Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Between the Showers

A few mornings ago there were some fantastic "sky shows" between the showers ....

Ivory Prince has a show all of his own as usual ...

A gorgeous boy that he is .....

Well .. since my name tags washed off and I am going to have to guess at some of my plants .. this could be "Berry Swirl"

This is my first born ... Lenten Rose Orientalis .. that is all the tag said and it was good enough for me ...

Bleeding Heart "Spectablis" ... nothing like a good old fashioned plant ?

Monkshood .. I am actually eyeing this spot for a hydrangea .. do you think "he" knows ??

Speaking of good old fashioned plants .. beautiful red oriental poppies, we hope for from these little spirits ?

My bulb circle gone a bit haywired .. the squirrel mafia stole bulbs and planted them else where in the garden .. not far , but far enough to break the pattern .. darn those tree rats !

See what I mean ? not balanced , out of whack, off kilter ? aaarrrggghhhh !!!!

... and then there is the dove ... how sweet are they I ask you !

Who can stay mad while looking at them ?


Bonnie said...

Beautiful sky shots. I don't plant my stuff in circles or any other design - that way when it gets moved, it won't matter :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is all rainy here too. WHINE~~ I need to go pull weeds out of the mud. Your hellebores look good.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like spring has sprung! Your garden looks good.

Marguerite said...

oh there's nothing nicer than looking at fresh new growth. All your plants look so lovely (and I'm eyeing up your monkshood!) The circle is still visible so all is not lost.

Lola said...

Oh don't be upset too long. I have the tree rats also but I like to watch them. They are so funny. I don't like it when they clean out my bird feeders tho.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


That squirrel got me also, taking all of my Orange Emperor Tulips, back to the wire next year!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Bonnie and thank you !
I think you have the right idea girl : )I may change mine up a bit in the Autumn too .. this was the first year the squirrel mafia got me ! haha

Lisa girl I have maple key weeds sticking their tongues out at me in the "mud" so I have to get busy some time soon too .. more rain and we had loads of thunder last night .. Emma was not impressed at all!

Sandy girl hello there : ) Thank you ! it is coming along slowly but that is a good thing since I am dragged down being sick .. hope to spend some time reading blogs soon!!

Marguerite if you lived closer I would be too happy to share my Monkshood (it is the Aconitum carmichaelii ‘Arendsii’) very pretty but I need that space so I hope to share it with a garden friend. Yes there is a wee bit of circle surviving : )

Lola girl I do love watching them too .. I just have to complain about them and call them tree rats because it makes me laugh : ) they are little gangsters though aren't they !!

Eileen girl you got hit too !
We need to hire squirrel protection some how .. they are getting out of hand those little buggers : )

Lona said...

Alright! You have flowers in bloom. Your Lenten roses are so pretty. I still did not get any blooms on mine. I may have to wait until they get old and gray or I do. LOL! Your tulips will be pretty even if those pesky tree rats did move them around.I think the monkshood will share with a hydrangea, well maybe.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl , don't give up on the hellebore (although, I am curious to kow which ones you have and why the blooms haven't happened ?)These tulips seem to be a little rare because i couldn't find them any where last year .. and I think I will switch to species tulips and hope the tree rats don't like them as much ? LOL
I'm just not sure there is enough room for the Monkshood and hydrangea (Quickfire is what I am trying to put there) .. I'll know more once I get into the DIRT ! hehe

Barry said...

Sky shots are gorgeous. It was damned nasty here yesterday, reports of a tornado touching down at the other end of town!
Quickfire is a beautiful Hydrangea, but make sure you get all of the monkshood roots.... I thought I had dug up all of mine last year [after three purple flowering species failed miserably], but alas they have all 'returned!' Not that I am complaining in the least! There are nasty rumours and whisperings of snow in the forecast for tomorrow! Aarrrggghhh!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Barry and thanks : )
OMG ! I hope you didn;t get snow .. the winds were terrible on Thursday, it was scary in fact.
Yup .. this could be a tricky situation with swapping out plants .. I'll have to be on top of it all (literally ? haha)