Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Mistake .. Mia Culpa Thanks Jodi Girl !

I mis-identified one of my plants in yesterday's post .. I think way in the back of my mind I had planted THIS little gem some where in my garden at some time ... or did I just LUST after it so much I thought I had it ??
This sweet little plant is the true Bunchberry aka Cornus Candensis .. Jodi from Bloomingwriter picked up on my OOPS ! and let me know my ID was not spot on ... thank you Jodi : )
It is gorgeous isn't it ? .. mental note (is that even possible for me I wonder ?)
MUST find some of these to plant in my garden .. from a reputable nursery of course .. no gallivanting in the woods being naughty !!

So this is what my true plant is .. Wintergreen aka Gaultheria (ignore the "n" part in the pretty picture? .. it is early morning STILL!!) Procumbens .. I got that part right .. phew !!!!!
It also is a beauty right ?
This morning we did get a little colour ......
... but then shifting into the gray zone ......
Yesterday late afternoon the sun did smile in its special way that only late afternoon sun can .. in golden sighs ... especially on my Karly Rose grass ..

So this was my Wednesday post .. an identification correction .. a bit of colour in the morning sky ... a golden moment yesterday afternoon .. and the forecast of snow this evening and then two days of RAIN ... maybe the snow might get the idea and get the hell out of Dodge on that stinking horse it road in on January and thinks it doesn't have to leave ???


Kyna said...

The sky over NC started out much the same as yours I think. It was BEAUTIFUL yesterday when I had to work a mid-shift and miss all of it :( Today is supposed to be cloudy, and tomorrow is supposed to be storming. Then my days off are over, and it goes back to being sunny again :P :)

CiNdEe said...

(-: It is o.k.(-:
I feel a tad bit sad and happy too. I applied for another job to work at Curves and I may get it. Which means I won't get summer vacation to do whatever I want to do)-: Or any vacation anymore actually)-: That makes me really bummed but the good part is I will have extra money. Not sure if that is worth it or not though. I will let you know.(-:

Marguerite said...

Last year hubby kept telling me about the wonderful trilliums at his golf course so I finally decided to accompany him one night to see for myself. Turns out his 'trilliums' were bunchberry. Still very much worth the visit though as there are huge drifts of them under the trees.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna girl I have to get over to your blog and have a few laughs .. I need them about NOW!!
Don't you know that is the LAW ? your days off have crappy weather .. then when you go back to work it is wonderful ??LOL
Girl .. you are slipping !!

Cindee !! I didn't know you were looking for another job .. it sounds like a fun job but to miss that time you love in your garden .. that is hard to give up .. you are the best one to decide if it is worth the money .. some times it isn't ... but it is best to give it a try and find out .. let me know girl !!

Marguerite ! That was a funny story: ) some times men get so excited over some plants they thin they know and want to share that with us and POP ! we can identify it and it is NOT what they thought at all .. I still swear I planted Bunchberry SOME where in my garden! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes. Bye, bye snow. That's all! Quit already, old man winter. Joy wants spring! Nice photos. I can't keep wintergreen alive in my garden. It's too dry in the summer. I still love it though.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl .. you have to know about the trick with the plastic bag right ? you bury a plastic bag with just a few drainage holes plant what ever plant needs a little more moisture and it will keep it that way even during the dry season ! Give it a whirl girl: )

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I remember that first embarrassing mistaken ID caught by a commenter - it happens, even to some very famous garden bloggers whose names I won't mention :)

Kit Aerie-el said...

Aren't those the cutest pictures of those groundcovers, the sky, and the grass! Have you tasted the Gaultheria berries? They are quite refreshing!
Is this the longest winter ever?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

GA ... too funny girl : ) yup ! it happens to the best of them at some point > we aren't perfect but we do love our plants whether we know exactly what they are or not?!! LOL

Aerie-el YES !!!!! girl it is snowing AGAIN and it is mixin git up with rain to come so it is going to be one BIG MISERABLE MESS ! .. oh how I need some real Spring sunshine and weather let alone see some grass and bulbs ???

Lola said...

Thanks for the info you gave Grace. My Karly Rose is already putting up the green leaves. I did cut mine back before it started to grow.
Girl you are so funny. Thanks for the laugh. I was real tired from working in the yard.

Unknown said...

Happy to help, Joy. Don't worry, the only gardener who never made a mistake is the one who never planted a thing, and this winter is enough to addle any head. We need spring!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lola girl happy to help out and glad to hear of another karly Rose fan : ) it is one of my most favorite grasses ! .. even though working in the garden can make us exhausted .. it tis the most wonderful kind of exhaustion you can have, especially when you begin to see the benefits of a gorgeous garden coming to life !!

Jodi girl too FUNNY .. probably too tur too ! I think in fact .. I wouldn't trust a gardener who laid claim to never making a mistake in an ID or garden adventure ? .. the rain is coming here .. could get dicy with water levels for people on low levels .. but bring it on to wash the snow away !!