Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tearing a Mature Beds Apart ?!!

I am so tired and sore , I think I laugh hysterically at the drop of a "garden glove" ?
The last few days I have pushed my garden envelope to the MAX when it comes to absolute intense garden work (thankfully the weather hasn't been too oppressive !)
Notice Frank is not too upset with his new location ? .. pictures are rather gray looking .. over cast day this was taken and by very shaky hands .. not a special affect I wanted ? ;-)

I ripped apart the whole front bed because the hosta were totally taking over every thing .. plus buying new heuchera and their cousins .. well I wanted them in this front bed to shine their light brightly .. like I know they can .. in a few years?
That kind of patience is the ONLY kind I have .. when I am in garden mode .. otherwise you can call me "frustration on wheels" when things aren't working out immediately for me?
So .. this took two days and it still isn't finished .. we have to lay the new drip hose out before I finally mulch it .. another touchy situation because hoses and I, hate each other with a passion . They know exactly what to do to push my buttons and I'm on the ground to have a full force temper tantrum (good thing no on has called 911 for the crazy lady ... yet ?)
All my way ward hosta have been moved to the official "hosta bed" between our houses ... day lily on one side (more sun) hosta and some ostrich ferns, on the other side, more shade and room to crowd each other .. have at it boys!!
Husband and neighbor worked hard to stabilize garden gate arbor ( it looks a little crooked .. but how could I say anything after they worked themselves into such a sweat ?) I hope the vines cover that option quirk?
I just got them in the ground when I took these pictures so I am surprised they don't look scary.. heaven knows I would be SCARY !!!
All I can say about doing a job like that is .. just DO IT !!
You know when it is time to freshen a look .. even though you may be totally in fear of it .. and avoid it until it comes knocking at your door demanding attention .. dig in .. wear something comfortable and that covers you backside when you are stooped over for the thousandth time .. scares me even more ? .. and do what you know has to be done ..
End result won't be known until a couple of years .. another "garden only" patience thing for me.
So ... BEE .. positive ?? .. ok .. I am tired and I just had to crack a lame joke or you would hear me screaming all the way over there!


Gail said...

It looks wonderful. I love what you and the spouses have done to the in between garden area. Joy, your garden climate is so very different from mine. No way could I have happy hostas! They look gorgeous for one year then decline.

I have so got to redo some things in the gardens~but, missed my opportunity with the too wet spring.

I must remember to wear a longer T-shirt while gardening~Thank you for the reminder!


Anonymous said...

The results are stunning. Congratulations on a job well done!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Work for love is very satisfying and I know this was the case with you. It is hard to take that first step to tackle redoing a whole bed but it feels so good to be done.

CiNdEe said...

Yay your hard work looks AwEsOmE!!!! I love the results!
Hope your back is holding up(-:

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Gardeners DO have that kind of patience, don't they! I think it will be a gorgeous bed so no worries there. Now time to relax with a mojito! :)

Anonymous said...

Your work shows! Everything is shipshape.

Anonymous said...

Wow you've been working hard Joy. It's going to pay off big time. I've been slacking off here, it's been so hot I don't want to go out there. ;)

Barry said...

Wow! What an incredible endeavor to to undertake! I have often thought of revamping, but I think I would come to the realization that I haven't the space for all of the plants that I have acquired, and thus I remain ignorant.... the best kind of bliss, is it not??? I love the results thus far. Nice that the neighbor lets you beautify the narrow path between the houses. I forgot to ask mine when I crammed 'ours' full! No complaints so far..... four years later! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Some reason you can't leave comments via Blotanical. I just helped a friend do the very same thing you just did to your front bed for the very same reason -overgrown hosta. And the old hosta went the very same pace as yours, to the side. Your bed turned out so much better though. My friend did not want to put much back. All she wanted was boxwood and salvia. I told her she did not have enough sun for sage, but she did it anyway. Go figure.


The hostas look healthy and happy. You worked hard and it shows. Great job.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl how are you ! .. I have been terrible about visiting blogs especially now when i have so much to do in the garden. No excuses though eh? Our "Spring" as very wet and cold so I haven't been able to catch up properly either .. especially with vines .. they are monsters ! LOL
I have protected areas for these plants so it makes it a lot easier .. but you have amazing wild flowers Gail .. your gardens are beautiful with those trees standing guard too : )

Hello Patricia ! .. the true results actually will take about two years and I'm sure it will be a bit crowded .. but not like the hosta crowding .. that is scary stuff ! haha

Hello there Nellie ! You know exactly how this felt girl : ) it was scary and I had to stop quite a few times to figure out what to do next and I am sure there are hiccups but oh YES ! working on something you love is such a wonderful feeling : ) Thank you !

Cindee girl thank you : ) I dropped by your place and I am so happy you are getting some sun finally : ) and we both better watch our backs girl ? LOL

Ms S girl can I trade the mojito in for a strawberry margarita ? heavy on the strawberry part ?? LOL .. yes I would love to just sit back and enjoy how things look but you know there is always something else to fix .. right ? LOL

Thank you Sandy girl : ) more to do but I have to go a little slower now or an oops! thing might happen .. eeekkk ;-)

Racquel girl I never blame anyone for taking it easy .. especially in the heat .. we are having a spell now and I hate that darn humidex factor .. ugh !! Your place is looking great girl : )

Barry sweetie .. let me tell you it was scary doing this and is still kind of scary with what I truly did cram back in .. other than hosta ? haha .. if we stop and examine it too closely you are right .. the laws of physics would explode ?LOL
Hey .. neighbors can be nonplussed about scraps of their property so onward with the planting I say!!LOL

Hello there Donna girl! .. I almost never go back to Blotanical .. plus I am so busy here .. Isn't that too funny about us doing the same thing! OMG >> that is all she put back ? and fighting the sun requirements is something else I tried with how it was previously .. Walkers Low nepeta .. 2 of them .. I was a very bad gardener to try and force that .. we all try to get away with something right ? LOL

Thanks Grce girl .. now I have to remember to keep them well watered in .. another battle with the hose for which you will probably hear me all the way over there !!! haha

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Doesn't it feel wonderful to get a job like this done and it tured out beautifully. I don't mind the tilted gate. It gives it character.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl you are too sweet : ) Thank you ! .. and yes .. now I can let those vines do what they want and they will hide the crooked nature of the beast ?? LOL