Thursday, 5 August 2010

This morning's play by play ..

The morning sky gave me a little present : )
We have been in a heat and humidity wave for a while now and I know the garden misses me as much as I miss it .. the guys have been trying to help out as much as possible .. but you know how you would feel right ?
So this tiny patch of colour in the morning made me smile in a big way .. just follow through and see how quickly it develops and then disappears even more quickly .. you have to be FAST with the sky and keep up with her !

... and then show show fades and it is over in minutes .. but it was lovely while it lasted : )
Now for Pudder's dilemma ? ... I probably brought it to him on a silver platter by isolating him from the rest of the gang .. but there was no room ?

I'm sure the boys will understand ... eventually ... right ?
As for my own dilemma .. an quick explanation .. I didn't mean to be mysterious .. I'm just rather embarrassed ?
When I worked my body too hard creating my beautiful bench vignette , scenario ? SPOT !!
I already had a fusion of a disc (4 screws and a bone graft) in my lower back from quite a few years ago .. but I just figured I could work hard and rest afterwards ?
PAY HEED fellow gardeners !!
I managed to create a femoral nerve compression in the disc above the bad one .. I was told from the neurosurgeon that eventually things would decline .. go down hill .. but I outlasted the time.
Until now .. if you have ever had nerve pain .. you have an idea .. I went through the worst of it at home and then when I lost feeling in the knee and couldn't put weight on it without it buckling .. well you get the idea .. I was carted off in an ambulance .. those boys are amazing : ) but like I said .. I am so embarrassed about the whole thing even in agony ..
The upshot is I have to use a cane .. my knee is still "frozen' no one knows if I will get the feeling back .. but perhaps after the MIR they can tell me more ..
In any case .. learn from my mistakes fellow gardeners .. do NOT push your body that hard !!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have had the same procedure in my neck so I know your pain. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care.

Barbee' said...

Joy, I am sssso sorry! Yes, I do nerve pain frequently, and, yes, I push my body. Why is it gardeners don't listen. One of these days they are going to pick me up at the bottom of this steep bank. I am also prone to heat stroke due to a medication I have to take (and age, and overweightness, ha! spell checker had a fit over that one.) I wish this heat wave would go away. Whew! Your sky series is gorgeous! I'm too grumpy in mornings to enjoy them around here.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Lisa girl .. thank you : )
I am trying really hard to be patient .. but you know what THAT is like ?
All I want to do is get in the garden and help it behave ? LOL .. yup .. DDD in neck too .. lord how do we get in these situations ??
;-) thank you for telling me about your neck Lisa .. misery loves company .. aren't I awful ? LOL

Barbee girl .. I hear you too ! I am in the same position with meds and the other conditions I have .. but I have always been so stubborn to the point of stupidity ? HUGE DUH ? moments in my life and the body pays for it .. but I am glad to have company ? that sounds awful but it really helps to know you are NOT alone with these things .. thank you for telling me about yourself girl !

Carol said...

Dear Joy, We have all pushed ourselves or done some other crazy thing while emersed obsessively in our gardens. Back pain can be so excruciating ... I hope the worst is over for you. You are not to blame for trying and not knowing you were over your limit. It is not like you get a warning as with our computers that say the battery is almost dead. I am glad you had the lovely rose painting of the dawn and that it gave you a deep smile. Take good care and be kind to yourself. ;>)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carol girl thank you so much : ) You made me smile too ! I am going to get through this and be so much more careful for then on in ! I swear !
It was a pretty albeit short pink show .. and to be able to get on the deck was a treat too : ) LOL
I have to get over to your place and see what you have been up to !

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Goodness Joy, poor you! I hope things improve for you soon. The boys do look like they are having a serious contemplation of the table situation, perhaps they will understand soon. At least now you have a back up and if they boys aren't getting along you can move one (or 2) to keep Podder company, if he'll tolerate it! :)

Unknown said...


Oh, I'm sorry! Sounds too painful to comprehend. Take care of yourself and we'll hope for your speedy recovery and feeling in your knee.

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you posted some of the details. I looked and looked and couldn't find why you were laid up!

Oh, I can almost feel the pain just reading about it. I'm so sorry.

Our yard is quite uneven and I suffer just by walking across it (knees and hips). I have found that if I go barefoot, I alleviate some of the pain. So my feet get grass-stained, but I AM able to enjoy a little more time working/walking in the yard...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl thank you : )
The boys are very quiet at times and I wonder if they are not having a giggle driving me mad ? wink wink
I miss my garden so much and in this heat wave it needs TLC .. but I have to let this body rest or I'm in big trouble .. it is always something eh?

Freda you are very sweet and I appreciate the kind thoughts .. I'm going through garden-withdrawal on top of everything ! LOL .. but yes, I have to let my body recuperate big time .. learn from my mistake girl .. don't over do it even if you think you can ? ;-)

Rebecca thank you so much ! .. and I go barefoot in the house even in winter because I feel better that way (even for the hot flashes ? LOL) you must know what chronic pain is like too .. but a flare like this I hope to never cause again in my life time !

Clytie said...

Your sunset series is so beautiful - it made me smile. Then the smile turned into a giggle at the delightful Pudder ... then my giggle turned into an 'ouch' when you described your back pain. I am so sorry you have had to go through that.

Thank you for your kind comment on Random Hearts. I host a meme called 'Guest Heart Thursday' so if you find a heart, you can post it and link between Thursday and Sunday. I hope to see you soon!

Beth Niquette said...

I enjoyed your blog today! I found you via Clytie's Random Hearts and Guest Heart Thursday!

Diana Studer said...

Looking a little guilty here. Back and legs done in, from pruning all those roses on Monday. Hope with rest you will soon be back in the garden. Have got very attached to your gargoyles. Enjoying their conversations ;-(0)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Clytie thank you for visiting and commenting here !
I really enjoyed seeing your blog with the random hearts theme : )
I want to come back often to see what other hearts turn up .. it is a beautiful meme to run and if I find some random hearts I will save them for you ! : )

Hello Beth ! thank you for stopping by .. Clytie's blog is a very cute one to read : ) funny how we stumble upon each other isn't it !

Diane if they (Dave and his boys plus Pudder too)ever discover that you have a liking for them ..I just know they will pack their little knapsacks and wind up at your door!
I am missing my garden like mad;-(
Hope to recover soon .. it needs me!

Pat said...

You crack me up !
Pudder looks like an outcast...maybe he's happy.
Love the new page look,do miss Dave as your header :(

now about TB
Sooky has to be changed right?
Can't wait till Sunday night.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Patsi girl !
We just had a mini storm pass by and the garden is looking scary .. but the boys are all fine .. I just knew you needed to KNOW that ! haha
Well I wonder if they are going to go that route with Sooky .. I can't see it happening because she is actually something they don't know, so maybe she will self heal ? Sunday night hurry up eh ?!! LOL

Joyce said...

I think Pudder is fine with his location amongst the nice plant. But the others would like a plant also. Maybe the name calling and the unhappy faces will go away :)
And as for you. You better take it easy...your garden will be ok. And there nothing wrong with using a cane. I'm glad you still upright. Nice Blog.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Joy;
Lovely sky pics and so sorry about the ailments. Rest assured, I'm being extra cautious. I'll plan never to weed again. For fear of injury. tee hee. Seriously, though, I sincerely hope you're all mended by Hallow's Eve. :)

CiNdEe said...

I am so sorry! OMG that is scary! I hope you are feeling a tad better. I know from experience not to over do. I just can't do that anymore either. Even though I want to get it done! Rest up! Fall will arrive soon and we can celebrate the colors!!! (((hugs)))

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Peeoknee thank you : ) .. hopefully the cane will only be temporary measure for a couple of weeks, if that ? .. such wonderful cool weather has arrived after the storm .. and my aches are longing for the garden .. but I still have to wait. The boys will sort themselves out soon I am sure ? wink wink

You are so naughty Kate ! thanks very much though .. it better be at the longest Halloween (I will start looking for new decorations way before then ! haha) .. and yup .. anything to get out of weeding eh girl ? *SMIRK*

Thanks Cindee girl : ) .. I wish I had that attitude when I did the bench mission (but it is beautiful right ?) .. and I wish you could be here this morning girl .. the storm yesterday brought in a cold front so it is wonderful cool and fresh after that steam bath .. the Halloween count is seriously ON !!! LOL .. can't wait for those colours too : )

Kyna said...

Aw, Joy :( I'm sorry that you're all hurt and stuff. I know very well the notion of pushing oneself too hard. I've got back problems that are always screaming at me because of it. Please take care of yourself!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna girl thank you so much : )
It has been so painful and so depressing at times .. I have so little patience and that is what got me into this trouble in the first place .. i am a control fanatic and just had to do the heavy work myself .. so learn from me girl !!
The weather would be perfect today .. so cool it is like an Autumn morning here .. makes me totally CRAZY not to be able to be in the garden and putter .. thanks again girl : )

Viooltje said...

I was delighted to be back, reading about some new adventures of Dave & co. and their new mischievous fella with his very own table, learning at the same time that the weather down here in Croatia is very much like yours, awfully humid and hot, and now we finally rewarded with a splash of some fresh air, lunatic wind and demonic rain. And then I regretted reading the end of your post (OK, I admit, sometimes I only read blog posts half way through and then I give in to my premiere passion - admiring garden photos). I truly feel so sorry that you are in pain, just thinking of all the problems that you constantly have had and still have to bear, now this. I can only add that true gardeners will never learn to back down and take it easy. I have earned me some crutches earlier this year after tripping over my overloaded trolley in the backyard, terminally damaging (smashing up)my knee. I was banned from my vegetable garden, never to be seen kneeling agaain. But still I do it, day after day, even if it means limping the rest of the day, with an awful, yet somehow sweet backpain. I am not in anyway trying to relate to the sort of pain you are going through, but I just have to admit, amid all the misfortune that has struck upon your back, you still manage to crack me up and make me giggle like a french nutcase ;-))))
Bon courage ma chère et soyez fort!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Violet girl !! How are YOU ! It is so nice to see you here : ) .. well what can I say about us die hard gardeners that you don't already know ? We just can't help ourselves can we ? .. I'm so sorry about your knee .. we just keep going and going like that damn "EverReady Bunny ? haha
I am too happy to crack you up madam we need our humor even more so now right ? so chaos at the castle ? if it helps I am VERY happy !
Merci mon ami, vous aussi! : )