Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The darker side of gardening ?

OK .. so you had to see what the title really meant right ? ... yes .. there is a darker side to gardening .. when you have the negative option in photo management ?
But .. it is so cool !!! and how could I not open with this one ??
I think you see way more detail in the negative side .. so many jokes so little space ?
Winthrop didn't really want to be seen this way .. so it took some convincing ;-)
The really scary side of me ? ... seeing me first thing in the morning without coffee for both of us!
I love how this turned out with the black edging !
The rudbeckia and grass had a life of their own and it was rather ... strange ??
The ivy on our trellis .. it will swallow you whole if you stand there long enough .. no kidding !!
A frustrated pot pixie that has had enough of standing around in lemon thyme !
Princess Pumpkinhead ... has an evil twin that eats all the chocolate in the house at night .. that is why we never have chocolate .. she eats it all .. darn you evil twin !!!
No .. I don't care .. I could NOT bring this guy home even if I did ever see him any where .. he is totally scary !!
All right .. just us kids fooling around now .. you have to end this post on a cheery Halloween note! .. right ? .. so we can all go to bed without nightmares in our head ?? ;-)
Get a load of those POINTY toe boots .. no wonder they are such b****y creatures ??


Victoria said...

Oh so Fabulous post! Very festive for us Hallow's Eve kindred..beautiful!! yay that was fun..more more!

Kimberly said...

Joy, your 4th photo looks like hens and chicks and I really love it! You're definitely in Halloween mode, aren't you?! Great, creative post!

Unknown said...

those pics are so cool Joy. Love it! Now, where is Darth Vader? ;)

Anonymous said...

Really cool effect on the garden images. I like pumpkins too. I will keep checking to see all your pumpkin heads for Halloween.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Super Spooky Succulent!!

Unknown said...

Fun photo tricks. You're certainly getting ready for your favorite day!

I've not been around much lately. Have to earn a living and get paid once in awhile for writing! Also, it's still too darn hot (95-99 this week) and we're watching Hurricane Earl's path.

Carol said...

Joy, I do love the xray like shots... the moon is great! I knew this post would have to link Halloween as well! What a Hoot Hoot you are! ;>))

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Joy!
Cool pics. Popped over to tell you the new Morden Sunrise rose is happy as a clam and still blooming! It's so pretty. Won't be long now, dear Halloween lover. I hope you're cooking up something totally hideous for your favorite holiday! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Kiki girl and thank you !
I am really going to have to put on my thinking cap to post unusual and spooky Halloween material soon !
Eeeeeeeeee Kkkkkkkkkk !!!

Hi there Kimberly ! it is actually echeveria "Perle Von Nurnberg .. I have lots of "hens'n chicks" in the garden but this one won't survive our winter so I am trying to work out a system with the proper light to have it in the kitchen over the winter , I am willing to make an effort because it is so beautiful!
Thanks girl .. some days more than other days the Halloween monster gets out ? haha

Hello there Cinj and OMG I had been thinking that and hearing myself say "use the dark side Luke aka Joy" ? haha

Hello there GWGT and thank you I hope we can get a good selection this year with pumpkins .. I love the wee ones too .. just so darn cute they are ! hehehe

Rebecca girl I think we should patent that name for s new succulent ! We could really make a business out of it for "Halloween Plants R Us" ? LOL

Freda girl I know the heat can make us all crazy .. we are having a wave of it here too and trying to do anything in the garden is a sweat fest .. eeuuwww !
Yes .. that hurricane is going to cause some trouble .. hope it is just blowing by though.
Yes .. you know this time of year is my favorite : ) Has Charm got a costume ? I see loads of the at Pet Smart for the dogs and I always think of Charm when I see them ? LOL

Carol girl some days I just sit here and the Halloween part of me goes full tilt .. then other days I am totally in DUH ? mode .. maybe it is all connected to menopause .. maybe Halloween was invented by "mature" women going through menopause ??? LOL

Kate girl ! I am so out of touch with everyone since my leg/knee episode .. you wouldn't think it would keep me from blogs but does darn it all !
I am so HAPPY you are happy with Morden Sunrise : ) it truly is a wonderful rose and I might even add a third one to my garden for the front some time ! .. The best Halloween ideas I have are when I am so NOT trying to think of them ? It can be so frustrating !! I still think of your Edward Gorey posts and LOVE them .. hum .. might have to use some soon myself !! : )

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I really love this effect! I would not even begin to know how to do this.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen you must have a photo management program to control your pictures right ? .. just look into your option control some variations should be there .. I use an older ACDSee program combined with Picasa and I get great options and have fun with it !

CiNdEe said...

Wonderful pictures(-: I am ready to break out the fall Not Halloween yet but just the fall garland etc. I really can't wait for Halloween decorations to come out though... I might cheat a bit and get them out in a couple weeks(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl ! how are ya' ?!
My advice is to BREAK out some "Autumn" it will cheer you up a lot and a little Halloween in a secret spot will make you smile BIG time !
: )!