Monday, 23 May 2011

Saturday Full On GARDEN DAY

I rushed through these pictures from Saturday .. I worked so many non stop hours I was ready to crawl inside the house and totally collapse .. You know those type of garden days when you try to do way too much because the rain kept you from it and the garden LEAPED so far ahead you are in panic mode .. I even missed my Shadow Shot Sunday meme .. darn it all !!

Most pictures were taken in shade conditions .. so not as bright as they should be .. colours popped that day : )
Aren't these primula flowers too cute to believe ?
Now for "green on green" something I will need and seek when the temperature gets dialed up with the humidity factor that is soon to come .. not to self "self ! call AC company for maintainence check on AC before suffocating weather starts and I have to crawl inside the freezer !"
This would have been my choice for Shadow Shot Sunday .. cool shadows !
My ants are busy taking good care of my peony "Flame" .. their union fee is very reasonable and they work for sugar crystals !
Just a shot to show off Flame Amur Maple and how well she has settled in to the garden : )
She is showing off her "pearls" and beautifully cut leaves : )
Staghorn Sumac is feathering out finally .. soon he will look glorious !
Frank .. Bloodgood Japanese Maple .. has so far settled in to his new spot in the front garden .. he might get a wee bit testy .. but we have new soaker hoses to employ for the well being of my babies here .. so fingers crossed he will thrive and grow lovely !


Darla said...

Joy, Joy, Joy, amazing how just a month or so ago you were under snow! Everything is looking just lovely. Do call the A/C company.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Your garden is looking wonderful Joy.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden is just beautiful Joy. I love all the different leaf colors and shapes. I saw an interesting shadow in that first photo at the right. It lookslike the lattice on your deck. Cool.

Lona said...

That flowerbed is just so gorgeous Joy.Your Blood Root Maple is looking good in its new home. All this planting to catch up can be really tiring on us gardeners.I spent one whole day last week when the sun was shining to get containers filled and new plants moved and planted. I was worn out! LOL! But it was all good.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I wish I knew what that plant is, kind of looks like gaura but the flower is different. Maybe it was a freebie last year!

I do like how you do your brunnera and heucheras sort of like collections. I am leaning towards this because I don't have enough room to put three of everything in my garden, but I think a collection is a conversation piece.


Barry said...

The plants are looking very happy. I so love seeing your Heuchera and Brunnera collection. Everything looks so happy and content with the moisture and sun, even if we went a bit heavy on the moisture this past month. Here's hoping your Acer palmatum settles in as he is most delightful! Now, grab a glass of wine and rest those garden weary bones.... there is still a full season ahead of us!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh my goodness, Joy, your garden looks amazing! Can you believe how quickly everything is growing. OH.MY.LORD...I love the primula flowers. I had no idea they can be so gorgeous. I almost brought home one of these plants last week, but wasn't sure I'd like it. I'm going back to get one!

Anyhow, I also spent the entire day in the garden and felt the same way as you did by the time I was done. But it was worth it. I got so much work done. I moved plants around, did some weeding, planted the gorgeous rodo you brought me (it has a great spot!) and placed some invading plants in pots and back in the garden, etc, etc, etc. There's still a lot more to do, but at least I got quite far on Saturday. Let's hope for more of those types of days. Hope you're all well!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darla girl that is why we Canadian gardeners literally go NUTS (I know some Americans who go through the extremes we do also have that seasonal "disorder" ? LOL) Thank you girl and YES ! a call to the company is priority ONE ! haha

Thank you so much Linda .. all of this rain is making everything grow 'jungle mode" eh ? haha

Lisa girl thank you and it is growing by the minute with all the rain we are having .. this is one whacky year for garden oddity and lots of shadows sneak in to boot: )

Lona girl : ) hello there .. loved that tour you and your daughter walked ! Thank you : ) and even though we go through a lot of pain after full throttle garden mode it is so satisfying to look at the garden and know we did good : )

Thanks Eileen girl : ) This is such a mystery to me .. I don't remember even having something other than an echinacea there ! I have it bad for the heuchera/tiarella/brunnera family .. I have to slow down soon or it will all look a jumble?LOL

Barry : ) you are such a sweetie .. a nice light white wine spritzer would do ! LOL .. all of this rain is wonderful so as to not have to drag the hose around but my god ! the plants are going NUTS growing and I spotted those blanking beetles so I have to put my bio trap out pronto .. ah yes ! the season is only beginning eeekkkk !!
I do love my Japanese maples : )

Martha girl hello there : ) I wasn't a fan of primula for a very long time .. some of them are down right goddy ? but I have two that sort of do it for me ? LOL
That is wonderful to get so much done : ) I can't wait to see of "roddy" the rhodo is doing in your garden : ) I know he will be VERY happy !! Hope the garden therapy is helping girl , even with all our aches and pains .. hehehe