Friday, 21 January 2011

Skies of 2009

This is the type of heart-stopper sunrise I am desperately waiting for .. the "fireball" in the sky.
Spring and Autumn are usually the most dramatic skies that I wait and watch for .. 2009 had some very unsettling moments .. but again, Kingston seems to be a "Twilight Zone" and I am NOT talking vampires people !!
Weather ... that is the most uncontrollable element on earth .. so far ?

This is the almost transparency of the moon that I love and hate .. you know that kind of relationship right ? .. I love the ethereal complexion if it's face but details are not revealed.
Storm clouds ... yes we can have the possibility of tornadoes here .. it is not a common event but the possibilities can always gather and BANG ... get under your kitchen table with the cats ^..^ !!

... and then that *smirky* shot .. that "Holy Crap !!" .. did I really get THAT ??
Here the sky gets just dark enough and bingo !
... again some more clouds .. but these are the behemoth, gentle GIANT, cotton ball .. I wish I could bounce off of these babies !!!
This is a "you would have to be here to truly get the total affect" of these amazing sky events!
August had a shy moon for this shot ... but the detail of the crater impact are showing : )

September a little less "impact" showing but still gorgeous !
I couldn't find anything for October (can you believe THAT ? ) or November .. but this one for December is not too shabby ?
So this was a past glimpse of 2009 skies, sun, clouds and moons ..
I'm working on my "Lust List" for plants this year .. trying to keep it at 10 just so I don't scare myself ??? wink wink ... and we all know it won't stop at 10 !!!


Appalachian Feet said...

All your moon and sky photos are unbelievable! Excellent shots. :)

Donna said...

stunning photos...I caught a fireball sky New Year's is what I use for my profile picture...

Lona said...

Hi Joy. I love the shots with the white billowy clouds. That one where you captured the airplane is so great. Have a warm and wonderful weekend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello AP and thank you very much!
I have been lucky with moon shots and getting the details with impact craters ..I hope it keeps up for 2011!

Hi there Donna and thank you ! Aren't those fireballs amazing ? I can't get enough of them and having to wait out these dull winter months make me crazy with no shots like that .. but soon hopefully ;-)

Lona girl how are you ! : ) Thank you, those clouds that day, well I will never forget them .. and it was such a fluke to capture the jet and the moon at the same time .. I love fluke pictures ! Have a great weekend too girl : )

Christine said...

What a gorgeous collection of sky shots, Joy. Truly stunning. And the moon!! All I can say is what camera do you use to take those shots? and I WANT one!
Have a great weekend!

Carol said...

Great sky shots Joy! Some of those cloud photos remind me of the ones I am putting together for a future post! Ominous looking! Fabulous!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, you could market those photos of the sky! I have said many times that we never get a sky like that around here.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am impressed. You got lots more good moon shots than I did in the last year.

Anonymous said...

My fav is the billowy clouds. I almost looked unreal.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Christine and thank you very much ! I came over to your place and absolutely loved those beach shots : ) I am truly envious of where you live : ) I think I told you I use an Olympus 590UZ with 26x optical zoom so I can capture some pretty decent shots .. I am very lucky with our unusual skies here in the Twilight Zone on Lake Ontario !

Thanks Carol girl : ) They were simply AMAZING .. I saw them framing the back of neighbor's houses further down our cul du sac .. my jaw dropped to the ground while I was snapping away . being on this lake we do get "lake affect" weather and clouds so there are some dandy ones : ) I'll be checking for your clouds girl !

Eileen thank you so much girl : )
I do understand what you mean .. while we lived in the Netherlands, as beautiful as that country and the surrounding Belgium/Germany could be .. the skies were never like the ones in Canada .. maybe being so close to all the other industrialized nations (pollution) it keeps the sky rather dull and inhibited ?

Sandy girl those were just a few .. from 2009 .. I have to do 2010 yet! haha .. soon I will have to think of moving them to a disc .. I won't get my office and new pc for a while yet but hoping for later this year .. as soon as Number One Son finally gets to move out !LOL

Hi Donna and thank you : ) The truly were the most unbelievable ones I had ever seen as well .. I wish I had taken more pictures and left them at full format to print .. I am still in the learning curve with photography ! ;-)