Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Smiley Flowers Make Smiley Gardeners

Last weekend was absolutely wonderful .. the sun was smiling and it made the garden smile, which in turn made this gardener SMILE to the point of being goofy ... it has been such a long dragged out winter .. goofy was going to happen sooner or later and some how it is "sun related" ? maybe vitamin D is the "goofy smile" vitamin ? ;-)

What gardener wouldn't smile seeing flowers pop their little heads up and nod to us ?

Ivory Prince is a beauty .. his foliage is gorgeous too !

This little one with no flower yet (which I am not too worried about for now) has good healthy foliage .. Golden Lotus will be a stunner when it smiles .. I will have to wear my "shades" it will be so over whelming !

My surprise hellebore .. again Barry thank you for the ID .. I still am in shock ! haha

This is Peppermint Ice .. I think .. my garden markers washed off and I have to find new ones that will hold as they weather .. so any suggestions about that are very welcome .. you may well save the sanity of a fellow gardener !!!

Even with bowed head it is so pretty : )

Another "I think" (no wonder I have so many headaches ? .. So .. I think this is Berry Swirl ..

... and this is my original hellebore "Orientalis Lenten Rose" a dark beauty with full lush foliage that holds all year !

Now for something different .. Trillium .. the good old fashioned white ones .. one of my first plants and ready to bloom big time : )

This rather shy guy is one I put in last year .. so it is a waiting game to see it settle in and flower out for me .. go little trilly GO !!

Juts a shot of my magic fountain of youth .. wink wink .. it is amazing to hear this all over the garden .. the sound of water trickling is so soothing I can't believe this fountain is doing that for me .. I think husband would say "strap a fountain on you woman !! and we will all have peace!!" haha .. kidding ... husband is a sweetie pie : )

This is me .. in the shadows .. where I like it .. : )

... and Pudder is back from his vacation .. a secret destination he goes where other garden gnomes hang out playing golf .. Dave can't get off his mushroom and doesn't play golf .. I think that is another reason why he grumbles ? poor fellow


Carolyn ♥ said...

So true! So true! I have smiles just from reading your post!

Marguerite said...

A sure indicator of spring - the sprightly garden gnomes back to their garden cottages!

Christine said...

Hi Joy! I've been gone a while and am just catching up. Your hellebores are just beautiful! And I love it that your garden is smiling for you. I know that winter was a hard one to take for so long.
Please tell me again where you got that fountain? I seem to recall it was from an online site. I want one! :) Have a lovely week!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The sun definitely makes me smile. Your pretty flowers are enough to make the gnomes smile no matter where they are.

Karen said...

Oh how wonderful...spring is springing! I'm gonna get me one of those fountains! Lovely shots Joy. Thanks for sharing.

Lona said...

Hi Joy. How pretty is that Peppermint Hellebore. The sunshine does perk one up. Maybe we will get some here one of these days. Soon I hope. You got enough to get that fountain to going. It is amazing how running water soothes you. Or makes you want to run to the bathroom maybe. LOL! Glad to see Putter made it out to enjoy the sunshine and play a few rounds.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Oh, everything looks so pretty! I want a Berry Swirl!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Everything is looking shipshape. I see you have even polished the gnomes!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Carolyn and thank you : )
Flowers make such a difference in our smiles don't they ?

Marguerite I can not imagine a garden without gnomes .. is that even possible ? LOL

Christine girl (I haven't been to blogs in a bit either .. I even missed a SSS post last week !)
Thank you so much .. I think I am obsessed with hellebores ! LOL
The on line shop is called "For the Birds" .. they only ship within Canada but they may point you to an American supplier if you contact them. The fountain is amazing and we are so glad we got it. Hope you find one too !

Lisa girl thank you so much : ) I loved your fairy post! ... and yes you would think all gnomes would be smiley right ? haha

Hello there Karen and thank you ! I can highly recommend the fountain .. it is a bit costly but the pleasure it gives is amazing .. the birds are having a ball and we love watching and listening to it : )

Lona girl I love Peppermint Ice too : ) ... and yes, the fountain encourages a lot of different "aspects" to our enjoyment (might have to construct and "outhouse" in the garden ? LOL)
Yes .. Pudder is in his little bit of glory again : )

Kate girl I highly recommend one of everything I have .. so get busy girl ! haha

Sandy girl they do protest the polish cloth but you just have to put up with the muttering ! hehehe

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I am out to get some gorgeous hellebores like you have. I just have yellow right now and two with no flowers (that's why they were inexpensive).


CiNdEe said...

Yay for Spring! It is the busiest time of the year for me!(-: I have been working as much as I can outside. The weather finally is nice!!!!(-:
Love all your Spring blooms too!!!!

Darla said...

Your plants are enjoying the warmth of the sunshine rays just as you are....there is something to that vitamin D!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen I can't wait to see pictures of the new "kids" ! Hey that is how I got some of my hellebore too .. younglings .. I can be patient waiting for flowers!

Thanks Cindee girl : ) I am in love with your owls girl !!!
That little owlet is the cutest sweetie I have seen in a very long time .. I so wish I could hear them and see them in person .. if you pack a little bag for them , would they come visit me ? LOL

Darla girl we are stuck in rain mode since Monday .. no sunshine until the weekend but the garden is growing by leaps and bounds with the rain .. so that is a good point ? LOL