Monday, 25 April 2011

Solar Birdbath Fountain Time

I have been under the weather for a few days .. and my "Earth Day" specialty was delayed.
In fact this project was meant to cover a few "occasions" but I will pin it on Earth Day : )
The girls anticipation of said box being opened was an EXCITING event ... yup .. that is excitement on their little kitty faces believe it or not !
A solar powered birdbath fountain .. no wires or unnatural ? power to drive this little beauty.
Pure sunlight .. which ironically we have had very little of so far .. it is going to be one of those years.
So .. lets undo the wrapping and get it started ...

I should mention where we found it shouldn't I ?
On the net .. by pure luck .. just one of those ho hum searches to see what is out there .. that is when you stumble on most things you never knew you "needed" right ?
This also another irony .. we have lived in Nova Scotia many times .. and for this to be offered by the store "For The Birds Nature Shop" in Mahone Bay .. well that is rich .. husband used to go to that little town for hair cuts .. it is a mail order business as well and with very reasonable rates and quick service .. this little wonder was here in no time !

You have to use your imagination for now .. my garden is still in its bare bones condition .. not lush, and green, and beautiful, for some time to come .. with ferns and vines and flowers and all sorts of greenery flowing to have this fountain look just right in the midst of my Eden ...
For now the birds seem to think it doesn't matter .. they really LIKE it ... in fact the Robinator thinks he owns it .. which has to be straightened out every once in a while with a bang of the deck door, to spook him out of what he thinks is his "hot tub hangout"
Last irony for today ? .. we have a week's worth of rain days happening .. so no fountain action but plenty of water in any case ;-)


Lona said...

Hi Joy. Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather or the weather has you under or something like that.LOL! I have saw those solar birdbaths in catalogs and thought they would be so nice to have. I like yours and it looks pretty beside your bench.Have to have the kitties give the Robinator a hint.

Barbee' said...

That is going to be so, so fun to watch!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your new birdbath is nice. The kitties told me so. We must be caught up in the same weather pattern. 4+" of rain the last 4 days. There is not much stoppage forcast. UGH..

Anonymous said...

That is very cool. I want one. I love the sound of water in the garden. Birds too for that matter. I'll have to be on the lookout.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I would love this birdbath since we have to bring ours in in the winter. I will definitely look for one of these online.


VW said...

What a nice addition to the garden! We're having a lot of rain this week, too. So the sprinklers aren't needed yet. I'm dreaming of a little fountain like yours someday but haven't bought one yet. Enjoy.

FabricandFlowers said...

I've been spying those solar powered fountains. Keep us posted. I want to know if it really works!

The Sage Butterfly said...

That is a very pretty fountain. And I love your cats, cute as they sniffed every aspect of the reveal.

Christine said...

What a great find, Joy! I know it's going to look just beautiful when your garden leafs out. Can you tell me what it's made of?
Have a good week! The sun is peeping out just now. I'm off to the great outdoors!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Joy that's fantastic!!! You'll have to let us know how it does. I love that it doesn't require any type of wiring. Your new header is stunning, sorry I've been 'away' for awhile, but now that there is actually some growth happening here I will be around more. :)

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, what a great idea! I bet the robinator will be hanging there all summer...his own private resort! lol

I also love that it came from NS, like all good things, including moi. :)

Happy Easter Lady!!

Anonymous said...

What a great find. The birds will enjoy for sure. I see all your gargoyles are snow free. That is a good thing. What is it with cats and boxes? My cats do the same thing when a box arrives. My husband says they were raised in boxes, but not being a cat person, I have no clue. It mesmerizes them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lona girl !
Thank you : ) our weather is something else this Spring but at least the garden is well watered?LOL .. I think this birdbath fountain is really great with the no wires trick .. but we need sun for it to work other wise , it is still a great water station for the birds too ;-)

Hello there Barbee' I can't wait to see how it works all season too .. I think the sound is wonderful as well : )

Hi there Lisa girl : ) thanks ! It is going to be one of those years I think .. unless it changes radically .. none the less a solid birdbath helps the little guys out at least : )

Grace girl it is amazing how much sound comes from it when it is working .. we were pleasantly surprised in fact .. like a little stream but no huge job installing a pond or waterfall ! yippeee : )

Eileen we will have to bring this one in for winter as well .. but the fact it has no wiring .. that it runs on sun light .. well it is wonderful and the sound of the water is amazing !

Thanks VW girl : ) we had thought abot it for some time because we didn't want to wire anything .. so we took the plunge? and wow ! It is perfect for what we wanted : )
I was lucky to stumble on it from a Canadian site !

Fabricandflowers hello there !
I can truly say when the sun is out it works so well and the sound of the water flowing is totally amazing .. we didn't think of that aspect happening but wow ! it is wonderful : )

Hello Sage and the girls love being admired (they have huge egos! haha) .. I really love this fountain and we are so glad we went ahead and got it : )

Hello there Christine girl : )
I missed SSS which hasn't happened in ages .. just not up to much lately, but I have to check out some shots right ? LOL
It is heavy but not concrete .. like a poly resin but with weight and especially the foot of the stand .. so it will stay put for sure .. I know when the garden fills out it will look wonderful: )

Hello Rebecca girl : ) Thank you so much : ) Hey I think we all have needed some down time lately .. I haven't visited in ages, so I hope to catch up when I can too !

Ms S girl !! you are a Blue Noser too ? LOL .. Yup all good things come from the east coast .. hehehe
Yes the Robinator has had about 4 baths in one hour while we watched .. he had to make out like this was his hot tub ? haha
I'm happy we took the jump and got this .. it will be great to see all the birds enjoy it : )

Darla said...

What a neat fountain! I love the bare bones of your garden. Do feel better soon.

Marguerite said...

Now doesn't that shop just have all the best stuff? We were in Mahone Bay last summer and I found this place and was completely enchanted. Looking forward to pictures of the robinator enjoying his personal hot tub.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Donna and thank you : ) You got stuck in cyberspace between comments some how .. cats and boxes and bags .. they love what they think they can hide in .. I have had cats most of my life and that is a common trait with them all .. I love them for it : ) LOL

Thanks Darla girl .. I have had a wee bit of a struggle .. hopefully things will improve, heck .. they have to right ? haha .. yup ! when it is in fountain mode the sound of water is lovely and the birds enjoy it even more !

Marguerite I was so surprised to see this store on line and that the shipping rate was so good .. the birdbath is a bit expensive but we so love watching the birds and hearing the sound of water, it is worth every penny : )
Yes the Robinator truly believes we bought it for HIM ! hahaha