Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Princess Pumpkinhead and Pamina

Where did August go ? .. I know I lost it completely .. aside from regularly losing bits and pieces of my brain completely, regularly .. but seriously .. where did it go ?
We are in a severe heat/humidity wave and entering September .. can some one please turn the bloody heat off now .. I'm not asking for snow .. just some nice cool crisp clean Autumn air ?

Emma insisted on a few shots to keep her fans happy .. I didn't tell her they would be of her snoring .. Sophie is far too dignified to be caught like this.

The garden has been kind .. and husband even kinder .. he has kept me from , yes ... loosing it again when it came to some "have to get some things done !!" stress list while dragging this horrible stubborn knee/leg combo around .. where is the knee fairy when you want her ?

This hardly translates to how beautiful it was that morning ... one of those ahhhh ! moments.
My neighbors have no idea how perfect their ladder against their pear tree was .. and YES .. we had lots of pears too !
My mini hedgerow of lavender to protect Pamina and Henry over the winter.
two years ago I had Pamina anemone and loved her .. but lost her over the following winter .. this time I am trying a few tricks !

I have two Pamina and one Henry .. who will stick it out the winter for me ?

I can't wait to see the flowers : )
Princess Pumpkinhead .. well what can I say after she made me bring her home .. in her frilly skirt and bows .. a perfect Halloween Princess ?

On the left a VERY Scottish cat in tartan with a pumpkin of his own and a raven sitting on it. He was sent by a wonderful friend in Falkirk, and is now Canadian EH !
On the right of PP is a beautiful consort to Scottish cat, in her own very fashionable outfit : )
.... and then there was mention of Halloween ..... candy ?? .. not by me but it seems "she" needs some ?
Naughty Princess !


Victoria said...

Such a beautiful post..your garden is amazing! Hope you are enjoying the rest of summer..your cats are adorable as always! YOur gargoyle is so cute!
I know you have a strong love for Halloween..and wondered if you heard of Spooky Mondays..your halloween posts would be fab for it!
Bye for now'

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, the garden really looks good even though you haven't been able to do what you want. Your husband must be doing an admirable job. Keep that Halloween stuff coming.


Pat said...

Kitty is way too cute !!!
I don't remember the 'toads guard garden'is it new? Anyway looks great.
Your photos are purfect :)
Love the new header...artsy.

Last show in 2 weeks.
Think you're right about Bill...I'm not trusting him.
We can't lose Eric, he's too cute.
Can't wait to see what happens next...good show this year.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wish I could relax and be content like Emma. I am happy to say goodbye to August. I hope September is more generous with its rain and cooler weather.

meemsnyc said...

Your pears look amazing! My dad's pear tree has been plagued with squirrels eating all the pears. Darn squirrels!! It is hot, too hot, we had 98 today!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Fantastic pictures Joy, your garden is looking fabulous!! Can't believe it's the 31st already.

chamomilla said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHH it DOES translate! Beautiful pictures! And in case you're wondering, the cool crisp air has been here in central Europe, a bit ahead of its time... It's probably the weather that's losing its mind, not us...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Kiki girl !
Thank you so much and actually I can't wait for true Autumn .. this past bit of the summer was not ideal for me ;-)
OMG ! no ! I have not heard of Spooky Monday !!! I have to get over to your place and find out about it : )

Hi there Eileen : )
Yes : ) husband has been so good helping me with garden issues .. being this laid up has been driving me crazy .. but ever so slowly things are doing well ? LOL

Patsi girl thank you ! That is the "wrap a round" garden with the bed hugging that corner .. I'm still experimenting with it and it will be dug up and replanted next Spring.
I can't believe how fast this season went and wow how gallant Eric is being and NO !!! we can't lose him because meow ! he is purfect ? haha will he survive the sun and get rid of nasty Russel ?!!

Lisa girl I hope so too .. the tail end has been bad enough but I know you have had it really tough longer .. we need a wonderful cooler Indian summer right ? and loads of gorgeous coloured leaves for Autumn! Emma would have you snoring in no time girl ;-) haha

Meems girl we don't have a pear tree .. these shots are of my neighbor's tree, BUT they are always generous and share a lot : )
I really hope the hot weather drops off too .. horrible stuff makes you crazy right ? or ... is that me ? LOL

Thank you Rebecca girl and it is September 1st morning now that I am getting back to comments .. yippee!! : )

Chamomilla hello there ! and thank you ! .. fingers crossed we get that clean crisp air soon here .. it is far too hot and humid and enough already !! haha .. hum .. I think bits of what is left of my mind are nutty .. no getting away from that one ? haha

joey said...

August was very good to you, Joy. Wishing you and Princess Pumpkinhead a wonderful September.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Joey girl : ) Thank you so much ! Husband helped me out a lot so that in turn kept my garden going BIG sigh of relief .. now for a nice cool Autumn ? that would be perfect !!!

Anonymous said...

Great header!
Your garden looks to be in good shape. I told my sister yesterday that I need to throw a tarp over mine.

That has got to be one of the cutest dolls I have seen.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sandy girl that made me laugh so much! I have to use that one too .. throw a tarp over it when it drives me nuts! .. Are you having this heat and humidity ? it is horrible .. hope it STOPS SOON !!! Even though I spend most of my time in the house with AC .. when you go out it just flattens you .. jeez !!!