Monday, 16 May 2011

P.S. on Brunnera Buzz and a "Snap"!!

I forgot to mention that I am waiting for another brunnera called Emerald Mist which is the picture below .. which I emphatically will own up to the fact this is NOT my picture, but one I found on the net with no information on where it comes from, other wise I would give credit to what or who the source is ..
Emerald Mist is a heart leaf shape with more green than silver but still with beautiful blue forget-me-not type flowers as the rest have.
The reason I am emphatic about not being the source of the above picture is that I found MY picture, of MY "Silver Lining" brunnera, being used as an image for a sale of plants by
"Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society" if you click on this link, you will see my picture with "GardenJoy" before I changed my blog's name .. they did NOT ask me for permission, which they easily could have because the picture links back to my blog .. and they couldn't even be bothered to be sneaky enough to photo shop my name OUT?
I thought of Lona from A Hocking Hills Garden when she did a post on picture thieves ... well girl here my own Ontario crew has done it to me ? hahaha
As I mentioned Silver Lining seems to be a bit tricky to find and pictures are even rarer !
It has an elegant elongated leaf with a lot of silver to it .. one of the prettiest of the group I think.
So I am very glad I took a chance last year and got this one from Canning Perennials : )
Thanks Chris !


Pat said...

Think you have the best shade plants and beds ever !
I'm trying to copy you somewhat. One thing I've learned is that I have too much shade where I've been placing my plants soooo now they get moved to the edge of the beds and plants are much happier.

Katrin said...

Your Brunneras are very beautiful, I never saw B. 'Emerald Mist' here in Austria or Germany but I'll watch out for her, it's absolutely stunning!
Best wishes, Katrin

Vetsy said...

" Oh my!... One would think that they would at least leave a comment about your gorgeous garden and plants!.. Gee whiz!...Anyway you are right about their beauty, the Emerald Mist and "Silver Lining" are very pretty.. You have wonderful taste.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Patsi girl : )
Thank you so much ! Yup .. the "shade" has so many different degrees? and timing it can be very tricky to get just the right type for the right plant .. but when it works it is great!

Hello Katrin and thank you very much : ) The brunnera family isn't a large one so when I can find a different one that I don't have I scoop it up ! Fingers crossed you can find this one there as well : )

Hello Vetsy : ) .. Thank you girl !
It was so weird to see my picture there and how little effort it would have been for them to say something to me .. we are even in the same province after all!
Our weather right now is awful cold and rainy .. nothing like last year. The garden is growing though .. all that water makes it happy so far !

Lona said...

Hey girl you know these lazy thieves are everywhere. LOL! If they would ask chances are you would give them permission anyway so I do not get this boring of our pictures. Makes me want to spit. LOL!
That is another pretty Brunnera with the heart shaped leaves.
Joy have you saw the Haspen Cream? It is just gorgeous and I have to have one girl! LOL!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I am blaming you for a journey into great expense. You have gotten me started on Brunnera and Hellebores.

You know I'm kidding, I really needed to make this leap into this home. I had both of these plants in my last home and for some reason neglected to plant them until you inspired me.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I thought of YOU when I saw the picture ;-) Hadspan Cream .. yes ! I think I might "gather" that one too eventually! LOL .. there are a few more OUT there yet : )

Eileen .. girl you also inspire me to get my garden under control as soon as this rain will stop for more than a few minutes .. this whole month is almost a total wash out ! literally ! hey, I am happy to help any time with nudging a fellow gardener towards my favorite plants ? LOL


Sorry about the picture thief. Grr... I love your brunneras!

Carrie said...

ohhhh pretty and it sounds irish :)
I love those blue flowers, shall this become another slight obbession Joy, like the Hellebores??

Hugs, sorry I haven't been around much xxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl maybe I am supposed to be flattered they did that ? LOL

Carrie I too have been out of the loop with blog reading and it will be more so if we get a halt to the rain for more than an hour .. yes ! it does sound Irish doesn't it ? LOL
I am an obsessed gardener ;-)

Rose said...

If it were a business that stole your image, I think you'd be entitled to some payment, Joy. But since it's not, the least they could do is acknowledge you as the photographer!

I had no idea there were so many different kinds of brunnera. I love my 'Jack Frost' and have been thinking of getting him some playmates. I'd be happy with his identical twin:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose they sent a tiny note saying they thought if they left "GardenJoy" on the picture it was an acknowledgement .. but who would know it was me let alone a Canadian gardener ? thrrrppppp ! that is a raspberry to them ! haha
I did the same thing Rose .. got two other Jacks and so happy I did .. it is my favorite cultivar .. but collecting the different ones has been GREAT ! You should too girl : )

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Oooo, that Emerald Mist, I want one. Now! Gorgeous mucho. Silver Lining too, must see if I can find them here in Dutchland.

Have created a kind of woodland area in my garden recently with loads of shade so brunnera's would fit in very nicely.