Friday, 8 October 2010

Garden Q & A To Myself ?

October 1st became "There is a bunny in the garden !" day/afternoon.
Husband was so surprised but kept his head and gave me a "heads up" that we had a visitor.
Yes .. I know some gardeners regard this little creature as a "royal pain in the a**" .. but we honestly don't mind .. I have lots of variety in my garden so no "drifts" of plantings are banquet material for this curious little visitor.
We just wondered why at this late date he popped in to see us (aka garden) .. is this another sign of a hard winter coming?

How can you not admire this little face?
Beyond our meeting up with "Bunny" a few days later I finally planted the awaited mix of daffodil bulbs .. Ice Follies and a large trumpet yellow variety .. rather old fashioned but I do love them .. and yo are supposed to plant what you love right?
So planted with lots of love and bone meal and a freshly weeded area with alight sprinkle of fresh black mulch .. every time I look at this patch it truly hits home how much hope gardeners have!
Again for the most part .. my life experiences have made me more of a pessimist than an optimist .. yet being a hard core gardener that part of my being is totally optimistic .. how can that be ? am I a split personality?? wink wink
I'm so happy my fellow Morden Sunrise admirers are just as happy as I am with this gorgeous rose shrub : )
Toad's Garden is in flux .. meaning there are plants in here that will move come next Spring but what ever happens .. Toad is on guard taking care of his plantlings with great pride: )
Yes .. I keep snapping away at my anemone .. I can't help it .. they are just such beautiful flowers!
I feel like they are smiling ALL the time at me ?

A shot of another part of the garden that will be falling asleep soon .. heuchera, brunnera, hosta .. in other words a mixed family of beautiful plants I joined together.
Ms. Kitty blinks slowly in the sunlight .. she knows winter is coming, so she soaks in as much sun as possible for now.
I worry about Fred and Frank .. Frank here .. under the protection of Pacific Sunset Maple .. with a mix of white and yellow daffodils sleeping until Spring when they will surround him to keep him company ? .. meanwhile I have my fingers crossed that both my boys will make it through winter here!
... and there we are .. for the most part tucked in for winter .. I can't wait for Spring ALREADY!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, that cute little bunny is waiting to see if you plant any tulips. The squirrels and the rabbits have already been scouting out my garden and in some cases digging and uncovering bulbs from last year. I haven't even started planting my new bulbs out in the garage. I am sure they will call all of their friends when I do plant!


Rebecca said...

Seems so much MORE going on there compared to HERE. Maybe I'm just too close to see...

The sedum and hardy mums are still enthusiastic. Aside from them, things seem rather forlorn.

Rose said...

What? It's not even Halloween, and you're wishing for spring??:) I have lots of bulbs to plant, too, but I'm waiting for a good rain to soften the ground; otherwise, I'm going to need a pickaxe to plant them.

I have a soft spot for bunnies, too. I was surprised to see one peeking around the corner of the barn yesterday as well. Sophie usually chases them off; fortunately, as fast as she is, the rabbits are even faster.

Your anemones are so beautiful; I don't blame you for snapping away at them. I do hope Fred and Frank make it through the winter, too; perhaps they need a warm winter coat?

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Joy!
I LOVE the look of your blog. So very pretty and Halloweeny, too! And that bunny is a doll. I would happily garden for bunnies. Even if they gobbled everything I planted. :)

Carol said...

Oh Yeah! Just wait for that RABBIT to get settled in. No matter the vast diversity I have here... they go for my food and even jump onto pots in the terrace garden and eat the flowers down to nada! No I cannot think them cute! So glad for you to have a wild visitor though ... hopefully it will stay wild and not decide your garden is a bunny's favorite food choice. Your daffodils will look so cheery come spring! ;>)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your pink anemone looks like a double. I just love that. What is the name of it? Your garden looks ready for the cold weather to come in. The daffs will be gorgeous next year. I bet that bunny is looking for a new home. It will probably nestle into your mulch for the winter. Then look out. He will be eating anything green that pops up next spring. Enjoy that cute little face while you can.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful anemones Joy! But this is getting rediculous. I think we've already discussed both planting Ice Follies this year, but I've also had a bunny visitor for the past while!!! Here's mine...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl ! .. I have some species tulips , just a few and so far I have been safe ? LOL
Hang in there girl .. even if you have a lot of "guests" dining in your garden .. some of the bulbs have to make it to Spring right ?? : )

Hello Rebecca .. we have had so many changes in our weather it is unnerving but for now I was able to take a few pictures and relish them because SOON nothing but white will dominate the garden ! wink wink
Sedum and mums are great to see : )

Rose girl I laughed at the pick axe comment .. I understand how that is but we have been lucky with rain before and after I planted my bulbs.. phew !! Yes .. I know some gardeners hate the bunny factor but I can't help but love seeing this guy right now : ) glad Sophie is just a tad slower than the bunnies are ! LOL
I do love my anemone .. and I will be watching Fred and Frank to see if they need a little extra TLC for sure !

Kate girl : ) I want to do so much more for Halloween on my blog .. this is just a plain black and white format .. I wish I was more capable with being tech creative and have my own background with Halloweeny images ! Yup .. this bunny had me in its paws no doubt what so ever ! LOL

Hello there Carol : ) I feel a little hostility against the bunny factor from you .. some bad experiences no doubt ? .. Our first year here bunnies ate our new apple tree we planted the previous year .. so yes .. I know that feeling of JEEZ !! haha .. I do love daffs and look forward to seeing them in the Spring .. they are cheerful to the max !

Lisa they are Pamina anemone .. I had one two years ago but it didn't make it through the winter for some reason, so this year I planted two in this protected bed with fingers crossed that they make it ! I also have Prince Henrik anemone as well.
Some Spring clean ups I have seen evidence of bunny hotel here .. bunny "beans" over flowing ? haha .. So I know what can happen : )

Rebecca I have to go look at your photos but had to finish answering comments first because I am in full DUH ? mode ! haha
Now that is STRANGE isn't it ? We share so many plants .. the bulb thing and now the BUNNY factor ??
What is going on !!! LOL

Lona said...

Okay Joy, which would you rather have, the bunny or the raccoons? LOL! Your anemones are so pretty I cannot blame you for taking pictures of them.I am so enjoying mine. Glad you got your bulbs in. I like Ice Folly too. I am still waiting on mine to come through the mail.
Have a wonderful weekend.

meemsnyc said...

What an adorable little bunny. I have never seen one in my garden, however, my neighbors dog has.

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

I love the bunny. He looks petty well fed.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl !!!!!!!
I can't believe you brought up my nemesis the "RACCOON GANG" !!! LOL
Of course you KNOW my pick would be the Bunny ;-)
YES ! the anemone are so pretty this year .. seems like conditions have to be just so for them to look perfect ?
I haven't had Ice Follies before so I am really interested in how they will look mixed with the large trumpet yellow ones .. hey have a great weekend too girl and stop mentioning those blank blank raccoons !!! hehehe

meems they are not so aggressive here and it isn't often we see one .. but if we had a dog I am sure we would never see one ? ;-)

Hello there BTG ! I think he may be nibbling on my decoy plant "Bloody Dock" .. I plant that one to try and keep the bugs from eating my nicer ones .. so that is fine with me !

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Joy, your garden still looks terrific. Some of my plants are still blooming away, some others are starting to get ready for their winter snooze. I hope we don't have too hard of a winter so that all young plants, like your baby trees, will make it.

Love that little bunny! They are so darn cute. I also don't mind when these little critters visit. I know they can be trouble in the garden, but I still adore them.

Your anemones are gorgeous. Grab whatever blooms you can before winter puts everything to sleep!

Anonymous said...

The bunny is sweet. Did it come in through a crack in the fence?
We rarely see them which is odd because we live at the edge of the woods.

Your garden is lovely in any season.

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

Darling bunny. You're right, what a face. Fun Halloween look for your blog too!

Pat said...

Cute Mr. Kitty.
I know what you mean about your anemone...I have some flowers that just keep popping out when I look outside.
Rabbits are very cute..didn't know he was a gauge to determining a bad winter.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl I have meant to sit down and do an e-mail for you .. most likely tomorrow while turkey is roasting I will have enough brain activity (of the normal kind?haha)to get that mission accomplished .. We are on the look out to see if bunny might come back to visit us .. I really don't mind the snacking part, although I have to say I haven't found any evidence .. yet ? haha
If I miss you when you are on the road have a GREAT Thanksgiving girl!! with all the assorted relatives : )
PS .. winter is coming for the big white SNORE ? haha

Sandy girl thank you ! : ) I have no idea how this little one managed to find a safe haven here .. but so far so good for both parties concerned ? hehehe

Thank you Charlotte : ) he/she is a sweet character with that cute little face !

Patsi girl .. I have no shows to really look forward to with TB on hiatus and Nurse Jackie ? when is that going to start and it should be an hour show for heaven sake .. do I have cabin fever already with no snow on the ground ?? eeekkk !!