Monday, 23 May 2011

Plant ID Please ?/ what this plant is now ..

I have been watching this plant waiting to see it flower to have some sort of idea what the heck is this thing ?
I have no recollection of what this is, or even planting this mystery !
Pictures are not the greatest since I took them early this morning the light was gray and a lot of "noise" on the pictures so I tried to fix that .. hum .. makes it look too smooth .. I wish I could do that to my face ??
In any case .. if some other gardener would be kind enough to let me in on this mystery plant I would SO appreciate it!
You know how crazy it makes us when we have no idea what the heck a plant is .. and if I could reclaim that "lost weekend" last year that I have no recollection of planting it?

Tuesday .. thank you everyone that responded to my question .. this plant is
Lychnis flos-cuculi "Ragged Robin" This is a mislabeled plant because I know I did NOT purposely buy this particular one .. so what I thought I was buying last year heaven knows !!
I'm not sure about whether I want it or not .. it is a tall sprawler and the flowers are very small.
The jury is out for now ?
Thanks again everyone !


Katrin said...

Could it be Lychnis flos-cuculi? A native here in Europe.
Best wishes, Katrin

fergushort said...

Looks to me like it could belong to the Lychnis family. Also called 'ragged robin'.

Unknown said...

When I saw the foliage and form in the first photo, I thought it was gaura. Then when I saw the bloom photo...don't know! Sorry.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Looks like some sort of bachelor's button to me, there is a weedy one that grows rampantly in back alleys here.

You were right about collecting heuchera. I was trying to place the 4 in the bed, but I couldn't get it just right, I needed a 5th! So off I went to pick up a Harvest Burgundy...


The flower reminds me of some kind of Silene. If you Google Silene and click on images, you can see what I mean. I could be wrong though... Hope this helps. And I hope you can recover that "lost weekend." :)

Lola said...

I don't have a clue but it sure is pretty. Let us know if you find out.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Katrin !
I think you are right : ) other suggestions are spot on with you!

Barry I have NO idea how this happened other than yet again another mislabeled plant .. I have not heard of this one before at all where the heck was my memory as to what I thought I planted ??

Hello Freda girl .. looks like it is a Lychnis "Ragged Robin" a new one to me altogether !

Hello Rebecca girl I think you are reading that it is a Lychnis by now ? LOL .. I think you are totally hooked on our special plants now right ? LOL I have to look that one up .. I don't think I bumped into it yet !

Grace girl funny you should mention Silene .. I have a few of those too
But it looks like the Lychnis now which has to mean a mislabeled plant drats .. I wonder what I thought I bought ? and where those lost hours go ?? eeeeeeeeekkkkk !!

Yes Lola girl we have a winner and I will post more info but as to how this happened .. I have NO idea !!

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, I hope you had a great long weekend. I am glad that you were able to discover the name of your mystery plant. I must also comment on the previous post: You have such a clever way with foliage shapes, colors and textures! I admire your coral colored heuchera. Mine are looking very sickly. I wonder what I must be doing wrong?

VW said...

I'm glad someone ID's it - I hadn't a clue! Good luck with the hard decision of whether to keep it. I'm glad to have a few friends with tighter garden budgets that are usually happy to get my cast-offs. Much less guilt that way then sending them to the compost bin.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jennifer girl !!
(I am so far behind in visiting blogs it is embarrassing) .. the weather here in Kingston is very erratic we can't count on any day behaving the way it is forecasted ; (
Thank you so much ! I'm sure there must be gardeners out there aghast with how I place plants together .. but I gotta' be me ? LOL
It is so hard to tell with heuchera and that family why they aren't happy when they are in the right situation .. they can be tough little buggers at times girl .. hang in there ! ;-)

VW girl I know what you mean .. this plant was supposed to be something different .. I know every year I get a mislabeled plant some how and for the most part they aren't too bad .. but this one .. nah ! I'm not a happy camper .. so ... it is packing its bags and leaving ! hehehe