Thursday, 25 November 2010

To Be .. or Not To Be ? .. A garden in flux ?

Winthrop on guard duty in a serious mood to match the day .. squirrels are relentless little ..... !
I tried my hand at actually making a Christmas urn .. I'm just not sure about it ?
Plus .. where the heck did we store the Christmas wreath for the door ? eeekkkk !
OK .. fake berries but they look almost real , after a few seasonal "refreshments"
Clark Griswald's Eggnog ?
Yes .... I still have those issues HAUNTING me !
The garden is totally out of whack .. sedums are poking up with their nubby little heads for heaven sake !!

Some areas are behaving themselves and sticking to schedule .. and going to bed on time !!!!
This scene is enough to depress the heck out of the most avid gardener .. straight to the punch bowl after looking at this view !
No matter my slipped disc from the pea gravel incident ..
No matter the compressed femoral nerve with the pain from" H E double hockey sticks "
I love my little bench chirping " come on over and have a seat why don't cha' ... wink wink !
Dave is still in therapy for his crack issues .. we have yet to decide the proper care that he will need to stop it from spreading .. a very delicate problem as you can gather from his pensive expression ?
While other gardeners were dumping more pots .. bagging more leaves in the last weeks .. I was driven to have a winter pot .. I just had to have something after losing so much time with my garden .. so poor bronze sedge, was dug up .. baby day lily of some kind .. Labrador Violet .. and some Gold Creeping Jenny .. I know it is not recognizable .. but I swear all of those plants were pushed in there plus this really pretty garden stake my dear daughter-in-law gave to me : )
William Shakespeare Rose (that was the bit in the beginning of "to be or not to be" .. again .. I couldn't help myself ?
It made me actually TINGLE inside when I spotted it .. smiling in it's little corner straight at me.
How can anyone be glum when you look at something like this ? : )
I want to wish all you good little Americans a VERY Happy Thanksgiving .. Gobble Gobble ;-)


Pat said...

I see you're having fun with blogger layouts. Nice they have more to choose from.
Turkey day here...
I'll be working :(
I've had fake grass like plums
added to a pot out front...they over winter very well..hehe

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patsi girl yes I am ! It helps keep me from going cabin fever already? haha .. Yes, I bet the turkey day feasting is in full gear eh ;-)
You have to love those fake touches here and there right ?!!

Nickie said...

I really like the christmas urn, it looks great. A big red bow in the front of the urn would look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas urn is beautiful. Joy! Love the new name and the new template. Good job!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Nickie (I just dropped by your blog and I'm afraid I misspelled your name .. oops!)I did think of a nice red bow .. and I am still thinking of it ! LOL

Nancy girl hello there and thank you!
My first attempt at something like that .. now if only we can find the door wreath ?? hahaha

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Still so much colour Joy!! Your Urn is beautiful, and I like that you still have a pumpkin hanging around. Your garden is looking as lovely as ever, the rose is such a special suprise. Just wanted to let you know that I've included a gratuiotous gargoyle picture in todays post just for you! I haven't checked him for cracks lately...hope Dave is OK! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl thank you very much !
I took a guess with the urn and it didn't look too bad .. phew ! and yes .. I just can't seem to let go of the pumpkin .. I'll probably have wee ones sprouting when the seeds dig in for winter .. poor Dave .. we have to really look into the crack issue .. and I'm coming over to see your post girl !!

joene said...

I love your Winthrop. I have an Irving that keeps watch over one of my gardens.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Joene : ) Irving sounds like a very stoic gargoyle who does a wonderful job !