Thursday, 18 November 2010

Can this really be November ?

I took these pictures a few days ago before the torrential rains and BLUSTERY winds hit us.
The sunrises have been very subtle and very quick .. the sky changes in the blink of an eye !

The garden refuses to believe that we are in a winter month .. the weather has been amazing with a few actual "shirt sleeve" days to work in the garden .. this can't be a good thing right ?
I have noticed some of the sedums/stone crop have little heads in the soil looking like they do in Spring .. now that just isn't right .. right ?

The plants look fresh and happy .. scary ... right ?

My decoy plant is zoned at 6 in most information .. I am a zone 5b .. it just really really likes my garden ?
It is an official decoy plant .. luring bugs away from the plants I want to NOT have holes in .. and it does work : )

The lemon thyme still smells scrumptious : )
I had two of these beauties .. one front and back .. the back one is happy and lively .. the other is a dearly departed sadly .. DRY shade was its evil enemy ... BIG sigh !
I can't go on about how big a grass fan I am .. we will just leave it at that !

Those leaves looked too happy and relaxed ?
Winthrop on guard duty .. Dave and the boys are still in negotiation with their union.
My Austrian Pine which has been a Bonsai for almost 8 years now and is still happy .. so far ..
We can't help but call it as we see it ?
The moon smiles at me just long enough to snap a decent picture that night : )


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks more alive than mine for goodness sakes. I think the drought here put my garden to sleep much faster this year. We are just now getting a little rain thankfully.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I can't believe all the goodies you have left in your garden! I had better get outside and see if I have anything worth photographing. I have been concentrating too much on holiday greens.

You get the most stunning photos of the sky and all its changes.


Dave said...

Some awesome plants you have there! I love the grasses and you know I like the heucheras! I just added some Heuchera 'Southern Comfort' to the garden a couple weeks ago. Only $2.50 a plant - a steal!

Lona said...

Hi Joy. Ewww, what a pretty new background. I am glad you are having some great weather so far. Your Peach Heuchera is so pretty and is perfect when Fall colors appear because it blends right in. What a gorgeous image of the Moon girl! Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty garden shots and the sky images are spectacular. I love to see colorful skies. We get them so rearly and I try to photograph them each time.

Last evening, I raced out in my Jeep to get a photo of a pink sky, and by the time I got to where it would be a great shot, the sky had already darkened. They are so quickly gone.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl ! Thank you : )
This is a very unusual November and I am afraid of what weather is coming to slap us in the face for this type ... eeekkk !
I think you are spot on about the drought shutting your garden down faster to protect it .. fingers crossed you get enough rain and snow to give it a good drenching !

Eileen girl ! Thank you : )
I am going to pick up my greens for my urn tomorrow hopefully .. it is going to be a very simple decorating year for us here and I do LOVE greens , the smell especially : ) I grab my camera VERY quickly with these skies .. they change FAST !

Dear Dave (I am remiss in visiting your blog .. rather red faced here! LOL) .. Thank you : )I know you are an obsessed heuchera fan .. I am almost that way too now ! haha
I am SO jealous of that bargain !! I want Southern Comfort too !! but your wouldn't believe how costly it is up north here .. I try to wait for the sales but I usually break down ... can't help myself ! haha

Hello Lona girl and thank you so much : ) .. the weather is rather menopausal but we have had some great breaks in between ;-)
Last year it was Pinot Gris (which is still gorgeous) but this year I have been mesmerized by Peachy here .. yes i take a lot of shots before I get a decent one but with a simple camera I some times nail it? LOL .. have a great weekend too girl !

Thank you Donna girl : ).. I know exactly what you mean about the sky .. just standing here you can see the changes happening so fast .. if I had to travel any where I know I would lose it .. so I am very lucky to have the house/deck higher up and not blocked by other houses or apartments .. that would really kill me ;-( Keep at it though .. you have to get lucky some time !

Tessa said...

I know! I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving- where did the year go? I love your sky images, Joy- my daughter is developing an obsession of sky/cloud, etc. shots-she has gotten some really nice ones lately. Still some life left in your garden- much more than mine!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,


Andrea said...

Hi Joy, my first time here in your blog, i am new in blotanical but long since blogging. Those colors in your garden are beautiful and seemingly still happy. Your photos are beautiful too.

Darla said...

Looks really good for this time of the year. Grace nor I saw the show yesterday...please email me a recap. You don't have a followers things so I am adding you to my blog list....I must keep up with you my dear,lol.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Tessa girl !
That is great that your daughter is fascinated with the sky too .. once you are hooked it is for life .. you never look at it the same way!
Yes .. the garden has hung on a long time this year .. but snow is coming soon and that white blanket will be on it ! .. hey girl .. I am CANADIAN EH ! .. we had our Thanksgiving way back early October .. but I have a South Carolina daughter-in-law so I get the American version too ? haha

Thank you so much Andrea .. there are so many garden bloggers out there wandering around .. we bump into new ones every so often ? LOL
Glad you dropped by mine !

Hey there Darla girl : ) .. nah .. I don't like the followers thing but yet some people have figured out how to do it with me .. I have 85 people but don't know most of them ? haha
I'll try to recap and rip off a quick e-mail for you guys ! : )

fer said...

Very beautiful pictures of your garden. I like your lemon thyme, is so big, mine is still just a baby.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello fer and thank you !
I just stopped by your blog and read about the banana skin fertilizer : )
I left a comment with the Epsom salts trick for roses : )

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi, beautiful pictures.. love the first..

Gail said...

You have more greenery and color then our zone 7 gardens! Love the moon shot~I have to put my camera in a tripod to get a shot like that! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there DS and thank you !
I was just over at your blog and wow, your pictures are amazing .. the sunset one blew me away !

Gail girl we have been having such unusual weather here .. right now it is WARM and windy .. not right at all for November .. that is why the garden has held on to its colour so long .. I am afraid the big weather crash is going to happen soon ! .. I am lucky with this Olympus (I love Olympus as it is) but to have 26x optical zoom .. no changing lenses .. I can catch (sometimes) great moon pictures .. but the light has to be just right to get one like this .. hey .. I have to get a new tripod myself ..BIG sigh ! LOL

tina said...

Isn't it great it has been so warm this fall? I'm glad you are too up there in Canada. The garden is looking good and the new blog most neat. Thanks for letting me know the new url.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks for dropping by Tina girl : )
and thank you ! I think I am more comfortable with swapping pictures out etc .. but the name is staying for sure ! LOL .. we are getting colder here now ;-( but hey .. it is over the mid November line so it has to ! haha

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Thanks for sending me your new blog address!!! I can't belive how good your garden looks, I'm so cold and miserable. It's been in the -20s for over a week and we have a few feet of snow all over everything. I know, very whiney, but it's truly awful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl you are NOT whiney at all .. these are horrible months that we have to take in and it is so very hard on us because we are GARDENERS ! .. I find January and February theworst ones for me.
Have you thought of light therapy ?
I know the specific ones for that are expensive so I have one room(my office aka kitchen filled with light) I spend the most time there and I find even normal light, but lots of it (energy efficient bulbs of course .. wink wink) really helps ! try that .. especially first thing in the morning : )
Thanks for updating my link girl !