Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Last Dregs of February ......

These last few days of February are crawling by ..
The high I was on with my plant mail order adventure has settled down now and I look out to the back garden and KNOW it is still so long for the snow to disappear and see the mysteries of what plants have truly weathered the winter.
Mean while the sun is shifting faster to the left which is my prime target for gorgeous sunrises!
The days have been sunny lately ... but COLD .... brrrrrr
My Karly Rose grass is so pretty even in it's total bleached mode .. it reminds me of how stunning it will be later on.
Sophie and Emma are still in hibernation mode .. add the heat of sun shining through the deck door and the snores begin !
Mean while back with the "boys in the'hood" .. a new addition has come about ... husband believed it was best if we introduced a new baby brother gargoyle to the boys at this point ..
So he thought "Herman' would be a good choice .. small but definitely very gargoyley looking ?

We are in "winter storm" warning mode .. later on the winds and snow are supposed to get nasty and kick us once more in our "Hope for Spring" seating area just to make sure we know who is boss of the weather ?
Poor garden shoes have to put up with neglect and more brrrrrrrrr weather .... hang in there guys !!
The garden show for Kingston will be on later next week .. so I will be polishing up the camera and becoming slightly like a kid before Christmas ... just give me a shot of Spring any way possible and I will be in heaven !!


Skeeter said...

Hey Girl, I had to hunt you down! Welcome to Herman. He does look like a fella that would cast a spell on you if you dont behave...

Sophie and Emma are such sweet snuggle bunny's together! I have been scrolling down looking at their pictures and only wish my two would snuggle with each other more then they do. Maybe after their fur cuts, they will be snuggle bunny’s. Hee hee....

Your ice dagger is mighty scary girl. I would have tapped that white tarp with a broom handle and made sure someone was video taking in case that special moment arrived with the avalanche. lol....

The Garden shoes in the snow are just cute as can be. I have bad feet now and think I will invest in some of those for the garden this year. I have a few pairs for the boat and shorts but need some for the garden. Maybe time to demote a pair to the garden and get a new pair for the road....

I am hoping for a soonist (is that a word) spring for you. Come on down to Georgia as we are in the 70's and eating it up!

Lola said...

I have the Karly Rose. She hasn't started to put her new clothes on yet. Must be patient. Love the grasses & have a few, their in pots. Must get them in the ground. Maybe I can do that as I purchased a new toy. I can't push the shovel with either foot now so the next best thing, an edger. It's 2 in 1 so I can edge my garden beds & the driveway. Can't wait to try it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Skeeter girl I was just over to your post on the tequila adventure and that cruise looked wonderful too!
The girls aren't snuggle bunnies all the time ;-) you should see them square off when they are "p***ed" hehehe .. it was my neighbor's roof so we thought we better let her handle that avalanche? it did move with a bang ! You HAVE to have garden shoes girl .. these are actually not full of support but still pretty good.. in those colours I can find them fast ? but look how I treat them in the winter ? eeeeeeeekkkk !!
You just had to tell me about Georgia ??? Never mind .. number one son will be moving to South Carolina when the immigration are papers finally approved .. married and still at home ? another eeeekkk! haha

Hey there Lola ! I have a thing for grasses and I have some sedges in pots for the deck .. I think I might break down and have "fiber optic ?" for an annual one because it is so crazy looking : )
YES ! an edger is a great tool .. note to self must CLEAN and oil the poor thing .. good luck with that Lola it will work well for you : )

Rose said...

Sophie and Emma have the right idea--we might as well hibernate and rest up for gardening season because I'm afraid spring isn't going to be here for awhile. (We just had another snowfall last night, so the garden is blanketed again.) I've been taking frequent naps so that I have plenty of energy come spring--at least that's my excuse:) I've also been drooling over plant catalogs; like you, I've ordered some more unusual varieties because I'm afraid the local garden centers won't carry them.

Welcome to little Herman! A new addition to the family is always exciting; hope there's not too much sibling rivalry among the boys:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl that is what I do too !
We need frequent naps to build up for that running start once the weather behaves and becomes SPRING! .. which is going to be much later than usual I have a feeling .. but I am steadfast in my plans! I love ordering plants that I have been drooling over too : )
Herman thanks you for the welcome!
I think the boys are behaving so far but Winthrop is way over at the other end and quiet .. I can't help but wonder what he is thinking ? hehe

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, it's coming, spring that is! Our Garden Show in Chicago begins on the 5th but I am hoping to make the preview on the 4th.


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy! Welcome to Herman. I believe he will be very happy. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl you are going to have such a fantastic time at that garden show , I can't wait to see the pictures !! .. We have a small one here in Kingston at the same time .. I will be taking pictures too .. rather modest but it is SOMETHING right ?? LOL

Ms. S Thank yo on Herman's behalf .. he is acclimating to the last bit of snow we just had .. but he is tough .. Canadian eh ! hehehe