Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Some white and different"light" with your colour?

The other morning had some pretty clouds and and different light values glowing back and forth.
I'm not up to speed with posting so it has become a bit of a "head scratcher" for me lately.
I just wander the garden and snap pictures without really thinking about them the way I usually do .. to have some kind of logical sequence of some sort.
My "rain flower frog" made me smirk .. you can't see the metal flowers over head that tinkle? when the rain falls in them .. his expression was perfect though!
Winchester Cathedral is blooming nicely .. that touch of white I was looking for .. but the scent is not as nice as William Shakespeare .. and sadly my roses from Vesey are both dead as door nails so a letter and pictures were sent off over the weekend .. I am hoping to hear from them soon!
It is such a disappointment .. I was so looking forward to those roses ..
Ostrich astilbe is perfect .. all my astilbe are perfect .. how can you not think that of astilbe anyways .. even after the flowers are dried out the foliage is beautiful .. just about the perfect plant in your garden!
Henrii has finally been sneaking out some blooms .. poor guy has been shoved and squeezed and bound up with Niobe .. they are like an old married couple .. a bit cranky, but holding strong so far?
Petite Delight monarda is so sweet !! I love the scent of bee balm .. nothing beats it other than anise hyssop and roses .. and .. well .. there is always something else to add to the list but I do love bee balm to bits!
Another touch of white .. the lighting doesn't do it justice .. but there I go using a picture I am not really satisfied with .. but .. this astilbe .. is so gorgeous ! I love the flower structure and will have to hunt through 2010 garden tag box to figure which one it is ! eeekkkk!
Yes ... I have to include my Morden Sunrise in almost every post because she is so beautiful and I know I have other gardeners thinking the same way too!
White nicotiana .. not perfumed but the white was what I was looking for .. so I am hoping those plants get happy in the bulb circle and fill it out with bright white : )
My Karl Foerster grass was magical in that light .. almost silver with a bit of beige .. so graceful in the wind .. it is in it's glory now.
The Goldfinches get a bit paranoid when I am trying to take their picture .. but they keep eating anyways .. go figure ? .. I can almost hear him saying "take the picture already and leave us to have our meal in peace lady!!!"
My favorite native lily .. Canada Lily .. never quite opens on Canada Day but what the heck .. she tries hard every year to .. even if she is orange and not red or white .. she is a beauty : )
Now for some roses with my coffee .. Orange Velvet (hard to pin the colour down in this picture, I know ..) and Winchester Cathedral look pretty together .. and the coffee isn't bad either!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The white astilbe is so pretty. It looks like a cloud. I think this white rose is beautiful too. It is so pure white. The picture of the goldfinch in cute. It appears that he is looking at the sun in the background instead of you.

Rebecca said...

What a charming post! Your astillbe are beautiful. I have a couple of the bright pinks and ♥ them, too. I thought I had a white, but realize I've not seen it this year. Hmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

My "problem" with posts like this is that it reminds me of OTHER plants that are ALSO my favorites, such as the elegant Henryii. It's a nice problem to have! Thank you!

RURAL magazine said...

I so enjoyed your commentary in this post, I laughed, [the frog] I sighed, [the astilbe], and I loved, [the finches].

See how they coordinate with the yellow sun catcher?

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful blooms Joy! I especially like the white clematis. Frogs in the garden are so great, very stoic and add a touch of class. :)


Hello, Joy Dear. Your Winchester C. [May I call her Winnie?] is looking fabulous as are all of your other white flowers. I'm not sure why you weren't happy with the photos because I think they're great. Love your Canada lily too. Will you be watching today? :)

Marguerite said...

Sorry to hear about your dead roses but glad I'm not the only one struggling with dead plants. I did not think to photograph the dead specimens though and send them back. Smart lady.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I do have a white astilbe called Bridal Veil, don't know how many other white ones there are. That white rose is stunning! It is really hot here again, above 90 and things are drying out very quickly.

I love Henryi but the rabbits ate mine down to the ground this year so the blooms are slow to come and much smaller.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl and thank you very much : ) I have to go through my records and find out what astilbe that is exactly .. the structure and colour is beautiful ! Yup.. Goldfinches are shy around here and like to be left on their own at meal times ? haha

Hello Rebecca you are very sweet thank : ) Some times astilbe can be a bit tricky .. I try to get different kinds to flower through out the season .. some times I stumble on some beauties and some times like you .. I wonder what happened to some of them ? LOL

Hello there Patricia : )
If I can help you with "problem" situations any time, just let me know ? I love Henryii and he should really have a better spot than the tangled mess over the arbor .. but such is life for some clematis ?wink wink !

Jen girl how are you ! Thanks : )
I have been a bit distracted lately and I don't feel like I have my zip in my zipper for witty commentary .. but we all go through phases right?.. this too shall pass!;-)

Rebecca girl I absolutely have to have frogs in the garden .. I so wish I could have real ones .. Spring "peepers" would make it like heaven for me .. but I will make do with some stoic characters to add some charm : )

Grace girl (did you survive the "all Sharon" episode? haha) good grief ! Yup .. I will let you know if anything really juicy happens. wink wink .. Winnie is a great name for her .. goes with "Will"! I have another bloom unfolding and looking wonderful .. she is a beauty for sure; )

Marguerite girl I got an answer back this afternoon from Vesey and they have applied the credit to my account .. but I would rather have had the roses work for me .. I was so looking forward to them .. but at least I have the credit so that is GOOD !

Lola said...

What a great array of blooms. I must try some Astillbe.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Lovely post and photos, too.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl you got caught in cyber space before your comment came in .. it happens a lot to the last comment in a batch for some reason. I have bridal veil too but I have to sort out which is which .. I wish I had written more detailed logs in my garden book ! This HOT weather is a pain for the garden and yes Henryii can be picky even without rabbits eating him up girl! haha

Lola ! You have to try some astilbe they are really a wonderful all season garden plant and there are so many different kinds and different bloom times .. get some girl !!

Thank you very much Tatjanna : )

Vetsy said...

The white rose and the Sunrise rose are the cutest. I like the other plants shown as well. I hope the Vesey company replaces your roses or give a refund, I can certainly relate.

I purchased a zephrine drouhin from a major garden supply company several years ago ( Burpee Seed ) It was doomed before it got to my front door.

Unfortunately I did not follow-up on this because I was occupied with something else, I may have gotten a replacement...but

Anywho,..please let me know how everything turned out.

Lona said...

So many pretty blooms today Joy. You know I love your Morden Sunrise roses. Much prettier than my Morden Blush. I hate to hear that your two rose bushes did not survive. I hope they refund you because replacement may be just as bad. LOL! Your picture of the grass in the light is just beautiful. Your garden is so pretty. Have a great week!

Carrie said...

wow, Joy, you never cease to amaze. What a stunning collection of perfect plants. That grass in the sunlight made me go 'oooooh' out loud. Loving everything! (glad you aren't taking the dead roses lying down - make that nursery send you new, perferably ALIVE ones this time!)
Loads of love xxxxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Vetsy girl : )Thank you!
I'm so sorry ZD rose didn't work out for you (she is a beauty and has wonderful scent .. maybe you will try her again some time ?).. I certainly understand that you didn't have the time to pursue the company about it .. I have had that happen too ..
But I did go after Vesey and they have honored the problem .. so I have that credit on my account and there is no time limitation so I will use it for roses next year : )
But I so wanted these roses to work out .. darn !! LOL

Lona girl thank you so much : ) I love the feather reed grasses for that show of glistening light : )
I have gone after Vesey for the roses and they are a great company .. they have put the credit to my account and I will use it next year for roses ... so that is something to look forward to in the dead of winter here ? LOL .. hope you had a great 4th of July : )

Hello there Carrie girl !! How are you : )You are very sweet and thank you girl : ) .. Yes ! I did "speak" to Vesey and have that credit to my account .. so that is a "good thing!" I'll do a post on it soon !

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely blooms as usual Joy, love the tall grass. My astillbe are doing great this year after being moved for the past 2 years.
And good news on the shopping front ... Homesence is coming to Belleville in mid August. Yipee!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Linda girl : )
I think I lost some astilbe in the front garden .. missed out on how dry it got there darn it !!
Hey that is terrific news girl ! you will have a Home Sense to cruise for all sorts of neat things garden and home .. I love ours .. but I am hoping that one year IKEA will finally come to Kingston ?? LOL