Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Just Fall Foliage : )

I'm not going to ramble here .. these are just some last shots of the foliage before the wind and rain drag them screaming off the trees ..
However if you like to comment on this fantastically ugly HALLOWEEN tree in this shot .. feel free ? .. and what makes a tree a perfect candidate for being a Halloween tree ?
P.S. some of these shots are literally as we drove by .. thanks to my mini me camera with a dedicated setting to Autumn Foliage !

That's it folks ... watch out for those snowflakes now !!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whoa there girl. We haven't even had our first frost yet. Let's not get carried away. Let's just sit here and enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

There is nothing like the colors of autumn. Not "just" fall foliage. Beautiful captures.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Just about like ours Joy. The wind was really whipping up today and I had to chase those faux pumpkins down the alley! They look great, the squirrels don't bother them, but they're like kites in the wind.


Viooltje said...

Uber-WOW ! few things leave me as speechless as autumn leaves/colors do, and maple foliage in particular...pure magic. and your photos bring every bit of it, I can almost see Emily Bronte's signature in the bottom corner... “every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree”

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

"before the wind and rain drag them screaming off the trees"

*hee hee* That's how they drag me off the trees too! :)

BTW, that is one awesome little camera you have there!

Lona said...

Hi Joy. What brilliant yellows and oranges. Your fall colors are much prettier than ours were.It was just too dry here to give us those bright colors. Have a good week!

joey said...

Great color, Joy! Enjoyed the mini-tour :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Lisa girl ;-) .. I was going to say no two leaves are the same with Autumn colour .. then the snowflake thought sprang up in my head and it took off .. what can I say ?? giggle giggle snort !

BTG : ) Thank you ! .. it is such a short time in the year .. this and Spring so I wanted to totally absorb all the gorgeous leaves that I could .. my favorite time of year goes too quickly ;-)

Eileen girl you had me in stitches here thinking of you chasing down rouge faux pumpkins .. i wonder if you drilled a hole in the bottoms and filled with sand and plugged it some how .. it would weight them down so you wouldn't have to be chasing them all over the place ? I love your idea of using them and I will look out for some on sale soon!

Violet girl how are YOU !!
Thank you it is beautiful here and I would love to get more pictures :) .. That is the perfect quote indeed ! I love it : ) Thank you !
I think I will have to use it now, but all credit goes to you for reminding me, and to Emily for writing it ? wink wink

Ms S .. that is how i have to finally leave the garden to it's own devices .. some one has to drag me from it kicking and screaming ! LOL .. Yes ! it is an amazing little camera for about $149 .. Costco .. and just to slip in your purse for those moments you wished you had one .. smaller than my wallet !

Lona I know exactly what you mean when the trees have been too stressed over the summer .. but we don't have that flaming scarlet colour tis year for some reason .. more rusts, oranges, beautiful yellows .. but no outstanding reds .. oh well, there is always next year ?? LOL

Thank you Joey : ) I am happy to oblige !

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Glorious! Thank you, loads more colour than we have here as yet. Your photos are a real boost to the spirit on a grey day!

*~* Linda *~* said...

sooo jealous of the colors!! We are still just in the beginning stages down here in the South (I guess you can say us Southerners are "sloooow"). I hope we get some good looking trees like that too!

NO NO SNOW!!! NOT YET!! (whew, ok, I got that out of me now)

That pocket camera was a great little investment Joy...good job!!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

So beautiful Joy, thanks for the neighbourhood tour! I wish I had such a setting on my camera...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Janet I was just over at your place admiring that fantastic bread !
That is a perfect post for a cold gray day when you need something substantial as a good bread with a mug of sweet tea : )

Linda girl (too funny .. remember you said it ?! LOL) I doubt you have to worry about snow for some time to come or maybe Ian will bring it with him ? haha .. YES !
For such a little thing it really does an excellent job , well worth the money !

Rebecca you are very welcome girl!
This is like a dummy proof camera and I feel like I'm cheating some how because I still don't know all of the options on my big Olympus and here I am making out with a Casio .. I feel .. a little .. cheap ? heheheheheh

Unknown said...

Glorious fall foliage, Joy. Because I don't have small children and don't get trick or treaters, I'm pretty tired of hearing about Halloween on television, on websites etc, though of course next we'll be bludgeoned with the You Know What season for two months starting...any day now. Sigh. Can't wait for January. Can't believe I just said that. And no, no snow for a while. Bite your tongue!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jodi girl !! LOL I won't tell anyone you just said that about January ? hehehe .. January is one very tough month to get through for me it takes forever ?
They can't say enough about Halloween for me .. I would love a load of the old B&W movies and just snuggle down to watch them : )
Yes .. then the next holiday is way over done .. they pump you up and then bam nothing until Valentine's Day (hubby's birthday too ! wink wink ) .. but yes .. I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN GIRL .. HANG ON !;-)

Tessa said...

Hey Joy,

Looks like you're ready for Halloween- as expected. I love fall and all it's glory! Hope you've been well.