Saturday, 15 January 2011

Shadow Shot in the GWN

It is COLD here ... that is why we are in the "Great White North" right ?
I may have missed the one pretty sunrise we had in weeks yesterday morning .. the zzzzz's had a grip on me .. drats ! .. but the sun allowed for a couple of shadow shots .. so that is a good thing right ?
The top picture is of my beloved Stag Horn Sumac tree's cones, shadowing on the snowy shed roof .. normally the birds would have eaten a lot more of the berries leaving skeletons.
The second reminded me of Sylvia's coloured glass shadow shots .. I love seeing them !
This is the reflection through an older garden stake with pretty coloured glass .. small minds amused by small wonders ? wink wink
Whiz on by Hey Harriet where Tracy hosts the best Shadow Shooters on the net : )
On a serious note .. Tracy I am so sorry about the flooding in your country .. we are thinking of you all .. hoping the help is getting to those who need it !


Sylvia K said...

I love your shadow shots for the day! I guess we're both grateful for any light that we can get these days as it has been one, gray, gray winter here in Seattle! What a sweet reference to my blog! Thank you! I have had such fun with the colored shadows ever since I discovered one by accident when I first began playing with photography a couple of years ago and discovered Tracys blog. I think once we find that first shadow shot of any kind, we're hooked -- at least I was. Such fun! Hope you're having a great weekend! Stay warm!


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Perfects shots for the GWN! The light from your stake looks very "Hairy Potter" - straight out of Diagon Alley! ;)

Ralph said...

Shadows are not seasonal - great ones may be found every day of the year. These are wonderful, snow is always a fine backdrop for shadows when it is sunny. Without the solar effect, the inside shadow with the colors is lovely. Nicely done in the GWN!

Cassie said...

Swell ShadowShots. I like the effect from the window pane in the bottom one.

Emma said...

Very pretty shadows. Love that snow too, I can't wait for winter to arrive downunder.

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful shadow from the staghorn sumac, and taking a page from Sylvia's book was a brilliant idea - what an otherworldly light comes through that garden stake.
(Great White North is right. I'm with you on that one.)
-- K

Kay, Alberta
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Beverley Baird said...

Very artistic shots! Love your shadows for the week!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Toni said...

Love the shadows on the snow! There's always something to appreciate and find beauty in our gardens...even in the GWN!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I particularly like the diffused light in the second shot!

Ms. Becky said...

those tulips on your header are so beautiful. and your shadow shots are very nice. I love the glow in that bottom one. very nice.

Unknown said...

Very pretty shadow shots... The snow is so pure white and smooth, it makes for some great shadows!


Hey Harriet said...

Wow! These are great and it sure does look cold! I'm glad that it only 'looks' cold to me rather than me 'feeling' your cold temps. Yowza!

Thanks so much for your lovely and kind words! I also hope all that need help are receiving it. So far it seems to be the case with everybody pitching in and helping. The response has been great. Thousands and thousands of voluteers helping out with cleaning homes and such. The concern we all have now is for the people who are yet to be able to access their homes due to major flooding. It could be weeks before they can start the clean up and I hope the same level of enthusiasm is still around amongst volunteers in the coming weeks. We need to pace ourselves so they'll be no burning out. Have a great week and try to stay warm :)

Hootin' Anni said...

I love 'em both but that last one is so unique and so beautiful.

Selena Statue on the Bay

Hope your day is a happy one.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sylvia and thank you very much!
Yes .. when the sun comes out lately we all run around like moles? haha
You are very welcome! I love your coloured glass shadows they are amazing! Yes you are so right about being hooked on shadows once we start .. totally captivated : )

Ms.S girl how are you ! and thank you : ) Yup a bit of Potter magic happening with that shot, glad you saw it : ) LOL

Thank you Ralph ! This winter started late but it will seem to drag on forever because we were spoiled by the late start in the GWN : ) You are very right about shadows never being seasonal .. bt they definitely have a different character in each season don't they? ;-)

Hello Cassie and thank you! Yup .. that bit of coloured glass has a lot of bling? to it : )

Hello Emma and thank you ! AND I will share my snow any time now with you ?? LOL Keep safe there !

Hi there Kay : ) thank you ! We just got out of a bit of a snow storm yesterday so the GWN had fun with us then .. the fresh snow is so sparkly here today with the snow you can't help but love it : )

Thanks Bev : ) I have to get round to all of you shadow shooters yet .. behind in my visits ..eeekkk !

Thanks Toni and how true is that! I love looking at my garden even under the snow .. the potential is always there isn't it : ) yes even in the GWN ! LOL

Thanks Rinky .. it just caught my eye at just the right moment and screamed "take a picture of me!"

Thank you Miss Becky : ) I love those tulips too! That kind is hard to find I found out .. Shadows have become a passion thanks to Tracy!
I'm hooked for life now ;-)

Hello Rainy : ) Thank you !
Yes .. snow , fresh snow especially has such a purity to it .. shadows on it are very special!

Tracy girl thank you : )
My heart goes out to all of those people suffering so much with the floods .. it would devastate us too. You are so right about pacing the enthusiasm and energy .. it is a fine balance to keep it up as long as it is needed .. my hopes are that it will and people can get their homes back in livable order !
Keep safe and dry girl !

Hey there Hootin Anni girl!
Every time I say that in my head I have to laugh ;-) thank you !! LOL

Anonymous said...

Those are some of the things I really don't have any idea about (shadow shots). The great white north sure has its surprises. But at least you don't sweat in winters.. :) I spent the whole morning sweating the long queues in the airport.. lol.

Serendipity said...

It's certainly beautiful - but it looks cold though! Lovely shadows!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Visioplanet : ) hello there and thank you ! .. Phew ! I am too happy not to be sweating it out .. but it can be VERY cold here and that is a bit harsh at times .. but our summers can be VERY humid and hot .. although I some how think you can still out do us in that category too ? LOL
Good luck with those queues !!

Thank you Serendipity : ) we are going through a really chilly cold spell now with the high pressure system leaving beautiful clear night sky but the BRRRRR ! factor is biting !!