Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bits and Pieces of the Garden

A few mornings ago I saw my lattice vines doing their yoga .. stretching for the sun in a sun salutation pose ?
The shade side fills with hints of sun kisses ..
Blue False Indigo ... baptisia .. a long lived plant and one of my oldest in the garden so I can attest to that fact. I love it .. it is an all season plant and the "Ta Dah !!" part I fall for every time are those fascinating black seed pods that rattle .. go figure ? I am a big kid and it is Halloweeny to me : )
Ms Flame Amur maple has amazing flowers .. she is a beauty and I am so glad we found her !
My three stooges frogs (I have a thing for Moe, Larry and Shemp .. Curly is ok too but Shemp does it for me ?) .. JP Connell rose has been setting some buds .. I have to be sure to watch for those other little "buggers" in the garden that I hate .. APHIDS !! aaarrrgghh !!
These bugs aren't so bad .. they are interesting to watch .. and my "Flame" peony doesn't seem to mind them what so ever.
One of my very favorite delicate ladies .. Canada Lily .. now how could I not have it in my garden? .. it put three flowers out last year so I am hoping for at least the same .. a beautiful orange colour .. and of course reminds me of Halloween a little , due to the ORANGE ?
Ah ! .. the new acquisition by happenstance ? "geranium yoshinoi 'Confetti" .. I seem to have a thing for geraniums this year .. the variegation intrigued me so it came home to show me what it is made of !
Just a few views of the garden .. sort of that cloudy gray day look .. it is so much more colourful in person !

My favorite 'vignette' ? .. I love my Tiger Eye Sumac and the ferns surrounding it makes it feel so lush .. just a little place in the garden that I love to look at .. we all have those moments right ?


Darla said...

Joy, your gardens are so, so pretty! LUSHNESS abounds there.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks so pretty in any light. so much color and texture. Ilove the picture of your Sumac. It looks good underplanted with ferns and the driftwood give architectural definition too. I really like the idea of your vines doing yoga in the morning light.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could remember where, but somewhere I read or heard that peonies actually require certain bugs in order to be pollenised properly.

Loved the yoga poses. Very inspiring!

Lona said...

Joy your garden is looking so terrific. I love the variegated leafed geranium. Such pretty leaves and I did not know they had them with variegated leaves. The view of your side beds is just so pretty.

VW said...

Love those long views - such pretty colors and textures coming together. Things look so full! I'm still waiting for warm weather so my shady plants will flush out and fill in better. Lots of soil showing still.

Sunita Mohan said...

Wow! You've trained your vines to do the 'surya namaskar'! :D
Lovely pics, Joy, loved the walk in your garden. Oh yeah, and I like your favourite spot. I could spend a lot of time looking at it too :)


Hi Joy Girl, Your garden looks fabulous! You've really been working in it, haven't you? I love the header and last photo. And the long shots are amazing. I just want to be there and take it all in. Fabulous!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful bits & pieces. I especailly like the way your shade garden looks in the sun. :)

Rebecca said...

What beautiful plants and views! I especially like the larger view! Can't wait to see your "Flame" peony open. I sure wish I had a few...

CiNdEe said...

You have so many awesome plants! I love seeing all your new additions too(-:
This was the best year ever for my peonies. They were so big and pretty(-:
We had a lot of rain this week! I hope to have one day of sunshine this weekend so I can mow the grass! Its really in need(-:
I also want to get my lawn chairs painted with a fresh coat but with the weather that has not happened! As I sit inside and watch the rain my list

Unknown said...

The garden is looking very fine and lush, Joy. I especially like that variegated-leaf geranium, and will have to look for it. The cranesbills are fantastic.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Darla girl : ) All that rain did a bang up job for the "lush" factor .. gott's love mom nature!

Hello Lisa girl and thank you : )
I have a soft spot for this sumac and the ferns .. my little piece of paradise and with vines doing yoga what else could I ask for ? LOL

Hello Patricia : ) there is always a garden lure story when it comes to certain plants .. peonies and ants are one of those stories that keeps circulating , wink wink .. ah yes .. yoga .. I must get back to that some day myself !

Lona girl thank you : ) this was the first time I have found the variegated geranium (it is still waiting patiently to be planted in the garden .. poor wee thing !) I just finished ripping apart my front bed and putting it back together .. i think i have to lay on the floor for a few days now ?LOL

VW ! my goodness you are having a bad time of it out there ! We are actually starting to be a bit dry now .. those windy days really whip out the moisture .. a bit of rain tomorrow and that will help me catch up .. best wishes for SUN on your side soon !

Sunita girl hello there : ) and thank you .. training those vines took a strong talking to .. some yoga poses are a bit difficult but they try hard ? haha . lord, I should be doing it too ! Yup , that is my favorite little spot : )

Grace girl now wouldn't that be awesome if you came here in real life and saw me in total garden mode full of dirt head to toes and talking to my plants as I am rearranging them like a mad woman? LOL .. too funny! You would be laughing your blank off at me? LOL

Thank you Rebecca girl .. it is funny how the shade garden looks especially pretty in morning sun .. I love taking pictures of it like that : )

Rebecca thank you so much : ) the peonies opened today but i have spent all of my time struggling with the front bed .. I have to get pictures of them as soon as possible before they start to weep .. they are beauties : ) You need some too !!

Cindee girl I am amazed with all of the rain you are having .. I think of your owls when you mention it .. and all of the things you want to get done while having to wait for a sunny day .. that was me a week ago and I am still trying to catch up with the garden .. lord, today was one long exhausting day .. now I need a rain day !! lets switch!LOL

Thank you Jodie girl : ) This was the first time I have seen the variegated form and I just had to have it .. now I have to plant it!!

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, your gardens are such a joy, LOL.

Now I completely understand when you say that you are wiped, and sore from gardening. Obviously you have even combed the grass, it's stunning.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jen girl you are VERY bad !!! LOL
Actually any comments on the grass I have to pass on to husband .. he is head mower/snipper in the family .. I am in charge of the actual gardens and some times fountain filling ? but mostly husband does that and the bird feeders .. my goodness, I might have to start paying him ??? hahaha