Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 74 ........

This morning's sunrise was not the most dramatic I have seen .. but it quietly went on with the business of being "born" in the sky ushering a hot windy day that could knock you over like a feather .. ok .. BIG feather darn it !
It was different from any I had seen in a while .. such specific concentration of colour in a relatively small area .. it was hot PINK for sure !
The clouds had violet blue smudges and the combination was true eye candy for sure !
Then those magical sun rays decided to join in on the party .. plus that random bird .. must have been coming home from a party of his own ??
It was beautiful .. a stark contrast to the image of me , on the deck, in my questionable night ware once again .. but heck .. the neighborhood is used to it so why change now ???
... and now for a bit of Halloween ... I love these vintage cards and I can never see enough of them .. ergo you will have to SEE them too !
I am trying to put some quips on them but the writing is only in white .. don't they know there should be ORANGE as an option ??? what is wrong with them ???
OK .. there is some orange here .. just to keep us legal for Halloween rules ... right ??
What the heck ?? ... did I say rules .. disregard any such notions .. there are NO Halloween rules !


VW said...

It's Halloween every day around here with my daughters dressing up and changing costumes all day long. I think you're probably right that you shouldn't change your nightwear, especially while you're standing on the deck. Haha! I wouldn't ever see you, as I'm never up with the sunrise.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

VW .. sounds like the perfect house with daily Halloween fixes ? I am a morning person but I can assure you I make up for it late afternoon ? haha
So far .. so good with no neighbors calling the scary night ware squad ?

MWebster said...

That third photo makes me feel all tingly. I love the juxtaposition in the clouds - those shadows being under-lit so dramatically by the sun is just delicious. And that rosy blush in the sky, Aaah! (deep sigh of contentment)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Monica : ) .. it was even more amazing in person .. the camera can't quite capture all of its essence .. watching these sunrises (which is unusual in August really)have been amazing .. but they happen so fast and end so quickly .. you really have to be THERE at the right time !

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure you were going to write something about pumpkin colored clouds! They were beautiful-glad that you caught them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sandy girl I am trying so hard to hold back so utter mayhem doesn't take over ? hehe .. but isn't that true how gorgeous they were ... and .. this morning there was another light show .. this is so odd because I know previous years I did not see so many during this time frame .. greenhouse affect on the earth ??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I sure appreciate those gorgeous sunrises, but girl, you are getting up way too early. Sleep in one time! LOL Do you go to bed early too? Not me! Thanks for the compliments on my blog, I finally figured out how to make my pictures big and beautiful. Hope you are feeling better these days.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms Robin girl ! I am liking Full Moon coreopsis much more now since it is blooming like crazy ! you were right!
Hey I think all of us are getting handier with our blogs aren't we .. darn we will all be pros pretty soon eh ?keep it up girl you are doing great : )