Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What can I say .....

Well .. really ... what can I say .. I can't get out in the garden yet.
I couldn't get out of the house yet either .. I just learned how to maneuver the stairs .. so that was my trick for the day ? ... going down, and then up, the stairs .. Believe me, I almost broke out in a sweat .. I thought "if I go down and can't come up" .. well I could stay there but .. jeez ! ?
Mean while back at the farm Lassie barks out the contest .. the sun was struggling to win over the clouds as to whom ? would rule the sky for the day.

A semi ? garden shot of some plants that have still stayed alive (with help of number one son and husband) while I am out of commission .. I miss my garden so much it is incredible.
BUT ... I was so surprised to see Mr. Mystery !!!
I thought when the "bad noisy neighbors left .. that he was theirs .. which made me sorry for "him" .. or "her" .. but look at that face .. that is a guy for sure ..

... absolute confidence about himself and the universe ? ;-)

I might make it out to the real world tomorrow .. fingers cross !


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Oh, Joy, I really feel for you. I broke my leg on the ice several years ago and all I thought about was who is going to take care of my garden. My husband's idea of cutting down the perennials was shaving everything to ground level with the large hedge clippers.

When things came back in full glory, he said it was his pruning abilities! Take care and ask for help when you need it.


VW said...

Very beautiful clouds, Jean! I have been enjoying the fluffy, white clouds around Spokane since we moved here. In Santa Clara (right next to Sunnyvale, CA), the cloud was usually clear blue. I missed the clouds.
You asked about fragrant white roses, and I can't help you there. I love Meidilland white for its dark, glossy foliage, sweet full flowers, and good staying power in a vase, but it doesn't have a scent. Good luck!

Carol said...

Oh Joy, I think you mentioned your back being out last post... I hope you are better soon. Beautiful sky shots... we had something like these here today too. Take good care!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

What happened to you that you are not very mobile? Did I miss some posts?

Cat said...

Dear Joy,

I'm sorry you hurt, how are you with hot and cold packs? Hot baths?
Maybe Mr Mystery has been abandoned, maybe he's someone else's, maybe he's his own cat these days.

Feel better,


Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Those are gorgeous pictures!

Bonnie said...

I feel for you, stuck in the house. I think I would be depressed if I couldn't enjoy my garden. I hope you return to it soon!

Rebecca said...

The sky shots are incredible. Isn't it fascinating how the clouds change and rearrange themselves?! It really IS like a contest...and you had the time to look up and observe. (There are a FEW perks to being side-lined!)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen ! Thank you girl : )
I guess I better do a post explaining what happened to me .. and to keep my moaning to a minimum ? LOL
OMG ! I can imagine how you must have felt with your husband's version of "cut back" !! I just want to heal as quickly as possible so I can do the Autumn shut down at least .. but very carefully ? ;-)

VW .. thank you and I don't mind the name Jean : ) hehehe
Clouds are such beautiful options in the sky eh ? We have some gorgeous puffy white ones every once in a while here but I have never seen ones you have described .. those must be amazing !
I had a white one once in another part of Canada that was fully scented and so beautiful but those were the days I didn't keep tags because I thought I knew them all!

Carol girl.. Thank you so much!
Even these clouds don't express how stunning the sky was for literally moments .. awesome it was !
It is a slow process but I think I am gaining more feeling in my leg
so that is good : )

Hey there BTG .. I will do a short post on what happened to me so I won't be spinning my wheels with a mystery ? LOL

Cat girl thank you and yes ! I am on good treatment but it takes time and after another test (MIR) they will be able to see what damage happened .. I miss my garden so much it is ridiculous .. but I am determined to heal this poor body !

DGG ! Hello there and thank you : )

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Bonnie ! Thank you : )
You and Rebecca were caught in between publishing some how! .. YES .. YES .. YES .. I have to admit to being depressed about being stuck in the house and how long will it take to be able to do things in the garden .. and boy .. it needs things done !

Rebecca I always find the sky so fascinating .. so at least I have that to photograph and it helps a lot : ) .. sidelined is one hard position to be in though ;-( LOL

Dani said...

Oh, I see a heart there. The third picture "the sun and clouds argued over which of them would occupy the sky?" On the left side.

There is a blog for Random hearts.
You can have a look. You'll be amazed. I am.
Great pictures, Joy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dani ! isn't it wonderful that we can see images within other images ? Clouds do that for me all the time !
Thank you for the link, I am going to have a stroll over there : )