Thursday, 25 August 2011

There are surprises in the garden still !

Yesterday morning was a stunner .. I took so many pictures editing them was giving me a headache ;-) but they were so worth it .. so more to come tomorrow for Friday SW.

My weeping Japanese Maple has been illustrating just how colourful it can be when it is getting plenty of moisture and cooler temperatures .. I was totally fascinated spotting the mix within the leaves.

A flash of intense pink by Pow Wow Wild Berry and that calm green of the lamium cools things down. I stumbled upon another Pow Wow colour which actually was white .. it didn't call out to me so I left it at the store .. phew !!

If you enlarge the pictures you might just spot the multi colours there.

This is my actual Summer Lace hydrangea .. I have to find the perfect spot for it .. I have another hydrangea that I have to re-situate so it can smile more broadly instead of fighting with some chinensis astilbe .. you know how they can be eh ? Cheeky devils !

Here is my shocker .. my Indian Pinks aka Spigelia .. As Barry(Teza of Hortus Magnificum) had told me, YES ! I did squeal when I saw those gorgeous flowers : ) and now I may possibly see them again ? Twice in our garden season ? Hello there BABY ;-)

PS .. I am still trying to find my way around this new system so things may look a little wonky for a bit more ... oops !


Crafty Gardener said...

Everything is still looking lovely in your garden Joy. Looks like you are mastering the new computer too. Did you get those terrific thunder storms last night? I would of loved to take some photos but it was the middle of the night.

Marguerite said...

Good idea keeping that hydrangea up on the deck with the other potted plants. I still have perennials that need planting and they are off in a far corner where I constantly forget about them and don't water.

Barry said...

That weeping A. palmatum is absolutely divine! It will only get more stunning as it ages! [Like us you know!] As far as the Spigelia is concerned, it is such an undemanding plant that rewards you all season long. I found a seedling from the original plant so now have three plants on the go. Will email a longer garden missive soon!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Linda girl (I am remiss in not getting to your blog in a while ! sorry) I am getting a little more familar with the thousand and one details here on the new system but it keeps me on my toes for sure ! Can you believe I had a snore fest through that thunder ? .. the fan was set on high and I think it drowned out a lot of the noise .. but there has been a bit of storm damage in the neighborhood for sure !

Hello there Marguerite .. ah yes ! I have that problem too at times .. place the plants near to where I will plant them and not get to them when they need water .. this time I knew better;-)

Hey there Sweetie : ) This is it's second winter coming up so I don't feel as stressed worrying about how it will do .. but wow ! the intricate colours happening are 'absolutely fabulous" !! LOL
I would love more of these Indian Pinks for sure .. they truly are wonderful little gems in the garden!

Carrie said...

beautiful, simply beautiful! I adore the mix of colours in an acer, ours looks just the same :)Oh but your garden looks suuny and so full and loveliness wereas ours is new and sparse. You have the bestest back garden :)

Anonymous said...

It took me a while to get spigelia established but it is a spectacular plant. I will have to see if it is reblooming.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl you are too sweet to me,thank you ! .. Hey .. I started out here with NOTHING but some dead grass and two dead trees .. so I know what sparse is believe me! But I know you and Andrew will have your little Eden up and running and looking awesome in no time at all .. I wonder if I can find those old photos of when we first bought this house .. it is shocking ;-)

Hello Carolyn : ) I love this plant and was so surprised to see a second round of flower buds coming forth .. fingers crossed it doesn't fall to the wayside in winter !

Grace said...

Nope. Things don't look wonky at all, Joy girl. How nice that you're getting more Spigelia blooms. I was just reading Lona's blog where she showed us a Clustered Bellflower that was blooming again. Aren't surprises like this what make gardening fun? Lovely sunrise shots too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Grace girl : )
The power was off for a while EARLY this morning and just came on now .. phew ! with all of the storms passing through I wasn't sure we would get it back on this fast.
YES !! Every little miracle in my garden thrills me girl .. I think I lost some of my lust while the weather was just too hot and dry .. now I love almost everything! LOL