Wednesday, 8 June 2011

June catches UP big time !

For a few days .. and even in the height and sweat of working so hard .. I have to take moments to "love" my garden : ) plus Winthrop insists on a few candid pictures .. the boys are in a humph so I have to do a special shoot with them SOON !
Has anyone else noticed that waiting for the bulb foliage die back is taking forever ?
These crocus are going on and on .. I expect that from the daffs but this is ridiculous !
I can't over plant with something, to look better, still !
My Orchid Frost and Purple Dragon lamium have me loving them : ) they are gorgeous ground covers that really dress up a tricky area.
I have planted different types of lavender .. I wanted to go all "Provence" but at the time I was rescuing lavenders and decided to give them a second chance .. I mean, all lavenders smell amazing anyways , right?
Talking about something special .. I have these sweet little iris near my TES and with Pinot Gris heuchera that will look wonderful when they come out to smile for a while ... hope I can catch good pictures of them!
The clematis bloom in spite of me .. I say that because when it was all a bit over whelming, I kept cutting them back to keep them under control until I could get some control??
Ah ... yes ... another project .. laying flat stones by the shed door so we don't trip and fall and in general look like turtles on their backs , with the "I have fallen and I can't get up routine" ..
I don't have that magic button they advertise on TV .. drats !!
My new little Japanese Maple love : ) "acer palamtum dissectum atropurpureum" how is that for a mouth full ? .. I haven't named it yet .. I have been too busy to think about it .. but I will get there with it .. I have collected 4 and I think I might need help to stop ???
My shady characters are happy so far .. Grace my little River Mist grass is shaded by this big bugbane so maybe that helps keep them going ? maybe you should give it one more try?
These pictures are for Barry .. he convinced me to get off the fence and get my "Indian Pinks"
aka spigelia marilandica .. the squealing over these gorgeous little flowers has commenced sweetie !
Now how pretty will this turn out !
So ... June is speeding by .. plants are speeding by .. soon I will be screaming for escape from garden duty and the wonderful heat/humidity that we love in Kingston ... NOT !!! hahaha


Darla said...

Your gardens and grounds look lovely Joy. Funny that your write the word control when posting about gardening...let me know how that works out, :)

Unknown said...

Oh how beautiful everything is.
I do not usually leave
comments all the time,
but I read all of your posts and
you have such a lovely garden.
I can just imagine how beautiful
it is in person.
God bless....Brooke

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks so neat and tidy Joy. I like that white grass.

VW said...

Well, you can console yourself over the bulb foliage that when it takes a long time to die, it has plenty of time to store up lots of energy for next year's blooms! I still have crocus foliage hanging around, too, along with everything else. Your gardens look so pretty, love all the wide view shots.

Anonymous said...

Joy, I only left Canada 8 days ago, and everything was so far behind. How did this happen? You must have had some crazy hot weather.
Your garden is looking lovely, I planted the River Mist grass last year, love the colour of it.

Anonymous said...

Joy, I only left Canada 8 days ago, and everything was so far behind. You must have had some crazy hot weather for it to jump ahead so much.

Lona said...

Joy that is a beautiful shot of your beds. They are so pretty girl! Your Lamium looks so sweet blooming in the bed. Those leaves just brighten up a bed don't they.Love them.

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, it look immaculate. I think I say that everytime I see your photos. But.... it does.

Lovely garden, and I don't envy you the heat at all.

But maybe then you can sit in the shade and just veg.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Such beautiful plants Joy!! Everything looks fantastic. I agree about bulb foliage, my crocus leaves are also taking forever this year, but I don't really mind them. Beautiful Clematis, you must have a greener thumb than I do, I only had ONE single bloom last year, hoping for better things this summer. Beautiful Pinot Gris, another for the list..;) (you'd be proud of me, I went to my fave garden centre today and only bought 3 small perennials and 3 pots of peachy dragon snapdragon, will post pics later)

Marguerite said...

Joy, has it ever flown! I can't believe we're through the first week of June already. The garden has grown leaps and bounds while I was sleeping. Amazing how fast everything grows in the colder garden zone.

Lola said...

It does look wonderful. I get a little grumpy when I have to wait for the foliage to die away.
I did finish the Back Corner Garden that I started 2 yrs ago {slow aren't I?}. Now I have more planting room but for now I have put some veggies in there till I decide just what will be permanent besides the Crape Myrtle, Flowering Almond & Gardenia.
It's hard to believe June is almost over.

Barry said...

God, my Spigelia is only now breaking through the soil and here yours is ready to bloom its head off..... I guess there is magic in the pots at Canning for sure! Its amazing what has been going on in the gardens in this past week.....


I finally threw my 'River Mist' out. It looked awful and no matter what I did it just wouldn't respond favorably. Win some, lose some.

Your garden looks fabulous. I could stare at these photos all day.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Darla girl : )
LOL .. VERY funny girl .. I have a thing with "control" which I really should get over some day .. but its not happenin' YET ! hahaha

Hello Brooke and thank you very much!
I appreciate comments immensely .. gives me a bit of feed back so I know I am not only talking to myself ? LOL
My garden gives me so much back (when it behaves itself that is ? LOL)

Thank you Lisa girl .. it isn't always like that believe me .. the lean time is coming when heat and humidity drives us all nuts !
I am liking River Mist too .. hope it doesn't go roots up like Grace's though ! haha

Hello there VW !It just seems to be taking so much longer this year .. maybe it is me .. but I swear this was finished last year a lot earlier .. oh well, you are right .. the bulbs should be good and strong for next season !

My goodness Deborah hello there ! Hey thank you .. and yes we have been having CRAZY weather .. tornado watch yesterday .. rather scary .. weather fronts moving in and out FAST . broke records yesterday for heat/humidity but I know it is hot where you are too !
Stay out of the sun girl ! haha

Lona girl thank you : ) I just love lamium and they have a few different varieties that are so pretty ! So that is what I decided on for a major ground cover over the bulb bed .. I think it is working out really well too : )

Jen girl I almost boiled my brain yesterday .. then I scared myself taking pictures of storm clouds that were REALLY SCARY !! It could have been ..... Halloween or Tom Cruise movie War of the Worlds !!
I will post soon about them ;-)

Hello Rebecca girl and thank you very much : ) .. yup that foliage is taking its sweet time ! haha
I have a few clematis they are hearty little souls in spite of me!
You will love Pinot Gris ! and Peach Flambe is another stunner you have to get Rebecca : ) You did good girl !!

Marguerite it is amazing how fast time has flown by and how far the gardens have jumped ahead .. I am just hanging on by my teeth trying to keep things under control.. it can be daunting !

Lola I feel the same way too because I want it out of the way and something else to look at! haha
Hey garden projects take me forever .. this thing with the pathway stones and the entrance to the shed is one huge pain in the blank but I know it will look wonderful if we ever get it done ? We all know in our garden hearts that our gardens will look stunning one day right?LOL

Barry : ) were you out in the open when those storms were passing through ? my god it was scary !!
Yes I am very proud of my Indian Pinks .. Canning is a fantastic mail order company .. you have to try them out !!

Grace girl you are too sweet thank you : ) .. I'm sorry river Mist didn't work for you .. I won't know if mine will until I see it growing next year .. it could be one of those flukes that looks good now but doesn't return .. I would be so disappointed .. so it better behave!! haha

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I love the curving layout of your gardens so pleasing as the eye travels along the beds.

I have no room but that small Japanese Maple sure interests me. We have had some major storms here so my garden doesn't look so good right now.