Thursday, 30 June 2011

Well ... here is June finished (where did it go?)

I have a BIG gaping blank space in my garden .. the notorious bulb circle has had me wondering what to do .. I have to get serious and find some suitable annuals because this blank space is driving me NUTS .. yes, not far to go .. that is always the ad on to that statement .. jeez !
Cone flowers are working so hard to either grow their petals or ......
... unfurl them .. to smile on the BIG side ? :-)
Little Lamb has her constant companions of day lily and astilbe .. cuddle in at her feet and her side .. I think she is slightly spoiled ?
This picture just made me think "Big sister .. Middle sister .. Baby sister ?
The light was far too dim when I shot Morden Sunrise on a very gray day .. she sparkles in true light ...
Perhaps just a quiet smile for now .. almost a close your eyes and go to sleep pose ?
I love my 'meadowsweet' (filipendula) if you catch her at the right moments .. and the light is right .. her tiny buds as they open, look like jewels !
OK .. speaking of jewels ... have you ever seen a shinier butt than this little insect has ?
I almost had to put on my sun glasses when I saw him !!
Now how funny is that I ask you ? .. I bet the other 'kids" teased him endlessly ..
" hey ! shiny butt kid !!!" hehehe
I have some very serious work to accomplish today .. fingers crossed I get my garden in order .. or half way in order .. or better than it is right now ? .. it is July tomorrow !!! eeekkkk !!!
Happy Canada Day all my canuckies !!


gittan said...

Hi Joy! I just loooove the way you mix the colours of the foliage in your garden! I bet you'll fill that empty spot real soon =)
Hot and sunny hugs from gittan in Sweden

Rose said...

Happy Canada Day, Joy! It's hard to believe that June is almost over, but then it's a busy time in the garden. I planted some meadowsweet this spring, too, which we also call here 'Queen of the Prairie.' Mine is still very small, so it's not looking nearly as queenly as yours. Glad your shiny bug is not a Japanese beetle--I've been out picking the little buggers off my roses this morning--grrr.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

I love Mr. Shiny Butt. :) And your Morden Sunrise is peeking out sweetly from behind the foliage.

I can't believe June is almost over either - eek!! Happy Canada Day to you, Joy!!

Anonymous said...

Shiny butt, tee heee! Everything looks great Joy, especially the way your foliage colors all work together.

*~* Linda *~* said...

I'm loving all the pink you have! Your garden is looking so amazing! :)

Lona said...

Looking good! I love the your Morden rose Joy.Now what are you planning girl?I see a new project in the works. What is the yellow sister plants? They are really pretty blooms. Have a great weekend.

Christine said...

What a lovely stroll through your garden, Joy, even with the blank space awaiting your artist's hand. Last time I visited (anyone, which was eons ago) you still had snow on the ground. What a transformation!

Balisha said...

That shiny little butt bug is a Japanese Beetle...the thug in my garden. I have been chasing those little buggers for a couple of days. If he comes south...he'll get a bath in a jar of soapy water.We are having the worst infestation of those bugs this year.
I do love your out he will too. Balisha :)

Lola said...

Yep, July is gonna get here. All your gardens look so good. Shiny Butt indeed. lol
Rain again. Too wet to {plow} cut the grass. Hope it dries by Sat. so GGS can mow. I have to depend on 9 yr old & soon to be 8 yr. old to cut the grass & pick up limbs {they keep falling}. Tree is dying.
Love those boys. My heart.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

My goodness gittan ! I so owe you a visit to your wonderful garden girl!!
How has your weather been this season because ours has been wacky indeed!
Hope you are in great sunny weather to enjoy your garden with girl: )
I'll get over there soon too !

Thanks Rose girl and a Happy July 4th coming to you! This meadowsweet I have had for years and years .. I'm thinking of getting the new one that has gold foliage some day: )
Yup .. this guy is a sort of "bee" some might mistake him from this unflattering angle ? LOL

Ms S Happy Canada Day !! It is starting out beautifully .. and I have a load of work to do in the garden so I will be starting as early as these bones will permit?LOL .. yes! June disappeared so darn fast I have lost my sense of time ;-)

Robin girl hello there : )Thank you so much ! I have to get over to your place and see how you have been doing .. plus if you caught any sky pictures ? I haven't had much luck but then again the best skies seem to be Autumn and Spring eh ? ..

Linda girl it won't be long before you can have a browes of my garden in person ! .. inbetween all that Ian has planned eh ? haha Things are finally beginning to move : )

Lona girl thank you so much : )
The yellow sister plants are "trollius chinensis" or globe flower .. these are either Golden Queen or Orange Princess (they are older plants and where the tag is would be a murder mystery ? LOL)
Very pretty in-between flowers for the change from Spring to summer. You have to have some girl !!
I have about 3 projects that are at a stand still here .. how about coming up and helping me ?? LOL

Christine girl heaven knows for most of the time we do have snow on the ground !LOL .. Yup .. that empty space needs to be filled and the garden chore list needs to be knocked back yet again .. I owe yo a visit too girl : ) I have been delayed but need a rain day to catch up ? LOL

Thank you Balisha : ).. actually I know it is hard to see by this angle but it is a type of smaller work bee .. you can't see him correctly with how I took his picture .. but I so hear you about the JB !! I had to take out my lilies on the sun side because they just chewed them so badly .. I had those little buggers too !!

Lola girl you have been hit hard by so much rain ! Thankfully you have a little work crew to help you out eh ? bless their little hearts : )
We actually could use some rain but I will be out with the hose today to give the garden a drink ;-)

CiNdEe said...

Sorry about the roses. I am sure you will get replacements(-:
It has been hot here and that means watering all the time! I went and got another soaker hose for a hard to water spot. I have decided that the reason my blackeyed susans never make it is because they don't get enough water. So I have that fixed now I hope(-: Maybe I will buy some

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl would you believe we have a soaker hose for the front and still haven't put it in .. and .. i lost 3 astilbe because it got so dry there but I didn't see it because my garden head was in the back garden .. so much to do and so little energy to do it with ? haha .. I am sure your BES plants will be very happy now and smile hugely at you girl ! LOL