Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The "girls" the "garden" and some FUN

Yes .. the girls insisted at least one picture every few posts should be their quota with my blog .. but they forgot to insist on approval of said picture .. so that is where I get to reveal how spoiled they are ? .. KIDS !!!
The walk in the garden yesterday was really stressful .. the need to do things drove me nuttier than I am normally and that is a stretch ? .. but .. some areas are not too bad ..
I will always have a soft spot for Solomon's Seal .. variegated .. it looks wonderful almost from Spring to snow .. an amazing old garden plant that truly is a beauty !
The new brunnera and heuchera are doing well .. phew ! so far so good .. right ?
Even with a new classification name .. all of these gorgeous plants are beautiful : )
My bamboo adventures ... I'm hoping to dig out a section and pot it up next year for "bamboo does deck" adventures next !
I have been so happy to see so many Monarchs in my garden .. and who knows how many since I missed out with so much time .. but I was lucky to catch this one on Joe Pye .. they love him and all of the buddliea ... it is so worth it to have the plants they love : )
The sedum are beginning to change ! already ! .. eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk !!
Every time I see a Black Eyed Susan I think of Gail from Clay and Limestone ... funny how things get totally stuck in your head ? .. too sticky eh ?
Sweet Autumn clematis has gone CRAZY ! This is it's second year and with all of the rain it has worked over time creating flower buds and I can't wait to see them open and actually smell them too ? How good can it get ??
OK .. now for a little Halloween ...
First I have to say .. these are not mine and I do not imply so .. they are from a very talented person that has them on the net .. they are clickable so not involved in the security disabled function.
Do not sue me !!!
But damn ! they are so cute !!!

Yes folks ... this is what I see in the mirror every morning .. no wonder I am the way I AM !!!!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Ha ha...your girls are adorable! Yup, they are spoiled. I'm sure we share similar stories because Nacho is just as pampered.

Your garden looks terrfic, by the way. It's still holding on. Amazing! The gnomes and other creatures are probably working on the garden at night.

Love the photo of the butterfly. So pretty. I've seen a few monarchs this year in our yard. You are right when you say that it's worth planting the flowers they like.

Gail said...

I can't see Sumacs without thinking of you~TES isn't fairing as well as i hoped...I think she needs to be out of the Susans bed and taking over an entire hillside! Someday her wish might happen~sshh! Don't let Hedge here us planning his take down!

Excellent capture with Joe P and friend~I just noticed the SA Clemmie clambering over forsythia~it's going to lovely soon,

Anonymous said...

Just how is your garden staying in such good shape? Everything looks lovely to me.

We are having really heavy rain today. But, I don't think it is going to help my fall wild flowers. The purple asters are not even going to bloom this year.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun to see the girls soaking up the light in the doorway. It is amazing how the Monarchs start turning up during fall migration. I always wonder where they have been. I hope to see a tagged one in my garden.

Carolyn ♥ said...

I'm just giggling over your blog. I've never met anyone more witchy than me. Love your countdown til Halloween. For the sake of my children, I supress my witchiness for 11 months of the year. But look out come October first!
Love your Blog!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, the garden looks really good, my autumn clematis doesn't look like it has many flower buds this year!

Those two little girls looked totally relaxed.


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Both patches look wonderful to me Joy, and I envy your clematis, mine has ONE single bloom. The girls are looking lovely as always. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Martha girl !
Yup we cat people spoil our kitties (and assorted cute as buttons ferrets?) haha badly .. but they are sweet little creatures all the more !
Thank you !
You know I am sure I see grass stains on Dave's feet and the rest of the gang seem to be out of breath in the morning ?? wink wink
I am so happy to have a great assortment to draw those gorgeous butterflies and bees in : ) Yeah !!

Gail Girl I forgot to highlight a link on your name when I did this (I have to fix it) yup .. the sumac factor .. I wonder what is going on with your TES ? .. mine has a hard time establishing a vertical growth spurt due to aphids .. aarrrggh !
Poor Hedge .. he will have to share some day right ? I am so eager to smell this clematis with so many flower buds establish !!! : ) I might have to lay down after that event ? LOL

Sandy girl you are only see the GOOD pictures that is why it looks "not so bad?" LOL
Are you sure you won't get some asters to bloom ? It sounds like you have really been socked by a drought .. that might mean not such a great show of leaves for Autumn .. I hope not .. I want to see some fantastic pictures from you !!

Lisa it is the strangest thing that "BOOM!" all of the sudden they are there .. yet a bit skittish for taking pictures .. yup that was a very relaxed picture .. a few minutes after they were wrestling for the best spot at the door .. go figure ? Crossed fingers for you to see that special tagged one girl !

Hello Meredehuit ! Thanks for dropping by : ) and thank you so much ! AND it is great to know there is another Halloween fanatic out there too ! I start bit by bit and way earlier than I should .. but I can't help myself ? hehehe

Eileen : ) SA clematis really went mad this year .. more so after the rains .. it had to be a mixture of the perfect set of circumstances because WOW ! I did not expect this! .. the girls are GIRLS ? LOL

Rebecca : )thank you girl ! I am so surprised to see how vigorous this vine has become .. I will have to thin it out next Spring to get a handle on it .. actually all the vines went nuts this year .. not sure what the heck happened, but I love it : )

Rose said...

Always good to see what Sophie and Emma are up to, Joy. The feline family here is so happy that Daughter's dog Coconut has gone home, so that they only have one canine to contend with now:) How exciting to have the Monarchs back this year--they are in my garden, too; they must especially like your Joe Pye, which is so much prettier than mine. Funny Halloween drawings--I think fall is in the air!

*~* Linda *~* said...

It's truly a testament to your gardening skills when you are down and out for an extended period of time, and your garden continues to look so beautiful!

I think there are definitely some glimpses of Autumn now in your shots (and not just the Halloween ones! ha ha) Won't be long now!

Pat said...

Great pics.
The shade bed is my favorite...someday I will copy it :)

She's a fairy @##$$%^%

Pat said...

I'm not losing my mind.
Wanted to know what powers 'fairies'have, read this a few times.
They can cure any wound or illness, and even revive the dead, so long as the victim has only been dead a few minutes.
Maybe VAMPIRES !!!

chamomilla said...

Hello, what a wonderful blog, I am adding you to my blog roll... beautiful prictures of your garden, and all cats need and deserve to be spoiled!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl : ) isn't it funny how the house has a different atmosphere aka CATS when they are happier .. Coconut is such a cute dog, they were probably jealous ? LOL
I'm sure Sophie will pick up the slack there though ? wink wink
YES ! I haven't seen so many Monarchs in years like this ! My Joe Pye is one of the older plants in the garden so he behaves well ? : ) LOL .. yours will to !

Linda it is still freaking me out BIG time that I haven't been able to do anything in the garden when t is coming up to the BIG tidy job for Autumn and winter .. but I will wrangle John into helping soon .. after he goes fishing ? haha
Yes .. Autumn is coming !!!

Patsi girl ;[ is that too funny or what ? I'm replying to both of your comments here .. YES ! and i wonder which vampires really almost wiped out their clan ? So Sookie is bait for Russel in the basement .. there must be a BIG plan a foot right ?
Can't wait to see the next episode girl !

Chamomilla thank you ! and you must be a cat person too ? LOL
The girls are way too spoiled .. their vet is going to lecture us about how "big" they are I am sure .. I try but husband sneaks them treats ? what can you do ?? LOL