Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Last year about this time ....

Last year about this very time ... there was very little snow left on the ground .. I began to see my hellebore peeking up at me : ) Sedums were anxious to make their presence KNOWN !
My "bunchberry" aka cornus canadensis was beautiful and blushing ... maybe it was going through a seasonal menopause and the night sweats were prolonged !!!
My neighbor hadn't cut down his extraordinary tree yet .. I so miss that tree .. it was such a beauty to see during the lean months of winter .. such an unusual shaping .. but .. sadly said neighbor said it wasn't nice to him any more ?
I don't know why this Spring is being so stubborn ... even keeping the beautiful sky I expect to see at this time of year .. I miss those dramatic skies I should see by now !

These are all last year's pictures but at this time of the month ... this is going to be a very different year I fear .. maybe one of extremes .. that does happen here ...

Last year was our second year running with a mama raccoon making our attic into a nursery .. our "Raccoon Whisperer" Curtis swore it was the end of raccoon city in our attic forever more when he gently herded them out "last year" .. I may be paranoid and maybe my imagination is getting the better of me .. but I hear noises at night .. aside from the snoring .. I keep looking at the ceiling .. thinking .. did Curtis really WHISPER "them" out for good ??? EEKKKKK !!!


Unknown said...

Ummm, Joy...are you sure that 'bunchberry' isn't actually winterberry (Gaultheria procumbens)? It sure looks like it to me.
Spring is playing hard to get with us, but the weather IS changing, and we will get through it. A couple mild days lifted our spirits and lowered our snowbanks immensely.

Tessa said...

It seems everyone is having an unusual year, weather wise. I wonder if it has something to do with el nino or is it la nina- can't remember which. All I know is that we've had a lot of high winds and I fear I'll wake up and find the greenhouse down the street!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I sure hope you aren't entertaining racoons again. Your garden will awaken soon. hang in there.

Christine said...

I feel your need-for-spring pain, Joy and wish you beautiful skies and blooming flowers very, very soon!

CiNdEe said...

I am missing the Spring too. I am so ready for the nice weather!!!
I hope the Raccoon family does not return! I have one that killed all my gold fish and keeps snoring in my garage! I told it to leave nicely....(-:

Anonymous said...

It is nice to think back a year to get a perspective the coming one. To have images makes the thinking clearer. Lovely sky photos.

VW said...

Yes, last year our February was so mild that things got a head start. But then the spring was so long and cool that we didn't get around to any summer weather until August, and the garden suffered from too much coolness. Sigh. Good luck waiting winter out, eh?

LindaLunda said...

I can understand wy you loved that tree!

Darla said...

Spring will come Joy, hang in be careful with those racoons...some can be rabid you know?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jodi girl you are totally right it is 'gaultheria procumbens aka winterberry" I think I had my knickers in a "bunch" yesterday over a few things and that theme carried over to my identification mia culpa ? hehe I'll get back into the post and correct that , so thank you ! We are in for a snow rain rain few days good to wash snow away but this Spring is leaving a Twilight Zone type of feeling .. not to mention the poor robins are totally CONFUSED too!LOL

Tessa girl .. I saw in my mind's eye your poor greenhouse hanging from a tree some where ? eekkkk !
I don't know what element is tweeking our noses about the weather BUT I wish it would STOP !
My fingers are crossed that your greenhouse will stay PUT !! : )

Lisa girl I told those raccoons no more chips and beer .. and get the heck out for good last year !! The mom was actually trying to stow the little ones away in husbands boat at one point ! JEEZ !!!

Thanks Christine girl .. I need all the positive vibes possible .. this is getting to be nerve wracking !! I need somreal SPRING!!

Cindee girl remember some rouge raccoon killed my Bert and Ernie goldfish in the micro mini pond we had on the deck .. the nerve of these guys !! We all want to be a NO Raccoon Zone right !!

Donna I am so glad to have more detailed records for looking back .. just to see where we are on the progress chart ? it helps : ) I think ?? LOL

VW girl I hear you and thanks EH ! LOL .. but our problem is an extremely short Spring most years .. the plants don't have enough time to aclimate to warmer weather then they are forced into our heat and humidity and so are we ? eeekkkkk !

Hello Linda girl : ) it was an awesome tree .. I miss it a lot!

Darla Kingston is almost "Raccoon City" here .. there are old by-laws that keep even the friendly live trappers hands tied to as how far they can put them outside city limits .. the problem is getting out of hand ! Toronto is the worst city in Canada though, as I have heard .. now that is one HUGE problem there ! They do a lot of bait innoculation and rabbies is always watched for thankfully.

Annelie said...

Hang in there!
I too feel as though this spring is being stubborn, but there are small signs every day that tells of a spring. The birds were chirping like crazy outside my window this morning and squirrels are gathering up leaves for their nests.

That was a cool tree, I wonder how it possibly wasn't nice anymore.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Annelie : ) I was just over at your blog and loved seeing those roasted veggies : ) and I told you about my middle name ! I hear more chirpping from the birds too .. I know they are trying to cope with the snow and stay excited for their nest building adventures .. Spring needs to get here and stay !