Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The "good, the bad and the ugly" ....

The girls made me take their picture and put them in this post" ... what can I say ?
Emma's fur is finally growing back .. she looks less like a cat version of a French Poodle and much more her Main Coon/Siberian self !
Sophie ... is SOPHIE !
Before the rains came .. Stargazer POPPED ! .. I only have two small, original, spots for these types of lilies .. the beetles were just too much for me .. I hate those little buggers !!! aarrgghh!!
I'm glad I got that out of my system ;-)
Little Lamb was my very first hydrangea love : )
Sparkler echinacea that I planted years ago .. it seems to have disappeared off the charts for some reason .. I haven't seen it offered anywhere for a couple of years now .
Green Envy surprised me by flowering this year .. I just planted it as a tiny thing .. from Botanus .. Wendy kept checking up with me over "Midnight Oil" iris .. which is still hanging on but I have to be convinced next year with an impressive flower !
In general .. my cone flowers have not done as well as other years .. I'm not sure if it was the drought we went through or something else.
I lost track of which was which here .. it has to be one or the other .. right ?
I have BIG Joe and Little Joe ... and they are both sucking it up even in drought times .. natives RULE !!
As does the Golden Rod ... you go guys !!
Severe cutbacks .. I cut my day lily foliage way back when it is just too dry .. but Sweet Autumn and most of the hosta hang in very well .. plus amazingly .. some of the day lily does bloom again for me ... they must like me ? wink wink ... the geese still honk as well *snort giggle*
Now during the rains .. I am so grateful for the rain I can't even begin to say how grateful I am these past two days ...
Cloudy skies don't do Casa Blanca justice in pictures .. but she is a beauty no matter what !
She certainly brightens up this section of garden !
PWWB ... One that bloomed earlier was intensely deep pink .. this one how ever wants to be a more delicate shade of pink ... hey .. I'll take what I can get !! You go girl !!
This morning .. no picture will convey how amazing it was standing on the deck it florescent night ware gawking at the enveloping PINK (orange tones were almost Halloween : )
It was so still even the birds were quiet .. almost like being hugged by the sky .. did I mention how much I love the sky ?
I'm leaving it up to you to judge what is the "good" the "bad" and the "ugly" !


Darla said...

I thought maybe you were posting about the show with this title, lol. Your flowers look great! I am having a fit to know what in the world Adam is up to and why he backed out of the marriage and you know Sam has to be Tucker's son!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I didn't see any ugly in this post. What are you talking about?? Beautiful cats, beautiful lilies, beautiful garden, beautiful sky. What are you talking about?? Maybe those florescent pjs that you didn't show. ?? ;)

Landbohaven said...

Jeg kom lige forbi din blog.
Gode billeder.
Mange smukke blomster.
Tak for kigget.

Cat said...

They all look beautiful Joy! You've got a gorgeous selection of coneflowers. I love how sturdy and long blooming they are too. Lucky you to have had rain! Send it my way, please!

Grace said...

I don't remember seeing any "UGLY" Joy, girl. I'm seeing green over that 'Green Envy' though! Love it! No oriental lilies here yet. You're ahead of me. My Joe Pyes are at about the same stage though. Don't you love Joe Pye? I'm glad you received some rain. Sure makes the plants happy, doesn't it? ... Yes, I was LOL when Diane threw Phyllis off the desk. Sheesh! What did you think of evil Adam? Never thought he'd screw over Sharon. So much drama... Keep me posted. Did you ever get your test results? Email me!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darla girl .. I changed the header picture after you commented and I am still waiting for some one to say something about the SNOW? haha
Yes Y&R is totally convoluted with plot lines isn't it !!! haha

Lisa girl thank you : ) but the ugly is the state of my sun bed which I avoided,phew! .. plus ... yes .... those pajamas !! eeeekkkkkk ! LOL

Hello Landbohaven .. I dropped by your blog and loved those "jewel flowers" !!! thank you for stopping by mine : )

Cat girl if I could send you the rain and cooler weather I would .. I know how exhausting the heat and drought can be .. hey thank you !
The really tall cone flowers behind my garden bench are striking, even I am impressed with them ! LOL

Grace girl aren't you sweet ! I am totally in love with a new pink flower I saw at Lona's place .. were you there for that pink lobelia ? it is amazing I thought of you right away because of that pink factor ! Yes girl I owe you an e-mail .. coming up soon !

Lona said...

Oh girl your echinacea's are so pretty. Don't you just love them. I like the Green Envy better than the ones in the pictures.Now on the other hand my PWWB is nothing like the pictures. It is new so maybe when it grows up. LOL! Yes, you need to add that Monet Moment lobelia to your list. It is a pretty one.
Your kitties are so cute. My little adopted stray runt of a kitty got ran over :(

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG Lona .. that is terrible that your cat got run over .. I'm so sorry. that is why my cats are totally indoor cats .. you can't trust that they will stay safe no matter where you live.
Yes ! I am going to be looking for that Monet Moment for sure !
I really didn't expect Green Envy to flower this year so I love it : )