Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Life keeps changing ...

Life does keep changing even though we have been so quiet and have relaxed the whole long weekend .. I have just about created a cocoon myself with all the great rainfall happening .. rain makes you sleepy for some reason .. and I didn't argue with it .. I am very lucky to let it win it's point of view ?
Winthrop was grateful as well .. he was getting very hot and dry .. gargoyles need a shower once in a while !!
All the plants were also grateful for that long slow drink of water .. you could almost hear them sigh in contentment : )
I am tickled "pink" with my Indian Pinks blooming yet again after I cut them back during the hot dry spell.
I am still amazed how well some of the shadier characters have held up with the heat and humidity, did I mention the bit of a dry spell?

Electra heuchera in the above picture to the left has great red veining even though you can't see it in the picture .. it was one of my late season buys .. I'm sure it will look super in the Spring with that amazing combo colour of red veining/gold lime leaf colour
So many plants I didn't think would try to re bloom again did ! Like this one .. and by gosh do you think I can think of its name .. it is on the tip of my tongue (now isn't that a stupid saying or what ?) I hate that .. when you can not think of the name of a plant you have had for years ... jeez !!
This one below with my little iron bird look out is "bugbane" or more officially actaea simplex , atropurpurea group .. how is that for a mouthful ?
Now for something completely different .. Curly Joe the 4th's progress in it's chrysalis since August 31st .. I am getting nervous about how he/she will emerge and survive to migrate .. I found a site which you can ask questions and post a page of your own there .. fingers crossed I will get some great advice for Curly Joe !!


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Well for a garden that has survived those hot temps all summer, everything looks gorgeous to me.

Love the pumpkin shots on your sidebar. I will admit to Pinning a whole bunch of Halloweeny stuff in my Pinterest board for Autumn. Each time I think, Oh I have to send this to Joy...LOL.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Patsi said...

Great shot of Curly Joe.
Glad you got much needed rain, it always makes the garden happier.
Seems like summer is over...loving the cooler temps.

Rebecca said...

I certainly feel the same way about the rain! And now we have CHILLY! Yesterday, too cool to eat our holiday meal outside! Today, still cool with a strong breeze...

Your plants all look love as they get their "second wind"!

Rebecca said...

Lovely (I mean).

Marguerite said...

Joy I hope you get all the rain you need and I'll take a little bit your sunshine please. Everything is so sopping here, my tomatoes will never ripen in this weather. I have my fingers crossed for a long warm autumn.

Karen said...

Looks like your wonderful garden has survived beautifully through the hot summer.

Lona said...

All right girl get with it shake it off. LOL! I am a good one for talking I have been yawning all day. LOL!
Your pink coneflowers look so pretty with the silver leaves of the Lamium behind it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jen girl : )
Hey I have to do that pinterest thing after you have been gifting me with pumpkins .. wink wink
I must have more pumpkins !!!
More rain for tomorrow I think .. I might just need it too ! haha

Patsi girl it was much cooler today and I was so ready for it .. even worre a sweater when we went out shopping !! What is going to be the finale for TB do you think?

Rebecca girl ! hehehehe thanks !.. I understood what you meant .. there is no counting on the weather to do what it is supposed to do eh ?

Marguerite we should be able to swap our weather right ? and YES !! I would love a long beautiful Autumn with stunning coloured leaves to take lots of pictures of : )

Hello Karen girl .. I am very lucky with my garden .. I know there were days I was not saying nice things about it when I was exhausted but I do so love my retreat from the world : ) Thanks!

Lona girl I have been up since before 5 this morning .. did some shopping with husband this morning then worked in the garden until 3 and now ? .. lord I need to go to bed !!!! and we might have a rain day tomorrow so you know what is going to happen right? LOL

Lola said...

Glad you got some wet stuff. Naps are nice too when it's coming down.
I'm sure Winthrop enjoyed it.
Your garden looks lovely.
Like the pumpkins on your side bar. It's getting that time of yr. Love it.
We'll see what tomorrow brings. lol

Anonymous said...

Rain...we got some too. Not much, but we will take it. I too have plants putting out new growth and budding that is such a surprise to me. Totally unexpected. The hot summer really changed their bloom cycles and I am wondering what will happen next year already.

Carolyn ♥ said...

Your posts are always so fun to read, Joy. Simply joyful! Your Curly Joe looks very interesting I must say. I'm excited to see what he becomes! Loved your sweet comments on my Butterfly Dreams post. I think you and I are doing the same Butterfly dance in the kitchen... our first chrysalis popped Sunday morning and we have five more to go. Part 2 is up now, but I have so many pics, there will be several more "parts" before the tale is told.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lola how true is that ? what will tomorrow bring (I'm always ready for the lottery to roll in on those days ? LOL) Yes .. the rain was great .. I worked in the garden yesterday and when digging I still ran into such dry patches .. not a good thing but at least the temperatures are kinder to us for now : )

Donna I just saw your Wednesday post and those pictures were fantastic ! .. Plants will grow anywhere they can get a foothold onto eh ? .. that crazy seasgull is probably still flying too close to the falls ! hahaha

Thank you so much Carolyn and WOW !! You have a lot of prebutterfly children going through so many stages ! At least I get to see what a Monarch looks like with the cycles with yours .. Monarchs are rather rare here for some reason .. I did catch a glimpse yesterday though .. it is so exciting and a worry too though .. I want this little guy to come out OK and make it to where ever he/she is supposed to be to avoid the winter !! LOL