Friday, 27 August 2010

64 Nights and counting...oops

I missed yesterday's post .. it was not such a great day for me .. but here I am bright and early and trying to meet my Halloween commitment ?
There were some weird and wacky weather fronts passing through so the cloud action was a bit unusual .. I missed some of the spectacular ones but this one is a bit interesting : )
My vines are stark raving MAD .. I have not been the exacting task master I would normally be in a whole month .. so they have run rampant and WILD !
This gorgeous one will have the most beautiful blue berries soon and the birds will be feasting on them : )
I can't say enough now about the combo of Nanho Blue with Full Moon .. Robin from Life in Robin's nest told me to hang on for Full Moon to look the way it should and by golly it did !!
I have tried a few bee balms through out the years .. but powdery mildew drove me bonkers .. and it still does .. but not from this little gem .. it is perfect : )
Yes .. not the most beautiful shot of my stalwart baptisia .. it throws babies off as well as looking its own marvelous self .. another one of the original cast of members in my garden which I love!
Yes .. again .. the horns are getting redder and redder and looking like the bell of the ball .. soon the birds will be putting on their napkins and moving in for the feast ?
And now for some Halloween ! .. Playing cards : ) How cool is that ? You could play cards into the wee hours on Halloween and still stay in the mood of HALLOWEEN !!


Carol said...

I love your full moon and what a striking sky shot! Perfect H. cards for your collection Joy. They are not very scary ... more my speed. I sure hope as the days speed by towards your favorite witches day... that I will not get cobwebs on my mac when I visit you. ;>))

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Love those Halloween playing cards. That means 69 days till our grand daughter's birthday. Wow, a whole year has gone by.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Oh Joy, can you believe summer is almost over? I am so ready for fall. Next weekend I plan on getting the "fall box" out of the closet and make my house look fall. (even though the temps will be in the high 90's!) :)
Have a great weekend!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Dear Joy, You remind me how much fun Halloween is!

Love your header photo btw! :)

Anonymous said...

Those sumac horns are so wonderful! Your entire garden looks so lush.

RURAL magazine said...

The Baptisa is hardy? Where you live? Wow, I am putting it on my list if it is.

Sorry to hear that you had a bad day, things have got to get better for you soon. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

I love the vine with blue berries. That is something I will look for. Dos that Monarda send off runners? I think it is the same one I bought this spring. I noticed the runners today for the first time, when I was hoeing around it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Carol : )
Moon shots can be tricky but some times I am lucky ! LOL .. I can't guarantee you won't pick up a little Halloween atmosphere from here but cob webs might not be on the menu if you are good ? haha

Linda i can't believe a whole year has gone by myself .. and that for the first time in my life I missed a month away from the garden .. now that is a shocker to me ! Your grand daughter must be such a cutie by now ! : )

Hello there Linda ! We had such cool temps this morning it was close to a light frost .. i don't mind at all : ) I have to start digging out more Halloween myself .. I hide it every where !
Just think "cool" as you decorate girl ! haha

Ms S : ) thank you ! .. Halloween is my favorite holiday .. you can just be a BIG kid no matter how old you are ? haha

Nancy girl it was all because we had a few days of good rain .. which in turn hopefully we will get a beautiful show of leaves this Autumn ! fingers crossed : )

Thanks Jen .. I think the knee is getting better finally .. phew !
Yes !! this is the standard baptisia ..Blue False Indigo Australis .. it takes a few years to establish but it is so worth it .. and the new cultivars they have now ? WOW ! some of the colours are amazing .. you have to have at least one girl !

Sandy girl I recommend Porcelain Berry vine (variegated) highly .. it is gorgeous and when that blue develops you think it looks fake it is so pretty .. plus the birds love them too ! I haven't really noticed runners on this monarda .. but I just relocated it to a sunnier position .. it was in too much shade .. I love the smell of bee balm !

Lona said...

Hi Joy. I have been enjoying your Halloween cards. The Sumac is so pretty. I am with you on the Bee Balm. I love the Petite but I have come to loath the others in my bed. I am digging again girl. They will be moved to the woodland bed for certain this fall.
Have a spooky or terrific weekend!

Anonymous said...

See, I told you that Full Moon was worth the wait! You'll see next year even more, because mine has bloomed non stop all summer long.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl you make me jealous about the ability to DIG ! LOL I am so ever slowly able to walk almost normally , digging is a wee bit further down the road but by golly I will get there before snow flies ? haha
There is something so amazing about the scent of bee balm along with my favorites .. lavender and rosemary .. you just have to love it ! : ) good luck with the digging girl ! I will be thinking of you : )

Robin girl you are SO right ! I was worried because it just seemed to be all about the foliage .. but it is gorgeous .. now fingers crossed it makes it through winter here ? : )