes me feel like a rebel here though ? LOL

Ms S you wouldn't believe how quiet all the boys get when special shadows happen .. I think they appreciate that beauty too ? : )

Thanks Rebecca .. they do make you smile don't they ? you can't help yourself but smile ? LOL

Thanks Tracy : ) .. I would switch with you right this minute if I could .. especially because my garden NEEDS a lot of work right now ! LOL

A Wild Thing said...

We finally have a day's reprieve today, all my doors and windows open again, now to clean up the messes from Friday's inland hurricane ravages. What a mess, but at least it wasn't an ice storm!!! SOON!!!(argh)

RURAL magazine said...

You got a great shot today. Wow, and there is that starfish to remind you of the crisp air from the ocean.

We have had a few hot days, mostly when the A/C doesn't work properly at work. Of course. Sauna's while working should be optional, not mandatory.

Here's to the hot flash club.


Anonymous said...

Yep I'm not loving this heat either, can't wait till fall when the temps drop some. Pretty shot today. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sweet Repose : )
Fresh air is a tonic for us after all that smothering heat/humidity .. but dodging the bullet aka storms can really smack us down and make us edgy .. I will be glad of some stable cool weather soon ? ha !

Jen thanks girl : ) .. it is the law of physics that AC units must kick the bucket when the weather is at its worst .. and it is the law of the hot-flash club that we have more then .. than at any other time ? I'm just saying ...? LOL

Hello Racquel : ) and thank you girl ! .. I can not wait for Autumn either .. Spring is never long enough and we are dropped into heat and humidity bang ! so we slug it out hoping for an early Fall ? haha

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy-girl, I love it! Beautiful shadows cast across an already eye-catching vignette. The "star"? adds a very cool touch.

Go ahead and bitch all you want about the weather. I hear ya. It's actually comforting to commiserate.

Lynda Howells said...

Love these images...its hot over here in London too. i am lucky l love the heat!xHappy SSS lynda

photo blog

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace thank you girl and how are ya'? I'm glad to have company to bitch about that god awful heat/humidity duo from hell .. wait a minute .. is hell dry heat ? Ah what the heck .. a break from it no matter what type it is IS what I need to work in the garden .. and boy .. it needs WORK !
Can you guess I have sea themes in my bathrooms too ? haha .. just that kind of gal ! wink wink

Hello Lynda and thanks for stopping by : ) We have such swings in weather that I can not get used to the heat thing ever .. maybe it is the hot flashes that make it so much worse ? .. chocolate how ever would be a wonderful remedy ? LOL