Friday, 20 August 2010

A VERY Unexpected FLOWER & Day 71

I have been using "sweet potato vines" for quite a few years now .. I really love the look and affect they have as the grow through out the season and the fact there are so many different ones and more created is fantastic !
BUT ... never during the time I have been using them have I EVER seen FLOWERS from them.
So I was shocked to see these gorgeous little beauties say hello to me : )
Has anyone else seen these flowers or is it just me in totally shock of them ?
Yes .. I know these come from the "morning glory" family from what I have read but still .. WOW !!!
Gratuitous shot of tiny "FlyGuy" on my garden bench near gorgeous Morning Light grass.
Can you see HIM ?
Working up to Halloween theme ... hold on ...
Gratuitous shot of my Halloween tree and its many horns !
Out right theme closure of Halloween cards .. darn cute right ?

Can you see that they had to use my name ? Should I be looking for "royalties" ???


Anonymous said...

The potato flowers kind of remind me of morning glories. I wonder if they are in the same family? I may plant a vine or two next season. They are certainly pretty.

Rose said...

That is a lovely little bloom, Joy. I've seen these on others' sweet potato vines, but I've never had a bloom on any of mine. You must be doing something right.

Well, I guess I haven't visited in awhile, because I wondered what the numbers were in your posts lately. Ah, I should have known...:)

Hope you are feeling better.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, that is amazing - I have never seen a flower on the sweet potato vine. I have a bronze caroline now and will have to go out and look. Those vintage Halloween cards are great.


Lona said...

Hi Joy girl. i have had Sweet Potato vines bloom before but they never have that color of vines around here. I love that color and it will go so well for fall too.What fly? Can you tell I need new glasses LOL! I can see Halloween is coming early to your home and you just cannot wait LOL! I found just the color of plants for you girl at Franklin Park Wednesday. I will be posting those fall or Halloween colors later.
Have a great weekend and take care of yourself.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sandy girl that is what I have read .. that they are of the same family. YES ! you have to try them out, there are more and more varieties of them every year and they can take the heat and a bit of drought too !

Rose girl how are you ! .. I have no idea what I did right other than this cultivar will throw flowers more easily perhaps ? Yes girl .. the count down is on and I will drive every one crazy about it ? haha .. Thanks !

Eileen you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw it ! I have never had one do this before and I was totally stunned .. or is that more than usual ? haha
I love the old cards they are beautiful to me : )

Lona-Girl ! how are ya' ? LOL
I don't think I had this particular one either and wow ! the flower thing really shocked me ;-)
YES .. girl you need glasses .. I know FlyGuy is small but he is on the bench reading the newspaper .. maybe he will let you borrow his for a while ?? haha
I am too glad to be in the back of your mind cranking out Halloween where ever you go ? I'm coming over there ! watch out for my broom ?LOL

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

So beautiful!! I love a good flower suprise. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl you couldn't have surprised me MORE ! I had no idea these flowered at all : ) Nice !

MWebster said...

What little beauties! Very sweet and delicate looking, and yes, I can definitely see the resemblance to morning glories!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Monica !
I was so surprised to see little flowers from this vine .. I guess I hit the right combination after all of these years ? and yes you can see the similarity with the morning glory ones : )