Monday, 7 March 2011

Floral and Hardy Order ... enough already !!

OK .. I have to admit it now .. I need HELP .. I can't stop ordering "special" garden plants that I fear I will not find HERE !
Floral and Hardy (that name could not be better if it were gold lettering !) is a company I tried last year and the customer service was wonderful as were the plants .. so I wasn't gambling on the order what so ever .. the part that was a gamble was SELF CONTROL .. but hey ! You guys saw that I didn't buy anything at the garden festival right ?
So here goes what I did DO now ?
YES .. I am totally STUCK on hellebore .. is there a support group out there for this addiction ?
I was just recently smacked in the face with Red Racer from the Winter Thriller series (I can not look at other ones are part of this series !!!) So a big YES ! when I saw F&H had it .. BINGO !
Georgia Peach had been back and forth with me .. I think a few other bloggers suggested that I MUST have it in my meager collection .. so under that advisement .. I snapped it up and I can't wait to see the stunning colour in my border : )
Any plant that has "chocolate" attached to it in any way .. well ... need I say anything else ?
What better for a dark foil against so plants of the "lighter" nature ? and being just a little smaller in size that helps me not wince so drastically trying to figure out WHERE do I squeeze this baby in ???
And now for something completely different... Little Aurora hosta .. this little beauty reminds me of my first love August Moon .. but in a cute smaller size that I can handle in the over crowded beds that are screaming leave us alone to grow PLEASE !!

So there it is .. out front .. I have to admit I have a problem .. I have ordered so many new plants I am starting to sweat even with snow and ice still on the ground ... what am I going to do when the garden centers open up here ? ... especially with the new Lowes ???

I am going to go completely NUTS is what I am going to do ... get the straight jacket out and polish up those buttons and straps for me .. I will not go down without a fight .. I don't have a corydalis yet !!! and what about some one saying they would send me a Jack-in-the-Pulpit ??????

There are plants I don't actually have ... waiting for a good home !!!!! eeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I did order some Hellebores from Digging Dog, (not an encouraging name) in California. I have ordered from them before, big plants, big shipping charges.

I have not seen the varieties you ordered, they look wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I don't blame you a bit, Joy Dear. The only reason I'm not buying plants is because 1. I don't have any room and 2. I've got myself reading garden magazines instead of plant catalogs. I can't wait to see your purchases and how they look in your garden! So much fun!

Søren said...

This sounds very familiar... If only we had all the money and space in the world I'd go out and shop plants like a mad mad! As it is, I try to limit myself, but I'm not very good at it.

And when spring arrives properly, well... I'll need to start making a budget for how much I'm allowed to spend on the garden!

Darla said...

These are all gorgeous picks here, love the contrast with each photo...step away from the computer and the gardening catalogs...breathe....deep breaths.....there...feel better?

Anonymous said...

Really cute and true as can be post. Liked you new selections, but it does get crazy with all the choices and must haves.

Anonymous said...

Forgot, I love that name Floral and Hardy too, so clever and catchy.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

One can always find a place to ssqueeze a plant in. I think you have made some good choices.

Gail said...

Joy, They all look gorgeous to me and will make wonderful additions to your garden. Embrace your plant love! I find our local big box stores just seem to sell the same old same old stuff we already have and don't need! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl I have to get over to your place and find out what hellebore you ordered ? I love hearing about other plant snap ups girl : ) Yes shipping charges can be pricey but our taxes are even worse .. even so some plants you just know you won't see here in the centers for ages .. I got carried away ? LOL

Grace girl : ) I have lots of garden magazines too but some how that "plant hunting" urge has gone wild in me this Spring .. probably the miserable weather ? haha
I am going to photograph how each shipment appears from box to planting so I have a record and comparison of each company even thogh I know two out of the 3 already : )

Hello Soren : ) it is one of the most addictive passions in the world but also tempered with generorsity when we are sharing with other gardeners .. I can't think of another hobby when you would literally "split" a beloved object to share with another passion ridden member of this group ? : ) Ah yes .. the budget .. busted !! LOL

Darla girl I need you as my "garden life coach" I have gotten crazy with this stretched out Spring and simply indulged my plant whims to the max .. I only hope I can find the exact "right" places for them all ? .. eeekkk !

Donna I have ordered from this company before and the quality plus customer support/backing is excellent .. the plants are on the small side as compared to canning but still good healthy divisions .. and that name ! now how much more fun can that be ? LOL

Hi Lisa .. I thought about it a lot .. looked for some brightness with Little Aurora and dark foil with "Chocoholic" and that hellebore is the nicest (I think) out of the Winter Thrillers .. I caved in what can I say ? LOL

Gail girl hello there : )That is what I was thinking although Home Depot surprised me with great hellebores .. and nw with the new Lowes store .. well we are wondering what is going to happen with choices there .. but I embraced my plant mania and went through with grabbing the ones I love ! wink wink

Meadowview Thymes said...

Joy, I think we all have tend to fall in love without thinking. I will get anything with fragrance. Just put that word on a plant and it goes home with me. But..some things will survive our heat and I get a backyard with really nice scents! Good luck with all your new finds!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Simple fix for your problem, Joy!

1) Keep on ordering.
2) Send them to me!

That way you won't feel the slightest bit guilty. (And, neither will I! Tee hee :))

Lona said...

Girl now who would I be to criticize your plant buying frenzy. LOL! We are so alike. I sometimes feel I have to gobble one up before they are all sold or some other silly reasoning. LOL! I love the Hellebore and the Peach Heuchera. And chocolate plants have to be beautiful.LOL! Great choices.

TheGardeningBlog said...

I think you bought well - I especially like the "Little Aurora hosta"!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Linda girl : )
Isn't that the truth about falling in love with plants .. especially after a long cold winter that is dragging on forever here .. I NEED plants and even though they won't arrive until the right time to plant I feel full and satisfied that I know they are coming ? LOL

Kate girl you are such a little devil ! if I see "holes" in my garden this year I KNOW it would be because you got here some how and snatched some of my gardenbabies up .. I am on to YOU girl !! hehehehe

Lona I just was like a dam bursting these past few weeks .. I could not help myself .. the garden heart wants what the garden heart WANTS !! LOL .. but I have to behave now .. I have most of the plants I lusted after coming this Spring .. I better stop before I really go over board ? hehe .. and there are the garden center trips I have to take around Kingston YET when they open ;-)

Thank you GB .. Little Aurora is my substitute for Little Miss Sunshine .. I think she will do very well too ! : )

Skeeter said...

Living in Georgia, I vote you MUST have that Georgia Peach. And chocolate, well, who does not want chocolate in their garden needs to have their head checked. Ha… I would have been in heaven at the garden show girl. Hubby’s wallet would have been smoking too! I am sending you spring weather vibes so look out….

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Skeeter girl : ) every time I see you hiding behind that huge leaf it makes me giggle ;-)
Don't worry .. hubby's wallet is smokin' with all of the plants I have ordered online (but good nursery stock I can count on !) and for that peach of a heuchera ? I can't wait to see that beauty : )for now oon it will be "your" plant in my garden .. we have to share "Chocoholic" though .. I have already eaten most of an Easter rabbit as it is now .. ugh !! I am terrible : ) but it was SO GOOD !! hehehe
Thanks for the Spring vibes girl .. more snow coming again .. another UGH !