Monday, 27 June 2011

Gray Sunday "summations" for Monday?

I don't know why I post pictures that lack that spark of life without the proper lighting .. aka actual sunshine .. Sunday went back and forth so many times with its menopausal weather .. well it blew me down and kept me there after I quietly had a very fast morning stroll in the garden .. in yet again, scary night ware that should even scare the cats if not for their lust over breakfast?
Gray light thus lack luster pictures .. but just keeping an eye on the garden's progress near end June : )
Peach Blossom astilbe is not "peach" but a beautiful pink .. gotta' love the PINK !!
Hellebore which are my weakness .. well .. some are still trying to flower and I think this may be Jade Tiger from Canning Perennials .. a beauty ! Thanks Chris : )
One of my orange princesses .. not quite what happened last year but she made an appearance even if Sir Goatsbeard has faded away?
One of my stubborn "gotta' climb as high as I can !!" clematis ... I am trying to keep it rounded off at a height I can manage and this little devil pushes the envelop big time!!
But .. how pretty are those unusual flowers?
Center Glow Ninebark ... does just exactly what it's name describes .. another "I want to be a gazillion feet high !" I'm getting my pruners out today !! eeekkkkkkk !
Shenandoah aka "red switch grass" now for gardeners that shrug off ornamental grasses , this probably looks like a big weed .. but I love grasses .. thus I have a number of them dotting the garden .. in the Autumn, there is something about a colourful grass the rustles in the wind!
Bi-coloured sedum and some baby Blue False Indigo ... with those mad pink petunias that remind me of Grace girl from Gardening with Grace : ) go figure??
Another pink moment but lots of other non pink plants to balance it out !
Plus one of my most favorite heucheras .. Peach Flambe : )
Black Eyed Stella is blooming like crazy .. bless it's little plant heart .. it is a beauty too!
My Halloween planting has surprised me with an odd gift .. I bought one plain "black" petunia .. just plain black .. that is all I wanted .. and here we have some rebel petunias of the stripey nature .. I'm not complaining .. I didn't think I would like them that is why I didn't buy them .. but now that they are here .. by gosh !! I LIKE THEM !!
Never look a gift horse in the mouth ??
.... and now for my added Halloween moment or some what of the "Twilight Zone"
NO ... I am not talking about that vampire movie "c**p ... I'm talking the cult classics of "The Fly" nature ... as in "help me!! .. help me!!" .. in that hilarious tiny voice .. now who can't have a good giggle over THAT??


Jan said...

Everything is looking fabulous, Joy;) I love your combinations. I have the Peachy Astilbe and it is a pretty pink! I added it to my side yard earlier in the spring. And the same with your Heuchera--I have some called 'Georgia Peach' and I love their reddish tones. Your Halloween collection looks great...that black Petunia with the stripe is pretty cool;-)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, your garden looks so lush. The astilbe just pops in the border, have seen the peach one at Home Depot. I am so glad to see the color of the bloom, just lovely.

That radom petunia is called Phantom, perfect for your Halloween mode. I have seen it planted with yellow and it looks wonderful. Great garden tour!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Another gray day here too. You seem to have plenty of color in your garden to keep the spirit sparkling.

Karen said...

I think the photos are nice. Bright and cheery spots of colour to brighten a grey day.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy, Your combo of plants including the heuchera and astilbe look great. My astible are growing gangbusters right now with all the rain we've had. A little more sun and the flowers should get going. Can't wait!

Lona said...

LOL! Girl I knew you would have to have some of those Black Velvet Petunias. Your Peach Blossom Astilbe is so pretty. Love those Astilbes.
Yours looks fluffier than mine though. No Fair! {Hissy Fit follows} LOL! That clematis is so pretty Joy. Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I like best out of this lot. That clematis is stunning. Glad you posted the switch grass I needed a better look than the one offered in the catalog.

Meadowview Thymes said...

"Menopausal weather..." love it! Actually, I think the garden looked beautiful! Wish I could have taken a stroll with you! (are you serving coffee??) : )

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jan girl and thank you!
I have a weakness for astilbe .. they are such great plants because after the flower is finished that beautiful lacy foliage is still so pretty!
I just loved the black petunia with the orange pansies .. but now I have a striped petunia and that is pretty darn cool too ! haha

Eileen girl I am still trying to pick my jaw up from the floor over your fantastic containers girl !
They are so gorgeous : )
Thank you ! and now I know the petunia's name even though it started out as "Black Velvet" .. strange things happen with Halloween plantings eh ?

Lisa we finally had a sunny day today and what do I do ? work myself into the ground .. I can hardly move but some "ugh" jobs got knocked off the list finally .. I hate organizing & tying down vines .. pruning big swaths of plants .. the garden looks a bit bare ..eeekkk!!

Hey Karen girl thank you very much .. we had sun today but I was so busy with garden chores I didn't get any pictures taken .. drats !

Ms S isn't it crazy how we need just a little more of something to kick start flowers in the garden ? I am always bargaining with the weather .. "I just need a little ..." haha ;-)

Lona girl I am going to have to start calling you Ms Hissy Fit now of course ? haha .. I really fell for the black petunias but how it turned into the striped one ? really wowed me ! haha .. I wish I had gotten more and of course they are all gone .. so I will have to love the ones I have right ??
Peach Blossom astilbe should be more peachy ? shouldn't it ? or is it the blossom I am forgetting ?!!

Sandy girl thank you very much : )
I recommend that grass because it gets redder and redder as the season wears on and it is a beauty!!

Linda girl I would have had coffee cake as well to go with the coffee .. so how could you pass that up eh? .. I actually made a comment about menopausal weather/women with our AC technition who did a cleaning of our unit .. saying "it REALLY has to work well for ME" as in a menopausal woman NEEDS AC!!LOL

Lola said...

Boy, what a tour. Love your gardens. Can't imagine that black petunia. I've been wanting the yellow one. Had a few back in early Spring at big box store but they were gone fast. Seems my volunteers work better here in this hot place.
Storming now, lots of thunder & I can hear the rain. We're in the "monsoon" season. That means anytime.


Ah, Joy girl, thank you for thinking of me. Can we ever have too much pink in the garden? Love your black stripy petunia. I hope it's still blooming for the big day. And you stop calling your photos lackluster, ya hear? They're GORGEOUS! A cloudy day is much better for taking photos anyway. I've got your email. Will reply tomorrow.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lola girl thank you so much : )
I so LOVE a true black flower or plant and this really is except for the part that it insists on the stripe variety too ? Its all GOOD though !! We have a very gray morning that showers are supposed to happen soon .. so minus the lightning and thunder we are in the same monsoon mode girl ;-)

Grace girl you are very sweet to me thank you : ) I really hope to keep them blooming that long too .. it will be 100 days until Halloween soon and you have to know I am excited ? LOL
No worries about timing for e-mail girl .. it should just flow when we are ready, right ? haha

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the tour of your flowers. I think the colors in photographs are much more saturated in overcast weather. I never take photos when the sun is out.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful(-: I love those grey days when the color of flowers brightens up the corners of the garden!(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello carolyn and thank you very much : ) .. I think my favorite times of the day are early morning and almost twilight .. a bit of soft sun makes for pretty shadows to include : )

Cindee girl hello there ! I have not been making my rounds to blogs .. it is a race to keep up with the garden and fall flat on my face when i get inside the house girl .. even the 'boys" from the hood are complaining due to lack of attention!! haha

Pat said...

Still loving that shade bed of yours. Maybe some day mine will look as good as yours. Looks like everything is blooming...loving the colors.

Did you see it,did you see it ?
TB is like a new writers.Skipping 3 years is brillant. I want to watch it again!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patsi girl thank you ! My coneflowers still have to come into bloom as the hydrangea too and a few other later blooming bits and pieces : )
YES !! I just went over to your place (love the BLUE bench girl !) and chatted about TB and NJ .. too funny!

Tootsie said...

You have a very beautiful garden here and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to link in with some photos...either current or past (during the dormant seasons) to Flaunt Your Flowers on Friday with me. Many absolutely gorgeous gardens participate in this party, and yours would be a welcome visit for them all to make!
I have enjoyed my visit here today...happy gardening!
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

I am your newest follower!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Well my goodness Tootsie/Glenda girl thank you very much ! Yes ! I would love to join in too .. it make take a little while .. i have so much to do today in the garden it is going to be crazy, but certainly ! I would love to join in : ) thank you for asking me and wow! on that really cute design girl!

Anonymous said...

WOW Joy ~ that Ninebark is incredible! I want one ~ where can I put it??
I haven't been here for a long time. Your plants are amazing. I think you are an extraordinary plant collector??? The hellebore is SO fantastic.
I enjoyed catching up a bit on your garden and I also wanted to let you know I ordered a yellow waxbell plant after seeing it on your blog (last year??) It's planted now and I can't wait to see some blooms!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl I am guilty of not getting over to your place , very much myself .. I have to make time some how to visit all you great bloggers !
You are so sweet ! thank you !!
Ninebark can have one nasty problem I have to keep my eye on .. powdery mildew .. I lost a few by that horrible stuff .. plus seeing my neighbor's across the fence is full of it now too .. well the wind will pick it up and smack mine with it soon ! haha
I do love collecting different plants and getting stuck on some of them like the hellebore .. I went mad collecting as many different cultivars of that as I could.
Ah the yellow waxbells .. I have a love hate relationship with mine .. it should have more room to stretch out but I have it confines to a small space and hack it back every so often .. some times you have to wait for the second or third year for the flowers, but then again I have seen them work in the first year .. each plant works on its own schedule ? haha I know you will love it once it starts smiling at you ! ;-)