Friday, 29 April 2011

Are you having gray (garden) days too ?

I don't know what the heck "Spring" is up to .. does she think the new colour scheme for 2011 is gray on gray ? with a sprinkle of sun if we are really really good ? what's up with THAT !
Gray days can even start out with a gray morning moon .. even the moon is humouring Spring .. what is she getting out of this deal ?

There also seems to be an element of "teasing" going on .. some mornings actually have colour .. nice warm, cheerful reds and oranges and yellows ... do I have to mention the pink factor ?: )

In fact the gray sneaking in has you thinking "what a nice combination .. showing off that colour!"

.... and then

The gray marches in ... sits down and generally steals the show !

I have to say it does show off certain trees very well (even though it seems like the cold shoulder of Spring ?)

OK .. the biggest irony is .. and I think this is a personal beef that Spring has with me .. my solar powered birdbath fountain has only spit ? gurgle ? sploshed ? a very few times and I am not a happy founatin watcher .. you wouldn't believe what I had to do to get this picture ! jeez ;-)

I will owen up to the part where gray days with rain are forcing a lot of growth in the garden so I better watch out how much I complain .. Spring is in menopausal mode she could turn nastier !


Rose said...

The sun is shining brightly here this morning--I'd forgotten what it looks like! Yes, we've had lots of gray days, too, Joy, and endless rain it seems. I've been complaining about not being able to get out into the garden, but when I saw all the damage and lives lost in the southern U.S., I realized it could be much, much worse. I'm trying to remind myself that warm sunny days will be here eventually. And you're right--the garden is loving all this rain!

Katarina said...

No gray days here, I'm afraid...sunshine and summer temperatues day in and day out... (touch wood).

Darla said...

Your sky photos are gorgeous Joy..sorry about your gray will be hot before you know it.

Rebecca said...

Yes, I AM having gray (garden) days, too!

You have successfully managed to make even the gray days beautiful here, though!

"Patience, my dear!" I tell myself.

Lona said...

I know you were standing out there with a spotlight aimed at that solar panel to get that fountain to work. LOL! All that grey does make the pinks brighter. If you figure out the secret to get the sun to shine let me know girl. Have a terrific weekend watching for the fountain to splutter.

Pat said...

Yea, it could get nasty but not likely where you live. Didn't know you had a birdbath

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

"Menopausal" You are such a comedienne! I have no doubt the hot flashes are coming next. lol! :)

RPS77 said...

It has been a fairly cool and gray spring here. Yesterday was bright and sunny, though, and this weekend is supposed to be mostly sunny. I hope that you are due for clearer skies in the near future as well!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

now I want a solar powered birdbath fountain. Lovely shots Joy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rose girl : )
Yes .. after seeing some of the terrible devistation from those tornadoes down there, I feel guilty complaining about the lack of sun too .. so I will stop that!
Another yes to the garden loving the rain .. we have 2 days of beautiful sun to encourage the buds to open soon hopefully : )
I love seeing the trees smile in leaves : )

Hello there Katarina !
You are very lucky indeed .. I know we will have that too, along with the humidity ugh ! LOL

Darla girl thank you : ) Yes you can count on my next complaint issue being heat and humidity? LOL

Hello Rebecca .. misery loves company ;-) but the sun has to shine some time doesn't it ? patience is a virtue I need much more of : )

Darn it Lona that is exactly what I am doing girl ! haha
We have had the first sunny weekend in so long I can't remember when thelast one happened : ) so I will do mental telepathy to try and help you out girl ! Thanks girl : )

Patsi this is our "toy" for the garden this year and it is a keeper : ) the birds are crazy for it too .. running water excites them I think .. we won't ever put a pond in so this is the substitute? LOL

Ms S truly the only way to describe this weather has been menopausal .. so I sort of understand it ? haha

Hello there RP : ) I hope you have been well and enjoying your new "garden" ? Any surprises with the original plants there ? .. This weekend is absolutely wonderful and I hope to get some garden work done today : ) Thanks!

Debbie girl thanks so much ! hey I have to catch up on what you have been doing ;-) Hope all is well with the monkeys !

Barry said...

Saturday was somewhat decent here, warm with sun for most of the afternoon. Sales were through the roof only because this is what gardeners are waiting for. I went to Toronto Botanical Gardens today for the annual Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Sale.... it was sheer heaven. I came home with two plants I have been lusting after since last Fall. Visit my blog to find out which ones...... One day soon the sun will come out, we just have to bitch louder! 9 I was really going to say be patient, but what to hell, lets be honest shall we!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barry : ) How true is that ! I say we can bitch about the weather any time because it is worth bitching about due to the fact that we ARE gardeners !! haha ... I stopped by your post on the plant trip and drooled at the very thought of seeing all of those beauties : )
I love your finds .. can't wait for my Golden Lotus to bloom if not this year, the next .. and I had to substitute the dolls eye with chocoholic cimicifuga .. what can I say ??? haha