Thursday, 27 January 2011

The "Lust List" Diabolic Indecisions !!

I almost hate making my plant "Lust List" for each new garden year.
I change my mind almost every other day and the more I investigate plant sites the more tempted I become to add and add and add .. and the funny thing is ? .. most of what I lust after I will not be able to get .. but I think that is the part of lusting that is driven to want what is difficult to have ?

Hellebore Sparkling Diamond .. an amazing beauty for contrast of pure white double blooms against dark green gorgeous foliage, who could not love that simple combo ?
A heavy bloomer through early Spring .. I so want YOU !!
I ran across "Dicentra spectabilis "Valentine" the old fashioned structure but with a red red flower and burgundy tone underneath the foliage .. how did I not see this beauty before ?
I love this plant form and now truly 'red hearts" with that fantastic dark foliage .. bingo !
OK .. I have a thing for heuchera and it's off shoots .. every year I will manage to fall in love with a couple (Peach Flambe last year and Pinot Gris the year before) .. now a vivid dark red colour in "Cherry Cola" .. OK .. SCREAMING RED ! in both foliage and flowers ... ta dah !!
Heucherella Redstone Falls ... I am so smitten with this one, it is going to drive me insane until I hunt it down and possess it !
The colours are spot on for what I find is total eye candy .. structure is a treat for either a container or in the ground .. it is going to spill out no matter what .. you have to love THAT !
Now for something completely different .. Little Miss Sunshine hosta (I loved that movie too!)
She is cute and wavy and promises to change from a pretty chartreuse to a true bold gold yellow for the rest of the season ..
Plus .. little purple flowers on deep wine scapes as a bonus .. normally I don't go for hosta flowers .. I am a foliage gal .. but I would so love to see this little miss strutting her adornments !
There always seems to be yet another helenium that I stumble across.
"Carnival" has a unique tubular petal structure .. it turns that way as it matures along with the colouring .. something really interesting to watch as it ages, blooming all summer in the garden.
A drop dead gorgeous gold toad lily .. Golden Leopard .. this particular one starts it's blooms in the summer has large glossy deeply veined leaves that have that "ladder" look .. it will stand out wonderfully with that freckled golden glow !
I can't help it .. I adore ornamental grasses and after watching Shenandoah for two seasons .. this one panicum "Ruby Ribbons"has me ! .. it emerges blue gray and then is on a mission to turn the most amazing deep ruby red just in time for my favorite part of the year, Autumn .. give it a little wind and watch this gorgeous girl sway in the wind .. along with my other grasses it will be a perfect fit!
So .. a bit of my lust list is finally out in the open ... will I be able to find any of these "most wanted" ?? I have no idea .. but I am having a blast compiling a list if not for this year .. perhaps the next ... no matter what, I will be hunting them down until I satisfy my curiosity and my garden : )
PS... You might have noticed that I have chosen plants that will range from Spring to Autumn .. I wanted to spread new plants out to smile at me at different stages in the garden season !
What is on your "Lust List" ??


Lona said...

Joy girl you sound just like me when it comes to plant picking. I really like the looks of that Cherry Coke Heuchera. Have you seen the Berry Marmalade and Blackberry Crisp heuchera's? Great red colors.

fer said...

Beautiful plants for your lust list!
I like that term. I think I must make a lust list too

Lola said...

Oh, I really adore those grasses. I've had the Shenandoah for a couple yrs. now. I have it in a whiskey barrel with other compatible plants. I need to re pot them this Spring. I think it needs a little help. lol

Pat said...

Love them all BUT Redstone Falls has to be my favorite.
Glad you're able to look forward to the spring...I'm getting gloomy and it's only January.

Anonymous said...

Joy, did you notice that most of these plants have are red reddish? Are you doing a new theme garden? I like every one, but don't have a place for shade plants.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Oh my, the Hellebore Sparkling Diamond is a gorgeous one, isn't she! I have begun lusting for more hydrangeas, including the new Incrediball, the Limelight and the Angel's Blush. Of course, out of zone roses are calling me too...yikes!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, you have come up with some lust list! I have not heard of any of these yet so now you've got me going after some of these "new" plants.

You know I also like Heuchera and have not seen this red one in the catalogs. Let me know if you find any of these.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Lona girl : )
I don't know what it is about these new heuchera/heucherella but different degrees of reds seem to be the fashion this year .. and I am liking it a lot! Yes to the "berry" ones as well .. I have no idea what I will be able to manage procure but it will be a "mission" ! LOL

Fer you absolutely have to have a "Lust List" we have to be able to dream about plants that really make us crazy for them .. it makes that part of our "garden nature" centered and happy to LUST for certain plants !

Lola girl I love that idea of the beautiful grass in a barrel with companion plants .. but yes, at a certain point they need to expand their horizon in a larger area .. you know how hard it can be to dig and divide some of those babies up!
I still have that miscanthus, "purple flame" keeping Ms. Flame Amur company in that corner of my garden .. I think they are a permanent couple ! haha

Patsi girl I have to say that one is my favorite too .. my jae dropped when I saw the pictures of it .. hey ! you will get Spring a lot sooner than I will and HEY !! you just came home from a fantastic cruise !!! silly girl ;-)

Sandy girl ... you don't have even the smallest bit of shade in your garden at all ? No worries these new cultivars are supposed to put up with SUN .. so investigate some of the ones I have posted on .. I think you will find a few that will work for you !

Ms.S : ) hey there ! It was the simplistic blend of that gorgeous shining white against that deep rich green foliage .. I have other strong colours to contend with so this one is my "zen" plant : )
I too have been looking at roses .. Ballerina and a good hardy highly scented Explorer perhaps .. I over did the hydrangeas and I have to rearrange my front garden because of it .. I was naughty ;-) LOL

Eileen I was totally in awe of plants that I was running across and YES ! I remember that you too are a heuchera fan : ) There are some beautiful ones to mix and match with other plants .. and sun tolerance is becoming more of a trait in the breeding process so we will have more leeway for situation. I am so looking forward to plant hunting it is sad ! LOL

Barry said...

So I won't tell you that I can get you the Helleborus for sure. I ordered it in last year but it was too late in the season and the supplier was out. Curious to see if its a stronger plant than H. 'Mrs. Betty Ranicar' which really never lived up to the hype. I'm glad to see that you're in the same boat as me..... compiling the Lust List and the waving it in front of the rest of them.... we need more followers/members!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Carnival! I want it.

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

What did you do? Get a new blog and then upload your old ones onto it? I like your new look. You didn't always have "Canadian" in the title did you or am I just unobservant?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barry sweetie ;-) You are a tease aren't you ! I did read about this one out performing Mrs.B Ranicar, that the breeder was hitting for much better bloom strength and stamina. So fingers crossed it does what it is supposed to do .. all the other information I read affirmed that it did : )
YES !! It is so interesting to see other gardener's Lust Lists .. the down side is that I will be tempted by MORE plants ?? eeekkk ! ;-)

Nellie so do I girl .. I have a soft spot for helenium especially having Sahin's Early which I am still totally in love with .. we need more beautiful helenium please! LOL

Rose said...

Oh dear, Joy, I already have a "lust list" so long that I may have to find another part-time job to pay for them all, and here you are adding to my plant addiction:) You know I'm a big heuchera fan, too, and keep adding several more each year. When I was placing an early order for plants a few weeks ago, I found one with my full name (not just Rose), and of course I had to have it:) Now you're tempting me with the 'Redstone Falls' Heucherella--what a gorgeous color!

So far I've found everything I've wanted in catalogs or nursery websites, but I'd rather buy my plants locally. So now the big dilemma is, do I wait to see if I can find them here or order them to make sure I get what I want? Decisions, decisions.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

nellie for some reason your second comment didn't appear until now .. must be the blogger gremlins at it again ;-) .. I changed my name late last year to include "Canadian" because I didn't want to lose that distinction in the dust when there are so many garden blogs on the web now .. it was a fairly easy process .. I changed my feed address and it all seemed to shift over in one piece other than I wished I had left a "moved" notice on my last address site so more people would have gotten the drift . I cut access straight away and that screwed up a few people wondering what happened to me ;-)

Hello Rose girl !
Lust lists have a tendency to grow longer and longer don't they ;-)
YES ! I know you love heuchera too and what is the full name of that one you found !! I want to see what it is like as well ;-)
Redstone Falls truly grabbed my attention not only that wow in colour but the over flowing habit is going to be gorgeous .. I don't know if I will be able to get it though .. more likely a mail order action will have to be taken .. and who orders just one plant ?? LOL
That is something I think of too when it comes to buying locally .. we now have the new HUGE Lowes store here and the garden center area is BIG .. a girlfriend and I are totally GLUED to seeing it come to life in another 2 months maybe?
We have our plant hunting route planned out ! haha

Anonymous said...

I predict 'Cherry Coke' is going to be a big seller. I think having a plant lust list keeps people from going insane during the dark days of winter.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Grace girl : )
I think so too on both accounts .. that red is phenomenal and YES ! those of us that face so much time yet with old man winter riding our garden backs .. well .. it is just that closer to total insanity if we don't stay focused ? wink wink

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! Happy New Year!!! I don't think I've been here to tell you that yet?
You've got a great lust list going ~ I'm loving that toad lily. WOW! I would definitely put that one on my own list (if I had one).
You won't believe this but I haven't started one yet. I'm so slow this year. No seeds, no list, nothing. What's wrong with me?!! Glad someone is on the ball. I hope you get to add a few of these to your beautiful garden.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl hello there and Happy New Year too ! We are late getting to each other eh ? LOL
YES ! I fell head over bottom for this toad lily (whether or not I can find him is another challenge altogether !) .. I can't help but pump out the beginnings of a lust list .. it keeps a small section of sanity thinking logically in my garden brain while the rest of it is screaming over how much more winter we have to get through !!
You will be hit by the lightening bolt soon girl .. don't worry !LOL

CiNdEe said...

(-: Pretty(-: