Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday Morning Tidbits

June 11th morning looked like a black and white morning .. but the sky improved a little after this kind of spooky beginning ... phew !
The treat of the day was seeing "Royal Wedding" .. I had forgotten about her altogether and loved seeing that crisp white with the reds : )
Speaking of my red poppies .. this one reminded me of a rose just opening ...
Then there was Niobe ... she is paired with Henrii but "he" is not showing himself yet .. could have been all the commotion with trying to sink the arbor gate in .. he was not pleased ?

Southern Bush Honeysuckle .. mine has beautiful copper tones in it .. I can't seem to find this exact one on the net yet ... all of them are plain green ! .. Walker's Low nepeta loves to hug it a lot .. hum ... some kind of attraction going on there .. Husker's Red penstemon is behind them in its very dark stems and beautiful white flowers in bud.
Joe Pye ... he's my guy ! This cultivar is the BIG one .. I also have "Little Joe" which is cute .. but I love my big guy for blocking out the neighbor behind us ... thank you Joe : )
Just a shot of my sun face trellis .. standing guard over plants ?
This dainty geranium insists on staying in my garden .. I won't say I tried to get rid of her .. but .. there was question to her staying ?
My secret stash of Casa Blanca lily ... the beetles haven't found her yet .. I also have Starfighter further down the bed ... ssshhhhsss ! don't tell anyone one or it will leak out to the beetles !!

Just some groups of friends posing for the camera ?
I have a thing for my Indian Pinks against King's Ransom brunnera .. I love the contrast of colours : )
Black Lace sambucus against my Gold Mock Orange which is one HUGE ball of foliage !
The lamium experiment is going well : )
Finally Wargrave Pink geranium .. an old standard but I love it and it reminds me of the very PINK gardener called Grace from Gardening with Grace .. hey girl I also have some very PINK annual geraniums tucked away in the garden for shock value ? hehehe
I just tried to link her and the net says she is "down" or "out" HEY GRACE GIRL ? where are YOU!!


Gatsbys Gardens said...


Those poppies are beautiful, have not had them for several years. I need to think of putting a few in my border.

My Henryi got eaten down to the ground by the rabbits, rebounding but not going to have the big blooms this year.


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Your garden is looking wonderful Joy. I love the various shades of greens all blending together. Looks quite cloudy here with some rain this afternoon.

Darla said...

Love your Monday morning tidbits and that white poppy got my attention, it's lovely!

RURAL magazine said...

I love that you talk to your plants, and give them names. They obviously like it a lot. They look wonderful.

Scary clouds...

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Royal Wedding is beautiful. I have never seen one. And that Casablanca. I may have to get me one of those.

Rose said...

I love, love that white poppy with the purple center!! I've never had much luck with poppies, but I have one blooming today--plain old red, but I'll definitely take it.

You have such beautiful combinations of foliage, Joy, that your garden almost doesn't need blooms to be pretty!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yep, your garden is lookin good. I like that brunnera. I like everything you have shown us this morning.


Hi Joy Dear, I had blog snafus a few weeks ago. My address is now, I've got Wargrave Pink blooming in my garden too. Surprise, surprise, ha ha. Great shots of your garden. My fingers are crossed that you don't have beetle problems this year.

Vetsy said...

The Royal Wedding is a beauty Wow! and I also like Niobe it's a beauty too!

Lona said...

Wow! Joy I love that Poppy.Can you see me adding it to my list. LOL! Your beds are so pretty now. Love that geranium.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl : ) I think everyone should have a poppy or two tucked away some where right ?
I'm sorry the bunnies lunched on your Henrii .. I don't know if mine will bloom at all this year .. fingers crossed though .. maybe a boost of fertilizer might encourage him ? haha

Linda girl thank you : ) did you get rain today after all too? I just finished doing a few things in the garden when it let loose !
I think the rest of the week is supposed to be clear .. it wants to be .. I have garden things to get done!

Thanks Darla girl .. it was a nice surprise to see it smiling at me .. but now with the rain fall, well you know how sad plants can look after a down pour eh ?

Jen girl those iris were AMAZING !!
I want to discover hidden treasures like that too! Yup .. plants like to be included in a conversation and be named .. for the most part .. unless they are scary names ?LOL

Hello nellie : ) The white mixed in with the reds really does look glowing .. and I can't wait to see Casa Blanca bloom .. she is a beauty when she does !

Rose girl how are you ! You are so sweet thank you ! .. it is that "middle" time when the Spring blooms are long gone yet too early for echinacea or other flowers to smile yet .. so foliage is important to me to keep the interest flowing .. but who doesn't love flowers right ? I was thinking of you today when I ran across Prairie Splendor echinacea at the garden center .. I almost got it but ended up with Summer Sky .. might have to go back again ? haha

Thank you Lisa girl : ) I have a weakness for King's Ransom this year .. would love a second one .. but where to put it is TRICKY ? LOL

Grace girl I was able to link up again with you for my blog roll .. that was too funny, I kept thinking it was "me"? haha .. I love Wargrave Pink .. it is just plain beautiful : ) Glad we share it girl!

Hello Vetsy girl I think you should have at least one of each .. and more .. because they like each other's company !! wink wink

Thanks Lona girl (too happy to extend your list of plants, like you do mine too! haha) We just had more rain today and more predicted tonight .. so the plants should be happy with this good drink of water and I don't have to drag the hose around .. phew !!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wow Joy, that first poppy is out of this world!!! Definitely one for the 'Must Have' list! Beautiful post, and I have clematis envy, mine is about 8 inches tall at the moment lol.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

I like your dainty white geranium with the pink stamens - very cute!

Hope the sunshine is finding you okay. Supposed to rain the rest of the week here...grrr. ;)

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Everything is looking beautiful in your garden! And your cats are adorable.

Lola said...

Great looking gardens Joy. We too got a good drink from the skies. Too hard but welcome. My carrots planted in with setting out more tomato plants are history. Down pour, runs off rather than soaking in. We'll see.

CiNdEe said...

So pretty! Every time I see your garden I can't believe just a short time ago it was all frozen with snow(-: It is so amazing how everything grows so fast! It is soooooooooo beautiful!(-:
Love the new banner too(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl thank you : )
I have tried Royal Wedding before but wrong places in the garden .. I finally did the right thing by it, mixing it with the red ones and I am in awe of it too .. that white simply glows but with our windy rainy weather it doesn't last long so I grabbed a picture FAST ! haha
I'm not sure why my clematis are so good to me this year .. I think it is all the rain and they are simply happy ? haha Stick with them girl .. feed them and they will smile for you too!

Ms S girl, thank you : ) ... this has been the wettest Spring in a very long time here too .. rain yesterday and evening .. it is gray and windy out there this morning but with a promise of sun to come .. I sure hope so for all of us ? LOL

Thank you so much Diane : ) I am a lucky gardener and cat nut ? LOL

Lola girl thank you so much : ) but I am so sorry your veggies got pounded by the rain .. I think that is a reason why I don't do veggies (other than no room) I can't take the disappointment .. I think you veggie gardeners are so much more patient and tenacious because so much can happen to your plants like this .. are you going to try again?

Cindee girl you are too sweet ! Thank you : ) .. I know that northern gardeners sort of lose their heads with the intensity we pour into our gardens because the seasons are so different and extreme for us .. no matter how many times I go through winter/Spring I am always in awe of the huge change from bareness to jungle mode ? haha